The Sweetest Revenge

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Hazel opened her eyes to find she was still in the living room. Her body felt warm, almost too warm. She tried to move but two strong arms were wrapped firmly around her. When she tried to move them she felt the man shift behind her, a groan rumbling through his chest.

“Stop moving.”

“I need to go to the bathroom.” She lied.


“But I really need to go.”

“Better hold it.”

“Oh, just let me go!” She began to struggle and thrash.

“Fuck!” He growled, shoving her hard off the couch. “Hurry up.” He stayed on the couch, his eyes closing again.

Her head had missed the coffee table by about an inch, her eyes staring at the edge of the glass. She rolled her eyes, then stood up.

“Where is the bathroom?”

“Down the hall.” He turned his back to her.

As she headed down the hall she looked the the clothes she was now wearing. They were loose fitted and very soft, the cotton material fitting her perfectly. She found the bathroom quickly since there were only three doors in the short hallway.

The small room was extremely plain. It had a stall shower, a toilet, and a sink with a mirror. The only things that were add was a tooth brush, tooth paste, and a towel. The shower had a razor, shaving cream, and a large bottle of Head and Shoulders. She had a feeling that this shower would have hot water, unlike the one in the basement.

There’s wasn’t much else she could look at and she really didn’t have to use the toilet. She examined her imagine in the mirror. Her complexion was pale, her hair slightly frizzy. Thankfully she never wore makeup, she wasn’t allowed too, which meant she looked the same for the most part.

After a while longer, she left the bathroom but walked right past the man and went to the kitchen. Her eyes set on the door that led to the basement. She didn’t want to go back down there, her mind telling her she would eventually end up down there again.

She turned to look at the door leading out, her mind screaming at her to try again but her feet glued to the floor. She wanted to run, wanted to escape. But she knew she wouldn’t make it far, she might even die out there in the cold if the man didn’t find her in time. As if hearing her thoughts, two strong arms wrapped tightly around her. Her arms smashed to her sides, unable to move.

“What do you think you’re doing? You can’t escape.”

“I know.”

“I told you to hurry up.”

“I did.”

“You didn’t come back to the couch.”

“You wanted me too?” Her voice full of shock.

“Well-” He paused, thinking of what to say. “I need to keep an eye on you. You almost killed yourself.”

“It’s not my fault I want to escape-”

His arms tightened around her, squeezing the breath from her. He leaned down to her ear, his hot breath heating her skin.

“You’re not escaping, I already warned you about that.” He easily picked her up. “Since you’re feeling better, I suppose it’s time for your punishment.”

“I don’t want to go down to the basement!”

“I didn’t say you were.”

Hazel felt as if her stomach dropped, she was nervous about what he was going to do. He effortlessly carried her to his bedroom, tossing her small body onto his bed. He reached for his belt, unbuckling it and yanking it from the loops of his pants.

Hazel’s eyes widened, her heart racing as her mind started creating all the perverted things he might do to her. She panicked, her arms and legs scrambling to move away from him. He grabbed her ankle and dragged her back to the edge.

“Get back here.” His voice a deep growl.

Hazel began to panic, her hands gripped at the blanket in attempt to pull away from him but he was way too strong. He laid one large hand on the small of her back and easily pinned her in place. When he pulled her sweat pants down she began to thrash, her legs kicking but doing no good.

“Stop!” She whimpered. “What are you doing?”

“I’m giving you your punishment.” He laughed at her.

A finger hooking around the thin strap of her thong, lifting it only to snap her with it. She let out a soft yelp, her face turned red in embarrassment.

“Let’s count to ten.” He smirked as he folded his belt in half.


He brought his belt down hard across her ass, the skin turning a soft pink color. She let out a loud scream, a few tears slipping from her eyes.

“I didn’t hear you say one.”


“That’s not counting.” He brought the belt down again. “I can sit here all day.”

“O-One!” She cried out.




“Three!” Tears freely fell from her eyes, her small hands curled tightly around the handfuls of blanket.


“Four!” Her voice growing softer, her breathing heavy.

He continued until she had counted to ten, her bottom felt raw and slightly swollen. The pain still stung her soft skin but seemed to be fading a little. Tears flowed down her cheeks, her mind shocked that he had spanked her.

The man pulled up her pants, the material irritating her now very sensitive skin. She whimpered softly, it was going to be hard to sit for a while. He grabbed her upper arm and yanked her to her feet.

“Are you going to try escaping again?”

“No.” Her eyes looking anywhere but at him, for the moment she felt broken.

“Good. Now you can go back to the basement.”

This time she didn’t fight it. She wanted to be far away from this man. She had never been hit before, her skin prickling as her mind replayed what had just happened over and over.

She feet hurriedly carried her downstairs, she was worried he might try and take her new clothes back. As she entered the small room, she felt her heart sinking. She was never getting away from this crazy man. She felt her eyes fill with tears again.

No! Her father would find her. He had to. He would keep looking for her no matter what. He had the money to do it and she was all he had. She just had to behave until that day came.

For now, she laid down on the bed. She was careful to avoid where he had spanked her, her body curling up and snuggling into the comforter and pillow.

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