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Body Combat

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Bewildered and Beguiled

Her voice had an Eastern European edge.

The Fucker replied. “Sorry; but we got a bit carried away we’ll only be a while longer, could you wait?”

Well really, was she going to wait so he could finish fucking me?

There is a rumour circulating around the club about this receptionist! Apparently, she is either bisexual or bats for the other side, one or the other. She didn’t look like a lesbian not that I really know what a lesbian is supposed to look like!

The badge on her uniform jacket told you her name was Kat, short for Katarina.

”Yes, but how long will you be?” She replied.

She then went on to say. “I am supposed to be out of here by 9 pm, I’ve got a Halloween party to go to. So please can you finish what you’re doing, dress and leave please?”

The Fucker replied saying. “Thanks, Kat you are a star!”

What! There I am totally naked covered in oil and seminal fluid and impaled on the Fucker’s cock.

And she says, Ok?

What the fuck!

Kat turned to leave the changing room saying in a conspiratorial way. “I’ll leave you to it, I’ll go turn the front lights out so no one knows you are still here but me!”

The Fucker replies in a jokey way. “Ok, come back and join us if you want some fun!”

What; now I’m a sex show or bait, for a lesbi-hetero sex tryst!

Having a three-way with another woman, why am I not protesting more?

As Kat left the changing room, he pulled back and came thundering back into me, I squealed and pushed up to meet his thrust! I’d scarcely ceased pushing up, and I was finding him drawing back and the next thrust pounding into me!

Thank God for my gym work! It has kept me fit, in top condition, able to handle a man who seemed determined to fuck me to death with his cock!

He pounded my pussy repeatedly, non-stop, relishing his work.

I was working overtime trying to keep up with him gasping for air and purring as his cock thrust deep, ok I’ll confess it, I found the whole thing tremendously intoxicating. I was getting drunk on the pheromones floating in the air!

Men often treat you as if you are made of glass and you might break if they get too energetic! The Fucker didn’t worry about the nuances of shagging! The Fucker just saw me as a woman to service his needs! A pussy to spunk into and was making sure he got the full service.

I must confess the thought of being full of his spunk was something quite appealing! For the entire dynamic display, he took his time which seemed a bit out of character. He was still pumping into me long after I thought he was past the point of no return and ready to climax!

I haven’t had that many lovers but I’ve always been able to judge when they’re ready to cum. With The Fucker, I would think he was about to ejaculate and then he would slow down and then pick up again.

It took a while for me to realise The Fucker was deliberately slowing down at critical points to allow his gland to cool, extending his pleasure. While poor little me was elevated to a fine pitch of excitement and left hanging there.

I was thrusting and pushing hard onto his cock trying to make him cum! I was dying to explode, tugging on my nipples just waiting for him to get on with it. There was no way I was going to ask him to finish me off. I’d rather be frustrated.

No, I wouldn’t rather be frustrated!

“Finish it, you selfish fucker,” I screamed.

“So you’re ready?” he asked.

“I’m so ready!” I panted.

“Let me see if I can accommodate you then!” The Fucker said speeding up his thrusts!

Oh god, could he ever accommodate me?

He rammed into me with three deep thrusts and I came, riding frantically on his monster, holding onto him as I shuddered with the violence of my orgasm, feeling him relaxing his control and enjoying his eruption as my pussy took a stranglehold on his gland.

His sperm mixed with my juice that was oozing from my pussy as his piston continued to slowly slide in and out of my body, his cum squirting out of me with every inward thrust. I was stuffed full of his hard cock.

I looked in the mirror beside me and saw Kat’s reflection, she must have crept back in and was now watching us fuck?

The Fucker also saw her standing by the door. Kat had taken her jacket off and the three top buttons of her blouse were undone!

The Fucker said, “Hey Kat, don’t stand in the dark come on over; you’ll get a better view over here”

Sliding his gland out of my body it jerked upright and stood perpendicular.

The Fucker turned and moved towards Kat, his cock slapping on his abdomen with every advancing step he made towards the uneasy looking woman!

My body fluids dripped down the shaft onto his testis as strands of the mixture trailed onto the floor. Kat’s eyes never left that angry purple-headed beast with beads of seminal fluid still oozing from it.

The Fucker proceeded as he had with me. Proposing that she might want to join us.

Saying to Kat, “you want to participate; don’t you? You want to join us?”

“What makes you think that,” Kat replied.

“Why wouldn’t you, you’ve been standing there watching us I bet you are as horny as hell by now!” He said in a matter of fact fashion, going on to say. “Your blouse is undone! I bet you were playing with your tits and I’ll lay money your wet. Come over and see what a well-fucked woman looks like!”

He took her by the hand and led her over to the massage table where my naked oily and sweaty well-fucked body lay. I pulled myself up further onto the table and turn on my side to watch The Fucker in action!

Kat’s eyes flicked from my body to his twitching cock and back to my hard nipples and down to my wet pussy! It was obvious she preferred women her eyes had a lecherous glint to them as she gazed at my oily naked body. Her eyes seemed to feast on my pussy.

It was evident Kat wasn’t wearing a bra her boyish breasts and the stiff nipples visible through her blouse. Was that the natural state of Kat’s nipples or had she got turned on watching us fuck?

She seemed a little flushed the telltale rash from her neck to the crest of her breasts gave it away.

Kat was wearing a short above the knee skirt, with a button on the front and a zipper from waist to hem. The Fucker popped the button and slid the zipper down before Kat had time to stop him. The garment slid from her hips and lay behind her!

Kat shrieked, “what the fuck do you think you’re doing? I didn’t say do that?”

I waited for The Fuckers reply; I was not disappointed.

“Well, you didn’t say not too, did you? If you don’t get out of your clothes they will get messy; will they not?”

Now I think about it all seems to make sense! Well maybe only to The Fucker!

“What makes you think my clothes will get messy?” Was Kats predictable response!

“Well that’s obvious is it not,” The Fucker replied.

”No, not to me!” Was Kat’s retort.

“Well, it’s like this, if you’re going to indulge yourself and join us, you’ll need to get naked the oil on our bodies could stain your clothes!”

The Fucker in his usual matter of fact way informed her.

Before she could stop him he popped open the remaining buttons on her blouse, the garment gaped open and her small but perfect boobs presented themselves. Kat protested weakly trying to cover her tits as The Fucker slid and tugged the material off her shoulders forcing her arms down and off her chest! It eventually floated down to join her skirt on the floor!

Kat looked over to me for support, I shrugged my shoulders and gave her a look that said. You’re going to get impaled if you don’t say no!

Kat stood there virtually naked! She had small pubescent breasts with small dark areola and large erect nipples! Kat covered her tits with her hands again; they were so small her hands easily concealed them. The attempt at modesty was about to fail predictably!

All she was left wearing was a silk thong that didn’t cover much and had quite an obvious damp patch.

The thong was held at the hips by gossamer-thin strands of silk. She also wore a pair of black hold-ups with a pair of red heels adorning her feet. She was very attractive with a blond bob; the hair just fell short of her shoulders!

Seeing her standing there was making me very horny! The Fuckers cock twitched madly, the sight of her pubertal body obviously ticked a box for him?

Adolescence, in a mature woman, even I could tick that box!

I had an urge to suck on those hard nipples. I had never fancied a woman or wanted to fuck or be fucked by a female, but the events of that evening had made me so wanton, anything was possible.

And Kat’s supposed to have a predilection for women, is she not?

She hadn’t protested about The Fuckers behaviour that significantly! And I secretly hoped it’s because she wanted to fuck me. But she’s a little underestimated what The Fucker had in mind!

Kat was instinctively still covering her boyish breasts with her hands. Before she knew it, The Fucker seized his opportunity and slipped the strands of silk holding the thong to her body off her hip bones.

The silk thong would have slid down to her ankles but for the thin gusset trapped between the folds of her sex!

The Fucker pulled on the material!

As the thong peeled from the entrapping labia, she gave way to a telltale gasp. Kat’s hands now tried to cover her total embarrassment and at the same time half-heartedly tried to fend off The Fucker!

Bought that tee shirt!

One small boob was quite visible, and The Fuckers hands and probing fingers made a beeline for it. One whole hand enveloped the pubescent breast as the thumb and forefinger squeezed the nipple in a pincer-like grip! Pulling and tweaking the hard bud.

Kat squeaked. “Ow! Fuck, stop, stooo”

The word stop, trailing off as her eyes glazed over!

She gave out a whimper as he took the nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. When it reappeared it had grown incredibly. The areola had crinkled and shrunk, the nipple, well that could poke your eye out.

Fuck, she was well turned on!

The Fucker positioned Kat in front of me.

Bending down he lifted her feet one by one and removed her red heels before picking up the silky material of the thong and tossed it along with her shoes to where her other garments lay on the floor!

The Fucker then proceeded to remove her hold-ups both pieces of hose joined the rest of Kat’s forlorn clothing on the floor!

I lay their legs apart and dangling over the edge of the massage bed! I looked up at her hot boyish body! She obviously worked out; Kat had an excellent physique. I wanted to fuck her so badly, I wanted her to fuck me, the way only another woman could!

What’s the fuck’s got into me?

Ah yes, The Fucker’s cock!

What has The Fucker done to me? It seems he’s turned me into a raving nympho; that’s what!

Kat didn’t disguise the lust in her eyes as she lecherously studied my body once again; her eyes not able to take themselves away from my swollen pussy and protruding clitoris.

The Fucker stood behind her with a bottle of oil. He squirted the contents liberally over her neck and shoulders, as they both watched me playing with myself!

Oil ran down and over what past for breasts and from the nape of her neck down the hollow of her back.

Kat must have realised the cock she felt pressed against the valley of her arse was going to be in her sooner or later; no matter whether she was gay or not. That wasn’t something The Fucker was going to worry about, a pussy is a pussy to him.

Kat was so mesmerised by my fingers masturbating my clit she became totally unaware of what was about to befall her.

No longer attempting to cover her body apparently having accepted her fate, as she prepared to let the fucker have his way for the opportunity of tasting my forbidden fruit?

Or was she bisexual? I think that’s more the truth of the matter.

The fingers of her right hand started to gently massage the top of her slit, right at the spot where her clit lay underneath, hidden between the folds of her pussy.

All the while The Fucker coated her with oil, paying particular attention to the valley running down from the small of her back to her pussy, the cleft in her arse to put it bluntly!

I watch the reflection in the mirrors as his fingers delved into the crease of her arse kneading the soft flesh of her buttocks while I continued to pleasure myself.

When her bottom and back was slick with oil, he started on her front.

He moved closer to her from behind, The Fucker’s cock squashed between his abdomen and Kat’s buttocks. In one movement The Fucker pushed his erection down it was now trapped in the cleft of Kat’s arse!

Kat was tall enough for his cock to eventually slip between her legs nestling in the folds of her pussy!

That is to say the furrow of her sex!

I could see the swollen head and part of the thick shaft protruding from between her legs.

Pouring more oil onto the front of her torso his hands massaged the slippery liquid into her soft epidermis! Exploring her tits, and massaging oil into the fat of her pubic mound! Her substantial labia engulfing The Fucker’s cock in places as he now rhythmically slid back and forth along the ridge of her vulva!

The Fucker massaged oil into Kat’s shoulders as he continued to slowly slide his erection between the folds of her sex! His hands working deep into her muscles, as they worked their way down to her underdeveloped breasts! His hands and fingers were working on her nipples, which had turned a chocolate brown.

I watched his cock nestling between Kat’s pussy lips she obviously loved it; I could see Kat was trying to rub her sex along its length!

Kat had indeed taken to cock, that’s if she hadn’t before?

Which I now had my suspicions! As she pushed back into him more of his monster was exposed, as she pushed her hips forward the head disappeared between her legs.

Then it appeared again as she pushed back, The Fucker moaned, and Kat whimpered as she slowly tried to wank herself on his shaft.

As the head appeared again from between the folds of her pussy a gossamer strand of seminal fluid slowly dribbled onto the floor. It seeped from the dilated urethral opening that lay at the centre of the swollen head of his gland.

A third of The Fuckers cock now stuck out from between her legs. I watched agog as his hands massage deep into the tissue of her adolescent breasts, I say adolescent she must have been well into her fifties or even early sixties and was a great advert for keeping fit.

Kat had a well-toned body, prominent biceps and pectorals with the hint of a six-pack; she had great abs, which drew your eye down to her mons. Her blond pubes trimmed short in an imperfect polygon. Two sides of the triangle slightly longer than the third guiding your eye to her slit!

The Fuckers hands continued to torture and tease her nipples as his phallus slid in a rhythmic motion between the folds of her vaginal valley. The mirrors were giving me an excellent view. Kat was vocalising the sensations that were obviously coursing through her body. I lay there frantically wanking my clit, feeling the rise and fall of my oncoming climax watching that licentious show till I came again!

An orgasm oscillating through my body as I observed the scene in front of me!

Kat moaned as the rhythm of The Fuckers pounding cock between her legs got faster and faster. His manipulating digits on her now engorged hard deep brown nipples taunted the long stalks.

The Fucker’s cock ran between the lips of her pussy, Kat’s clitoris moving up and down as the bulbous head stroked back and forth. Kat groaned and whimpered as the glands head kissed her clitoris on the upstroke.

The Fucker placed his hands on her hips took hold and then lifted, she rose off the floor in a single motion, ballerina-like! The expression on her face told me she was not expecting him to do that, as her arms flailed trying to keep her balance.

Tilting her hips slightly forward he positioned her sex over the crown of his cock. Kat grabbed hold of his arms to steady herself!

I watched as he lowered Kat down onto the head of his gland. Her inner and outer labia embraced the glands corona wrapping themselves around the head as they were dragged inward as The Fucker impaled her.

Kat gasped as a quarter of the shaft slowly disappeared inside her! She was a tall but slight woman and maybe never had a man’s cock that size before? It was fucking huge!

Well, maybe not a flesh and blood one! As before her face said it all, she panted at me. “Fuck, it’s so big!”

I had a good view of the spectacle I could see only the head and frenulum and a little of the stalk had managed to penetrate Kat’s tight pussy.

The poor woman thought she was fully impaled!

Fuck, was she going to get a shock?

The Fucker bounced her once and then twice trying to get more of himself into her body. Like a pile driver his giant gland dove further into Kat’s now expanding overfilled vaginal canal!

Obviously watching us fuck had set her sex juices flowing otherwise she would have been in for some discomfort! She clearly had not had many cocks in her life. As Kat evidently didn’t realise The Fucker intended for it all to go in!

Balls deep!

Kat’s tight pussy wasn’t really up to the job in hand! Or rather in her vagina! To try and get his cock further into her body The Fucker tilted Kat’s hips further forward.

Kat let go of his arms, falling forwards she instinctively grabbed my thighs. She was now virtually horizontal supported by a tenuous connection to The Fucker’s cock, and my quad muscles!

Kat’s legs gripping The Fucker’s hips for all she was worth! Her face inches from my pussy!

I was lying back on both elbows watching The Fucker attempting to get more of his cock into her tight vagina! Kat took firm hold of my legs, her face contorted, she gasped as his phallus started to fill her vaginal canal. “Oh my fucking God, it’s too big.” Kat groaned.

“No more, stop, it won’t fit it’s too fucking big!” She wailed, trying to appeal to The Fucker’s better nature!

To no avail though!

The Fucker continued to force more of his cock into her body. Small jerks of his hips incrementally filled her sex with his cock!

The problem being Kat had such a boyish slim figure the probability was her vaginal canal was as narrow and underdeveloped as her breasts!

Fuck this could be painful!

“Aahhhh, fuck noooo!” Kat squealed as another inch fitted into her expanding pussy!

I could see in the mirror there was still a sizeable length waiting to gain entry. Kat pleaded for him not to push any more of the length into her.

“That’s enough no more I can’t take it. It’s too large!”

He thrust several more times trying to force more of the oversized gland into her.

She continued to implore him, moaning, “Oh God, you’re going to split me open!”

He slowed his pace, and I watched in the mirror as he slid the thing out, it twitched as it settled in the valley that ran between her buttocks.

As she felt the monster penis leave her vagina she relaxed for a moment looking at me Kat panted.

“Have you had this thing all the way in you?”

I nodded saying. “Yes, all the way, in both orifices!”

A small lie, you should have seen the expression on her face! I didn’t realise it then, but I had foretold the future, I had become a prophet!

The thought he might try and fuck her in the arse made the colour drained from her face.

“What, in your arse as well?” She squawked

I winked my reply as Kat lay face down with her tits rubbing on the edge of the massage table! Her legs still wrapped around The Fuckers hips and her face now virtually buried in my pussy. Kat’s eyes were surveying my quim once again. She looked like she was salivating at the thought of feasting on my juicy vulva!

The Fucker was now sliding his cock up the valley of her arse, over her perineum and anus. He slapped the head on the sensitive area of her anal rim; her eyes bulged as she thought she was about to lose her rectal virginity!


I observed all the action in the mirrors. Kat’s hands held on to my legs at full extension as The Fucker pulled her back slightly away from my pussy! Her body still horizontal her legs clinging to his hips!

Kat’s arse and pussy now positioned in the optimum position for insertion and impalement! Whichever orifice The Fucker fancied to invade?

Holding a hip with one hand he grabbed the bottle of oil and liberally squirted it into the crease of her buttocks. The oil ran down over Kat’s anus and on to her pussy finally dripping onto the floor. The Fucker placed the teat of the bottle between the folds of Kat’s swollen labia and emptied half the contents into her vagina! To Kat’s distress, he repeated the process into her anus!

Placing the teat of the bottle against her clenched bum hole The Fucker forced the remainder of the contents into her rectum, filling her rectal canal!

Her apprehension and fright visible on her face at the realisation he was undoubtedly going to take her anal virginity!

Correctomundo, again!

The Fucker then poured oil onto the head of his twitching penis letting the lube dribble down the shaft to his testis! Moving his hips back the head of his cock slipped up the oily furrow of Kat’s pussy!

“Oohhhh fuck!” She purred.

Wriggling her arse as The Fucker’s cock caressed her clit on its journey to the entrance to her sex!

Kat’s eyes grew wide as “Fuccckkkk” dribbled from her lips feeling the head of his oily phallus pass her open pussy and arrive at the door of her tight puckered anus!

The Fucker raised himself onto his toes to line the coronal head with Kat’s anal verge. She was just about to splutter. “Noooo, please nooooo!” The Fucker, with a slight thrust of his hips, slipped the head past Kat’s anal rim! The bulbous head coming to rest in her anal canal.

The well-manicured nails adorning her fingers dug into my legs as a long groan escaped her lips, “fffuuuucccckkkk, you bastard” she wailed!

I could see in the mirrors the swollen head of The Fucker’s cock had only just gone in. His buttocks pumped lightly. As he jiggled the coronal head slightly back and forth in the gateway to her rectum.

The Fucker thrust.

Her oil-filled rectal passage eased the way for the shaft to enter. Kat’s anal impalement was complete!

The Fucker groaned as he sodomized her!

Kat spluttered something; (it could have been gibberish or her native tongue) as the full length of his phallus filled her expanding rectum. The Fucker drew back and slowly filled her again, he started moaning as he began to fuck her arse more eagerly. He pumped hard and deep, Kats eye’s bulging as the root of his cock smacked her anal verge!

As his unstoppable climax approached, he withdrew the throbbing monster from Kat’s arse. The rigid stalk shot up slapping his abdomen as a plume of spunk covered both of us in hot jizz!

After unloading the motherload The Fucker’s cock was still ramrod hard and seemed to be getting larger if that was possible? It twitched and throbbed dripping seminal fluid on the floor as if with a mind of its own it slapped Kat’s arse!

I thought it was going to be my turn to be sodomized but when he pushed his cock down and placed the head between the folds of Kat’s labia, I realised then he wasn’t finished fucking her yet.

He had unfinished business; he wanted that monster deep into her body!

Kat whined, “he’s going to fuck me again, oh shit he’s too fucking big!” Kat looked at me apprehension on her face, remembering how little she was able to take the last time that gigantic cock was in her!

The head and shaft slick with oil and spunk slipped into Kat’s pussy easily and on into her body! It took three thrusts before she was fully impaled! The oil doing the trick, she groaned as his testicles began slapping on the folds of her labia!

“Ooh fuck no.” She groaned.

Her vaginal walls clenched so tight around his thrusting cock as oil and natural lube squirted from her sex on the downstroke! Her face showed her discomfort at being stuffed full of The Fuckers enormous penis!

With her sex expanding to accommodate the invading phallus her face now began to change. She started to purr, she seemed to be enjoying it!

Kat’s now well-lubed pussy was making it easier to take the throbbing monster.

If she had not had a man before, she was starting to get used to it now! Kat began to moan and then began to demand he fuck her harder.

Squealing. “Come on then if you want to fuck me come on, harder, you fucker!” This, in reality, was an experienced woman it seems!

The Fucker obliged by thrusting deeper and faster. The massage table started to rock. This sex show was turning me on! So much so I laid back and began torturing my own tits as I wanked myself off!

Then I had an idea and wriggled down the table till my pussy was virtually in Kat’s face! She got the message as The Fucker pummelled her from behind, she dragged me down till my pussy met her mouth!

She steadied herself by taking hold of my tits her palms cupping my soft mammary flesh as the thumbs and forefingers entrapped a nipple each!

Kat was being spit-roasted, between cock and pussy!

I thought to myself, I’ve had men eat me, but a woman, how different was this going to be?

Kat’s mouth closed over my vulva! Sucking in my pussy lips, first the left side then the right, it felt delicious! Her tongue locating my horny clit! Kat tenderly closed her teeth around the base as she gently sucked!

Slowly she alternated sucking and licking! My clitoris responding as I felt a flash of heat burn through my sex. Kat unrelentingly licked and sucked on my throbbing gland as scorching heat burnt through my body. All the time the tips of her fingers fluttered on the skin of my breasts, as she tortured my nipples with her sharp talons rubbing and squeezing them with her thumb and forefinger!

Her tongue slipped down to my perineum then slowly worked its way back up my vertical smile, to the top of my vulva, sucking in my sex bud flicking her tongue over the tip.

I wanted to cry out, but all I could do was whimper. “O God, O God. More, more, please more!”

Kat obliged me by repeating the experience over and over as The Fucker wildly thrust into her body! The concentration on his face told me he was close to exploding, he was ready to fill Kat with his seed! He was ready for another climax!

Kat looked up at me the flush on her chest and her dilated pupils told me she was also close to erupting.

The Fucker started to moan and grunt, obviously, he had gone past the point of no return and was about to fill Kat’s body with his seminal fluid!

Kat jerked to the beat of The Fucker’s cock that drummed on her swollen vulva.

She gasped at me!

“Fuck, I’m close, the next wave, and I’ll cum! I can’t stop it. I’ve never climaxed with a man before! Oh, fuck, the bastard!”

I said. “Bring me too, I’m close!”

Her mouth closed on my clit and her tongue went to work on the erect gland. The Fucker’s pummelling monster was jerking her body back and forth as she sucked on my sex bud.

Her tongue now frantically worked on my clit as her hands clung to my breasts, my hard nipples under the palms of her hands her fingers digging into the soft flesh of my swollen orbs. Adrenaline and dopamine coursing through our bodies! We both writhed as one, our orgasms building to a crescendo together!

The Fucker was the first one to erupt! He thrust deep into Kat, holding on to her hips. Her muffled cry’s coming up from between my legs! “God he’s in so deep!”

Pulling her hips back, trying to force as much of his monster inside her he ejaculated. His cock and the veins in his neck throbbed at every squirt of his hot sticky semen hitting the back of Kat’s vaginal cavity.

With every throb, he tried to get deeper into her body! The Fucker’s face turning puce as he throbbed and squirted, again and again! Seminal fluid squelching out of Kat’s pussy, running down the insides of her quads! It seemed litres of The Fuckers seminal fluids leached from her body.

Kat’s orgasm arrived as The Fucker’s cock continued to throb and pulse inside her sex. Her fingers pulled on my nipples bringing me closer to my climax all the while groaning incoherent words as The Fucker finished emptying his balls into her!

Pushing back onto the gland the walls of her wet pussy involuntarily clenched around the phallus still buried deep inside her! Kat’s orgasm enveloped her, and The Fuckers manhood!

Gripping her soft blond hair with both hands, I pulled her face back onto my sex. Her mouth went to work on my wet pussy lapping up the oozing lube.

Fire in my sex raged and I forced Kat’s head down harder. She now trapped my clit between her lips and tugged on it enlarging the bud.

Only to let it slip to be snared again.

Over and over she repeated the action the feeling driving me wild. As my orgasm erupted, I moved my hands from her head to my pubic bone pulling the skin back extending my clitoris as much as I could. Kat eagerly dined on the engorged gland slurping and sucking on the wanton miss.

Kat’s tongue flicked fast over the horny clit as my climax arrived. Pleasure radiated out over my body down through my legs and into my toes. My hips, thighs and legs quivering and jerking to the sensations that exploded in my brain.

My orgasm radiated out into my breasts. The nipples engorged with blood had turned dark brown my skin flushed a dark tone of pink! I wanted to pull Kat to me, hold her close and wrap my arms and legs around her! My pussy throbbed as the orgasm pumped through me.

As if he knew The Fucker slid his cock from her pussy allowing Kat to climb onto the table, we embraced kissing passionately. Kat’s tongue delved deep into my mouth! My first and I hope not my last lesbian kiss!

Tasting my juice on her lips we lay in each other’s arms content.

The Fucker shook the table bringing us back to the reality of our situation!

“Ok, you two, time to hit the shower. I like washing sweaty oily girls, come on, hop to it!” The Fucker commanded!

“You go to the guy’s shower!” I pleaded.

“No, we can all shower together. He said.

Taking us by the hand he led us over to the showers!

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