His Demonic Obsession (Book 2)

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(Warning 18+) Years have now passed and with Elijha's dark secrets now reaveld and with Luna holding on to her sanity. Can she still find it in her heart to love Elijha after everything he's put her through? Or will she try to escape from his clutches with the help of Felix along the way? Old memories come and resurface causing more complicated relationships to form between Luna and the others. However after everything she has lost and been through so far, is it to late to forgive Elijha who caused all this pain to her? Or will Elijha's love be enough to heal Luna's painful scars? "Sins countiue to grow and my heart can't stop what it desires. He was my darkness that always followed me, that always tainted me. An I was his forbidden fruit that he craved for."

Erotica / Romance
T. M. Luna
4.9 79 reviews
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×Authors Note×

*Warning: This story contains sexual content, attempted rape, mental abuse, incest, violence, murder, and foul language.

This is the continuation of “His Demonic Possession” Book 1, so if you haven’t read the first book yet, I suggest you do so the story could make sense. This is also the first story that I ever have written on Wattpad. So expect some cringy moments and I apologize for any spelling errors or any plot errors you may see.

And before you read this book I just want to say that it’s just a story! So please if you are easily triggered I don’t recommend you read any further than this. Another thing please leave the rude comments to yourself, any ignorant or offensive comments will be deleted.

The main female character will be going through a lot of emotional and life-changing events so do expect her character to change drastically. Also, don’t forget to leave a vote, and be sure to follow me! Feel free to leave an honest review as well :)

One more thing, thank you guys so much for taking your time to read the first story I ever wrote❤️ An I hope you enjoy Book 2 of “His Demonic Obsession”

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