The Sweetest Revenge

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Kane stared down at her chest. With her hair in his hand it pulled a lot away from her. The outfit looked even better on her, her body filling it out perfectly.

Her eyes looked away from him, pissing him off. He clenched the hand in her hair, earning another whimper.

“Am I clear?”

“Crystal.” She mumbled, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Kane completely release her, turning his back on her and walking to the tv. He turned it off, he need to go to his bedroom.

“Clean the kitchen and living room. Supplies are in the cabinet next to the side door.” He turned back to look her. “And don’t think about trying to escape, I promise you won’t make it far.”

Once in his room, he look down. Yet again he was rock hard. In a way he wasn’t sure why he was fighting his desires, she was his captive away way. And what he had said to her was true, whatever he wanted to do with her he would.

He thought about it for a while, his cock throbbing and his balls aching. He groaned, his back leaning on the door as he internally fought with himself. He pushed his body up straight and went to his computer.

He looked up once more about Hazel, finding a new article offering a high reward and nastier threats from Connor. He laughed, day two and the man was going crazy. He supposed over time the man may calm down, even accept that she’s gone.

That’s when he would begin sending photos. Just as a reminder that she was alive, possibly making it look like she was being tortured depending on how he felt.

He leaned back in his chair, grinning evilly. Revenge and a sweet treat, his mind reimagining Hazel. He decided he would take her, when the time was right. Or when he was no longer able to control himself.


Hazel found everything she would need where he had told her. She started in the kitchen first. It really wasn’t that bad. It almost seemed as if he was never home. Most of the cleaning was actually just dusting.

While she cleaned, she felt like she was constantly holding down her skirt. Every time she lifted her arms or bent over her ass would show.

By the time she was finished with both areas, it was getting later in the afternoon. She was feel woozy, she hadn’t eaten anything since the last night she was at home. Nor had she had anything to drink. She felt her muscles starting to tremble.

She stared out the window, there was nothing but trees and wild life surrounding the house. Her mind went into a sort of daze, her stomach rumbling.

“What are you doing?”

She turned to look at the man but as she did she felt her body go limp and collapse to the floor. She groaned, her head feeling as if there was a bubble around it.

The man was next to her in a split second, effortlessly lifting her and putting her on the couch. She heard him walk away, her eyes fluttering shut.

A moment later he was shaking her awake. A glass of ice water and a plate sitting on the coffee table. She gradually sat up to look at the food.

“It’s not the steak you’re use to, but it’s enough.” Bitterness in each word, daring her to complain.

He leaned back on the couch next to her, a plate of his own on his lap. He had a beer in his hand and had turned on the tv to an action movie.

While his plate had a pile of potato chips and a thick salami and provolone sandwich, her’s had a pb&j cut in half diagonally. A gentle smile touched her lips, this was the kind of food she had wanted to eat at home but her father called ‘peasant food.’ Something she never understood.

She grabbed a wedge and quickly ate it, her mouth sticking together with the peanut butter. She licked a small amount of jelly off her fingers then grabbed her water and gulped it down, giving her a brain freeze. She placed her hand on her forehead for a moment, trying to melt the mental ice with the warmth of her hand.

When the pain subsided, she picked up the second half. She ate this one a lot slower, her stomach grumblings finally stopping. The man looked down at her with an odd look.

“Never had one before?”

“Wasn’t allowed to.” She swallowed the last bite, leaning back on the couch.

“Here.” He gave her his plate, a few chips left. “Eat the rest then put the plates in the sink.”

She stared at him for a second, her eyes glancing down at the chips. She was still hungry, and she wasn’t sure when she’d be able to eat again. Taking the plate, she chomped down the remaining chips before he could change his mind and brought the plates to the sink.

Knowing she would have to clean them anyway, she rinsed them off and put the two plates in the dish washer. She used the sink to refill her cup, drinking this one slower but not by much. Thankfully the water wasn’t as cold.

“Hazel.” His voice gruff and commanding. “In here. Now.”

She filled her glass one more time then scurried out to the living room.

“Did you finish cleaning?”

“Yes.” She took another sip of her water.

“Then go downstairs.” He turned his attention back to the tv.

Hazel just gawked at him, her jaw dropping slightly. She had cleaned until she literally passed out and now she was told to go back down to the cold, damp basement.

She sighed, she wasn’t sure why she thought he would let her stay up here. She twirled around, not realizing she gave him a full view of her butt, and headed down to her room.

The cold instantly gripped her, making her teeth chatter. She went to the bathroom with her pjs in hand. Fortunately, there was a toothbrush and tooth paste so she could brush her teeth. She changed into her pjs, feeling a lot more comfortable.

The bed was cold at first but as she laid there it began to warm up. Her body curled into a tight ball, the comforter cocooned around her. It hadn’t been that late in the day but Hazel was use to going to bed early, sleeping as much as possible to make time go by.

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