The Prince's contract Fiancée

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I had worked with Prince Nicholas for a few years, I knew him like I knew myself – possibly even more. I knew his sexual appetite, seen the countless women that had come through his life, the endless revolving door of lovers non longer than a few months. I have heard their screams of pleasure more nights and days than I can count. Walked in on him doing very very sexy things to women. I am his confidant, best friend and his right hand woman. And every night I masturbate to thoughts of him and his hot body. But things are about to change in a major way…

Oseka Dimenti
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Chapter 1

I wake up before my alarm. My pussy is dripping wet and the day hasn’t even begun yet.

I groan. This is happening a lot more often these days and my frustration is rising right along with the frequency of my sexy dreams.

In this particular dream, I walked into his secret room by accident and instead of walking right out and minding my business, I stay and start exploring all the chains, whips and contraptions.

I am so caught up with my naughty exploration that I don’t realize that I have been caught.

“Hi beautiful, looking for something?” he says

I jump about 10 feet in the air with a yelp and turn around to see his smoldering green eyes looking at me speculatively. Hungry eyes.

“I… uh… I was looking for you and walked in here by mistake -” he cuts me off with a laugh, a bark really

“Walked in by accident, I accept… but why did you stay?” he stalks up to me slowly, like a predator approaching its prey.

I start to shiver. I look at his shirtless frame walking towards me and my eyes drift down his deliciously gorgeous body starting from his wide shoulders, down his defined pecs, his abs (how many packs can a person have?), the waistband of his black pyjama bottoms lying low on his hips and finally down – oh my!

He gets close to me and before I can react, he grabs my dress and rips it down the front! I should be scared but instead I am shaking with need and desire. He takes my mouth in a fierce and brutal kiss that gets my head spinning as he takes off my bra and kneads my heavy breasts in his large calloused hands, pinching my sensitive nipples in between his fingers.

I cry out in pleasure forced to throw my head back and disconnect our kiss from the sharp bite of pleasure and pain radiating from my nipples. How is it possible he is doing so much at the same time? His left hand leaves my breast and comes up to grab the back of my head, bringing my soft lips already plump and pink from his first kiss back to his lips. I moan into his mouth as he continues his rough kisses and my breath catches in my throat when his right hand leaves my breast and trails downward. He pauses at the juncture of my thighs, teasing.

“Please!” I cry out “please touch me” I squirm to get closer to his hand, my left hand leaving his shoulder where I had perched both hands to keep myself upright from the bone-melting effect of his kisses and I try to grab his hand and lead him to my wet heat. He grabs my hand instead, breaking our kiss to bring my arm up to nibble the sensitive inside of my wrist.

Is he trying to kill me??? I mewl like an animal, all pride gone. “Nicholas please!” I cry out again knowing he knew what I was begging for.

With a speed that caught me off guard his hand which was holding onto mine earlier went down and he sunk his fingers into me.

My knees buckle with the shock and the sharp pleasure and he holds me up with his other arm and his hand at my head and continues his sensual exploration of my folds. He sinks his middle finger inside me, his thumb teasing my clit and I cry out again, panting like I had run a hundred miles.

This is what the other women feel when they are with him, the reason I hear the screaming. Now it’s my voice ringing out bouncing off the walls. I can’t recognize my own voice it’s like a wild animal is trapped in my body and has finally had a chance to break free and howl at this sexy torture.

Another finger joins the first one inside my folds, his thumb speeds up on my little nub and I arch my back in response, losing my voice for several seconds. The pleasure is blinding!

I feel my orgasm coming like a storm out to obliterate everything in its path. I am on the brink and I feel the darkness of my climax building around my pussy, radiating to the rest of my body. I start to shake like crazy.

Anytime now.. so close…

My phone rings and startles me!

Shit! I was so close!

I keep my right hand at my pussy and try to grab my pesky phone with my left hand to stop the annoying ring. Who the fuck is calling me at such an ungodly hour?! My left hand can’t reach the phone and I pull my right hand away from my pussy cursing the caller with every curse word in the book.

I pick up my phone and – oh – the subject of my fantasies is calling.

Nicholas never calls this early, at least not without good reason.

I sigh. I’ll have to answer.


“Good morning Ana.” His sexy baritone practically vibrates through the phone. “I’m sorry if I woke you.”

“It’s fine, I was awake anyway,” I say

“We’ve got an emergency. Trade talks with Tirzad took a turn. We need to be on a plane and on our way there within the hour.”

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”


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