The Sweetest Revenge

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When Hazel awoke, she had no idea how long she had been sleeping or what time it was. She felt somewhat rested but also sore. The mattress he provided for her was rather lumpy and hard.

Groaning, she pulled herself from the bed and went to the bathroom. She used the toilet, brushed her teeth, then decided to take a very brief shower. She put her pjs back on, she wanted to wear the so called uniform as little as possible.

When she came out of the bathroom, she notice the door out was wide open. Her eyes swept over the room until she spotting her captor sitting on the bed. His size made the bed look even smaller. His hands were folded together in front of him, his feet on the floor and his legs spread apart from each other.

His menacing green eyes were staring at her, burning into her. He was only wearing a pair of sweat pants, his muscled chest in plain sight.

“Why aren’t you in uniform?”

“I didn’t know what time it was.” Her voice soft, she hadn’t moved from the bathroom door.

“What’s that?” He stood up, his height much taller than her. “I can’t hear you, doll face.”

“I-I didn’t-” Her panic sparked as the man stalked toward her.

“Take those clothes off.” His venomous eyes glazing over her body.

“I don’t want to wear that outfit.” Her voice soft again, her eyes finding her feet.

“Speak up.” He stopped about a foot away from her.

“I’m not wearing that!” She bit out, still too afraid to look at him.

“Is that so?” He reached out, gently running a finger over the silky material of her shirt.

She felt her breath hitch, her feet taking her a step back. His rough fingers clamped down on her top, pulling her back.

“Then beg me for something else to wear.” His smile deadly.

“Beg you?”

“Get down on your knees and beg.”

She slowly kneeled down in front of him. She felt odd, her knees throbbing in pain from the hard cement. She heard him laughing above her, enjoying her groveling at his feet.

“Ca-Can I please-”


“Can I please have something else to wear?”

“Hmm, not very convincing.” He tisked, a light chuckle still in his voice. “What are you going to do for me?”

She peered up at his malicious face. His toothy grin looked anything but happy. Her lips parted, her words frozen inside of her.

“That’s a good start.” He smirked, a large bulge growing in his pants.

“Wha-” She watched as his hands moved to the waist band of his pants. “N-No! No, no, no!”

She tried to move away from him, to get to her feet. He shoved her back down, his hand rough on her slim shoulder. His other hand started pushing his waist band lower, revealing a small amount of hair.

“Pl-Please don’t! Stop!” Tears brimmed her eyes.

“That’s more convincing.” Again he laughed at her, shoving her flat on her back. “Get dressed now or you’ll work naked.”


“Oh, did you want to suck my dick? We can still do that.” His wicked grin returned, a hand reaching into his pants.

“No, stop!” She screamed out, a few tears slipping from her eyes.

“Then get dressed and get your ass upstairs.” He removed his hand and left her alone.

Hazel’s heart was pounding, she hadn’t expected him to act that way. Sure, he gave her super revealing clothes but she knew that was to humiliate her.

She waited for her heart to calm down. Eventually, she stood to her feet and changed into her outfit once more. When she reached the kitchen, the man was sitting at the table eating breakfast. He had an omelet filled with cheese and peppers, two sausage links and a glass of milk. He was fully dressed now, wearing jeans, a simple white shirt, and a black leather jacket.

“Took you long enough.” He grumbled. “Next time be up here to make breakfast or you’ll be punished.”

“I don’t even know what time it is down there.”

“Then I’ll get you a clock.”

“And some new clothes?”

“If I feel like it.” He refocused on his plate.

She noticed a plate with a piece of buttered toast, a sunny side up egg, and a cut up apple.

“Is this for me?” Her voice soft, each word coming out slowly.

“Yea. Don’t want you fainting again.” He finished off the food on his plate. “You will be cleaning my room and the guest room today.”

She sat down and started eating her food. It was actually a really thoughtful meal and well done. She wouldn’t have guessed him being a cook. She wondered what else he could make.

“Earth to Hazel. Did you hear me?”

“Oh, yea.” She nodded her head, taking another bite of her toast.

“I’m going to leave for a while.” He grabbed his keys off the counter and headed for the door.

She watched as he walked out the front door. Her jaw dropping open, she couldn’t believe he was just going to leave her here. She could easily escape. She thought of how she was going to do it as she finished her food. She really didn’t want to go running around outside in a skimpy maids outfit.

She placed her plate in the sink and headed down a hall to find his bedroom. Maybe she could take a shirt to cover herself a little more. She found a closet and pulled it open. She gasped when she found an arsenal of guns and knives. This guy is psycho!

She shut the door, finding a dresser along one of the walls. She pulled open the middle drawer, which thankfully contained his shirts. She grabbed a white one an pulled it over the top of her outfit. The excess bagged around her waist, the skirt still showing. That helped somewhat. Any pants she found would just fall off.

She headed back to the kitchen, looking out the front room window as she did. No sign of her captor. She tried the side door in the kitchen, locked. Front door, locked. She sighed, of course they were. She looked around, trying to find a window that could be opened. She found one in the kitchen, it was hard to budge but she eventually got it open.

Carefully climbing out, she set her bare feet in the snow. A cold breeze blew across her legs and bottom. She shivered, her arms wrapping around her for some warmth. She walked to the end of the patio, the area around her all trees. She swallowed hard before stepping off the deck.

The instant her foot was down, she was flung into the air. She let out a shrill scream, a net wrapped around her body as she hung a few feet on the air.

“No.” Her voice almost silent. “No!” She screamed louder as panic gripped her.

A few tears slipped free, this crazy man had the place set up with traps! Which she foolishly fell right in to. Her heart raced, panic filling her at what the man would do when he found her outside.

“Stupid. Stupid!” She mentally kicked herself.

The air around her felt as if it was getting colder and colder by the minute, her skin freezing. Her teeth began to chatter as another fear set in. When was he coming back? How long was she going to be out here?

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