The night Denizens, The Deal

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A jail cell is no place for a Lycan and as Kaiden Lazerath sits in one he is looking at the possibility of rotting away on false drug and weapons smuggling charges. He knows his twin brother is fighting to get him out. In doing so it might cost more than either one of them had bargained for. Without any remorse Kaiden is willing to fight tooth and claw to protect his family from the men who put him away. The cause of all this trouble is a small delicate woman, whom he has waited all his life for. Katarina ‘Kitty’ Callaghan is a young socialite, who is about to become the sole benefactor of her family’s entire fortune which she plans on giving away....every last penny of it. Money had never made her happy, had never filled the empty void inside her, it only added to her loneliness. Now just before her twenty-first birthday she has nearly everything, the only thing she doesn’t have is the one thing money can’t buy. Then in a strange twist of events that last missing part of her life shows up and he is far from what she had expected him to be and he is not alone.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 3

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Chapter Three

Kitty was cold, her head pounded and she couldn’t see. She tried to move but found her hands were tied and she was gagged as well. Her struggles to gain her freedom only hurt both her wrists and head. She tried to focus on listening instead and perceived footsteps getting nearer. Her heart pounded in her ears. Terror gripped her as a door creaked opened and then it sounded as if a lock was being undone. The squeak of something, which reminded her of a park gate parting, filled her ears.

Sudden blinding light filled her vision. Tears streamed down her cheeks. It took a second before it cleared and she saw a huge man standing over her. He wore a black sweater and combat pants. She stared at his empty shoulder holster, and her gaze drifted to the gun in his leather-gloved hand. His face was hidden under a balaclava. He tilted it to one side as he stared down at her.

He gently pulled the gag from her mouth and then moved to the bindings on her wrists. He struggled a little with them. “You tightened them more when you tried to get loose,” he told her. The man’s voice had a deep bass. She locked gazes with his gray eyes.

“What do you want from me?” she asked. Her voice sounded very small even to herself.

“Relax, I’m not going to hurt you. You just need to stay here for a few days.” The last knot came out of her bindings and her wrists fell limply onto the cot. “I’m sorry. Let the blood get back into them and they won’t feel so heavy.”

Pins and needles ran up and down her limbs as she laid there. Her terror caused her to remain silent as she stared up at the man.

“Get up slowly,” he ordered, gesturing with the gun.

Slowly she stood. Kitty slumped a little and quickly sat back on the cot. The room spun, the lightheadedness washed over her as her blood pounded in her ears.

“Hey, are you all right?” he asked.

She stared at the man pointing a gun at her in a cage inside what appeared to be a basement. “No!” Her voice trembled. She thought that was a foolish question.

“Here, let me help you.” He gently took her by the arm, helping her to stand. “Can you walk?”

“I think so.” She was confused as this masked man treated her with kid gloves.

“I’m gonna take you upstairs where you’ll be warm and you can have something to eat,” he said as he guided her out of the room and up the wooden stairs.

Kitty eyed the kitchen over and could tell it was an old house that had been redone at some point in the last twenty years. He guided her to a chair with wooden arms and made her sit.

“Here, put this around your left wrist and zip it tight enough so you can’t wiggle your hand loose.” He passed her a plastic zip tie.


“Now, little one,” he said very firmly. “I don’t want to be rough with you.”

“Don’t hurt me…please.” She whimpered and tied her left wrist with the zip tie until it was securely in place against the armrest.

The man grabbed the tie and checked it. He seemed to be pleased with its security, and turned and walked to the fridge, holstering his gun as he did. Her tiny arms made it easy to slip herself free the second his back was turned.

“Beer?” he asked.

The clink of bottles, then the shattering of glass on the kitchen floor resounded in the otherwise quiet house. She assumed he must have turned around and discovered her gone from the chair. She bolted out the door, which she’d ever so quietly opened while he had his head in the fridge. His heavy footfalls followed after her. He cursed something in an almost animalistic growl as her pantyhose-covered feet landed in the snow and she ran blindly into the swirling darkness of the snowstorm.

Kitty was freezing without a jacket, boots or anything else to protect her from the elements. She stumbled and fell into the snow. Scrambling, she made it to her feet and ran again. She couldn’t see anything behind her let alone in front of her and surmised if she couldn’t see him, he wouldn’t be able to find her. She ran into something that caught in her skirt. Sharp icy barbs pierced into her hands as she tried to free herself. The metal barb-wire fence cut her arms and legs as she crawled over it. The fear which flooded her momentarily kept her numb from the pain.

As she stumbled forward her feet slipped, her arms flailed in the air as she attempted to gain her balance. Sliding and skidding on the slick surface as lost her footing, she crashed onto her knees. It gave way with a resounding crack. Burning cold washed over her, consuming every sense as she broke through. Kitty fought desperately to swim out of the icy depths but found herself submerged and trapped. She came up farther away than where she went down. Her fingers clawed frantically against the ice sealing her under in a frozen tomb.

Horror and panic seeped into her mind as her body became raw with the bitterness of the frigid waters. Kitty’s chest ached and burned as her last breath needed release and she let it go. Fighting it was futile. Her body couldn’t resist the urge to inhale and water rushed into her nose and mouth. The sharpness of her icy breath pierced her lungs like razor blades. The cold waters begin to steal her away.

I’m going to die. Everything fogged and numbness enveloped her. I’m so not ready for this. The inky blackness swallowed her.


As soon as he turned around he spotted her opening the door. The beers dropped from his hand as she hurled herself out into the storm. Caleb made the doorway only a few steps behind her, but it’d been enough for him to lose sight of her. The snowfall had turned into a blizzard and he couldn’t see five feet in front of him.

“Damn it!” He growled.

This wasn’t his usual thing. Killing people, yes, keeping them contained, not so much. Now he’d let the heiress escape, and not just on any night, but one when there was a raging blizzard outside. Well, just fucking great, he thought.

At least she won’t be able to go far, he thought as he stripped naked in the kitchen. Hell, the little one was about to receive the shock of her life. Letting his animal loose to find her was not as risky as letting her find help or freezing to death. He roared as his body twisted, his bones groaned, crunched and cracked. Claws erupted from his fingers as his mouth pulled outward, forming a muzzle filled with sharp pointy teeth. His eyes would have turned yellowish-brown and his legs hooked backward as his muscles grew in size and so did his height. His body became covered with thick black fur. He howled as he ducked out the now too short of a doorway.

Caleb sniffed the air and barely caught her scent in the swirling snow squall. The wind wasn’t blowing directly at him, therefore, he needed his other senses as well. He fell to all fours and loped after the quickly fading footprints in the snow, but soon they’d all but disappeared. His eyes were useless as everything was a blur of white, and her trail vanished as fast as her tracks. He circled back, regaining her trace, but the winds turned again. This time he caught it. A tang of blood was mixed with it.

He ran at an incredible speed. Caleb soon came across a barbed-wire fence. A big torn piece of wool skirt was stuck to it, and he could easily make out the odor of her blood. Abruptly, the winds petered out and he was able to see several feet in front of him. Scanning the area, he saw nothing. His ears, however, caught a brief shriek and a resounding cracking noise. It was followed by a splash far off to his left.

As he made the pond, he spotted the huge dark hole where she’d fallen in. He didn’t see her anywhere. Caleb came to the edge and scanned around, but there were no signs of her coming out. The winds picked up again. She was still somewhere under the ice. There was only one way to rescue her from the icy pond. With a roar, he jumped onto the ice and crashed through. His thick fur coat would prevent him from succumbing to the frigid temperatures. He was up to his chest in the water. Being nearly ten feet tall there was no way he would drown in this form. The little one was just over five feet tall. There was no way she walked out of there.

He used his massive clawed paws and ripped apart the ice, looking for her. He assumed she had to be within a few feet of the hole so that’s where he concentrated his efforts. After several long minutes, something caught in his paw. He hauled the limp form from the pond. He had to expel the water out of her lungs, perform CPR and get her warm, all of which he couldn’t do as a wolf-man.

He tossed her over his shoulder and the water ejected from her mouth. It was a good start. He ran toward the farmhouse with extreme speed, leaping over the fence and then a woodpile. After he made the doorway, he quickly shut the door behind them with his foot and then laid her on the kitchen floor before he shifted into a man.

He was shocked to find she was breathing. Her flesh was tinged blue from the icy waters. He lifted her into his arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom, then put her down. He needed to strip her out of the wet clothes and wrap her in warm blankets. He concentrated on shifting only his hands into the shape of the wolf-man. His claws sliced through the skirt and blouse before he peeled them from her. The small cuts from the barbed wire would heal soon enough on their own. Caleb was more worried about hyperthermia setting in.

As he stripped her wet bra and panties off, he was a little stunned as he took the view in. She was a tiny thing, but everything was a nice, lovely package. Her legs and arms matched her extremely tiny waist and narrow hips. The small mounds on her chest sat nice and firm, each dotted with a pink crown.

The girl’s face, although tinged a little blue, reminded him of a sleeping angel’s, and her long, honey-blonde hair lay all about her in a wet half-frozen mess. Caleb pulled it away from her face and then tied her hands together before he wrapped her in several warm blankets. He sat in a chair beside the bed and eyed her over. An urge began to grow deep within him, a primal call for something he never had before, something his kind searched for most of their lives. He quickly quelled it. An icy shiver coursed over him and he realized he needed to get dressed himself.


Kitty’s eyes fluttered open. She was chilled to the bone and she shivered. Her eyes focused on movement to one side of the room and she saw him standing there. He wasn’t looking at her. He’d just pulled a pair of pants from a duffle bag. He was completely naked, and a heated flush rose to her cheeks in spite of her shivering. As he pulled on his pants she eyed him. He had muscular legs, strong arms, a well-defined chest and a set of abs most bodybuilders would kill for. He was half-turned from her as he pulled a sweater from the duffle and slid it on over his wet-looking black hair. She tried to reason what had happened. She’d fallen through the ice…she’d drowned … hadn’t she?

Confusion muddled her mind, and as her abductor turned toward her, their gazes met. His gray eyes went wide as she stared at his face. So handsome for a bad guy, she thought. His skin was tanned and he had a few days worth of whiskers on his face. He had a firm squared jaw and a face with strong, sculpted features. His soft-looking lips frowned as she stared at him.

“Damn it all to hell,” he said with a growl.

A bit of fear seeped into her as she spotted her torn pantyhose, skirt and blouse laying on the edge of the bed. Kitty also found her hands were tied in front of her. She twisted and pulled free of the blanket wrapped around her as she rolled to the far side of the bed. She’d made it halfway off when a hand grabbed her by the ankle and yanked her back across the mattress on her belly.

“No,” she screamed and kicked out at the man, catching him in the mouth.

“Fuck,” he cried out but didn’t release his grip as he grappled her other ankle. With a powerful twist, he flipped her over onto her back again. He reached out and grabbed her tied wrists. With one hard jerk of his arms, he pulled her right up to him as he stood glaring at her. His lip fattened from where she kicked him.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said.

With a light shove, he pushed her back down onto the bed and forced her bound limbs up over her head. He grabbed her tattered pantyhose and looped them through her bindings and tied her securely to the cast-iron bed frame. Kitty laid there completely naked. Her heart raced wildly. His chest heaved a few times as his gaze traveled over her. The grayness in his eyes seemed to cloud and fill with lust. It reminded her of Gregory’s when he ogled her.

“Oh, god, please…” she whispered as tears burned in her eyes.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said. His voice was even deeper. He pulled a blanket over her and tucked it tightly all around her.

The man ran his hands through his hair as he stared at her. His face grew worried and agitated. He paced the room a little bit while cursing softly. The man leaned over her and checked her bindings again and then left the room. Kitty tried to tug her hands free, but this time they were done up too tightly and she couldn’t wiggle them loose. The noises echoed up from downstairs as cupboard doors opened and closed, as well as drawers.

She wasn’t sure why he’d taken her, other than as a kidnapping, or maybe he was a serial killer or rapist. Her imagination ran wild with what he may do to her if any one of those theories was accurate. It meant she would die. She shimmied up and managed to get herself into a sitting position. Kitty used her teeth to pull at the heavily knotted bindings.

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