The night Denizens, The Deal

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Chapter 4

Chapter Four

Caleb emptied the can of soup into a pot and turned the heat on under it. This should warm her, he thought. Hot soup was what his mom gave him when he would come in from playing in the cold as a kid and it always warmed him up. The light flickered momentarily. “For fuck sakes,” he said.

He grabbed candles out of a drawer and a lighter, then tossed them and a saucer onto a tray he’d found. He took a spoon and bowl out and poured the hot chicken noodle soup into it.

Everything was coming apart, he thought as he grabbed the tray and the bag of woman’s clothes before heading up the stairs. He wasn’t good at this kidnapping shit, and now the girl would be able to identify him. If he told Trites, he would want her dead.

“Hey,” he yelled, and the girl turned her head to stare at him. She was sitting up, and the blanket had fallen around her waist as she’d tried to undo the knots with her teeth.

He put the tray down and eyed her as she trembled. The lights flickered again and went out. “Oh for the love of fuck!” He growled. He could tell nothing would go right on this job. He searched blindly for the lighter on the tray and lit it, then set the fat candles on the saucers before lighting the others.

“What do you want from me?” the girl asked. Her voice was so small and delicate-sounding. Caleb’s stared at her sitting there, she tried to hide her naked chest from him with her arms. His heart dropped, the guilt welled up in him for doing this.

He picked up the bag and put it on the bed, then flipped his knife open. Her eyes went wide as he moved toward her. “I’m going to cut you free. Be good this time please and just do what I say,” he told her sternly. As he freed her from the bindings he saw they’d left deep red marks on her skin from her struggling to gain freedom. He kept the knife pointed at her so she wouldn’t try to escape again.

“There is clothing in the bag. Put them on,” he said.

With shaky hands, she reached for the bag and snatched the sweatshirt out and the pants as well. She quickly pulled the clothing on to cover herself, and part of him was relieved her nudity was finally out of his sight. He’d gotten a hard-on as they’d struggled when he’d had to tie her wrists to the bedpost.

Caleb would never force himself on a woman, no matter how aroused he was. And this little lady aroused him greatly. She was something he’d been waiting for all his adult life. He realized she was the one, recognized this was his mate sitting there in front of him, and now he needed to figure out just what he should do about it.

Somehow he would have to get her to trust him, even though that may be impossible now. “Here, eat this,” he said, passing her the bowl of soup.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked meekly as she took the food from him.

“The money.” Relief flashed in her eyes. “What do you think I was going to do?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I… Well…I don’t know,” she stammered and then took a spoonful of the hot soup.

He didn’t take his gaze off of her while she ate and took the bowl from her once she finished. He hated what he had to do next.

“Lie down,” he ordered, and the fear crept back into her eyes. He could tell what she was thinking by the mortified expression washing over her face.

“I’m not going to do anything to you. I swear it, but you have to lie down so I can tie you back up.” Tears rolled down her cheeks as she slowly did as he’d asked.

After he had both her wrists and ankles bound, he sat on the edge of the bed beside her as the winds outside howled and the whole house shook. The temperature in the place had dropped quite a bit already, and as far out in the middle of nowhere as they were, the power could be out for hours or even days.

“I need to go start a fire in the fireplace. When I have it going and the living room is warmed up enough, I’ll bring you down.” Caleb left her in the darkness as he took the fat candle with him.


Kitty was unable to untie herself since he’d tied her arms behind her back this time and her ankles were bound to the bed. She’d been kidnapped, which was a little better than the alternatives. The odor of wood smoke reached her nose and soon she made out the soft footfalls of him coming back upstairs. The faint glow of the candle in his hand illuminated the area around him.

He walked into the room and gathered up all the blankets and pillows, then left again. Shortly he returned and he flipped his knife open, cutting her ankles free before he put the blade away.

“Come on,” he said as he helped her to stand and led her downstairs to the living room. There was an old couch made up to sleep on, which was pulled up in front of the fire. He looked at her and smiled softly.

“Sit down,” he said, and after she did, he sat beside her. He took her hands and cut them free. He used two zip ties and secured her wrist to his left one. “I need some sleep.”

He pulled her down with him onto the couch. He laid on his side at the back with her on hers, facing the warmth of the fireplace. Once they settled, he pulled the covers over both of them with his free hand.

She lay there for what seemed an eternity as the man behind her snored lightly. Kitty didn’t think if she tried to run, she would get far. She was still cold right to the core from her near-drowning and actually liked the warmth of both the fire and the man’s body behind her. She tried to fathom how he’d found her and actually saved her life. Those were the last thoughts on her mind as sleep stole her away.

Kitty awoke to a heated breath on her neck. The moist warmth sent a shiver coursing over her as her heart raced and her eyes flew open. A strong arm pulled her closer to the steely wall of a man behind her. She lay completely still as his hand moved up over her belly to her chest. She held her breath. He snored lightly and pulled her nearer again, his hand resting on her bosom.

A sudden nuzzling to her ear sent shock waves racing down her spine, and she gasped out loud, trying to move away. He held her tighter and pushed something hard against her lower back. The soft mumbles he muttered she couldn’t understand. As he kissed the side of her neck his hand kneaded her breast. A mixed rush of fear and excitement ran over her.

Kitty assumed he was asleep and wasn’t aware of what he’d done to her. The touch of this man’s hand on her in an intimate way was electrifying and she wasn’t sure why. A shiver ran over her as her thighs twitched and warmth built inside her. Another kneading movement caused a moan to pass her lips, making her embarrassed by her response to his touch. Then he moved downward and she trembled again, but this time his fingers stopped on her tummy and stayed there. His snoring became a bit heavier, and she eventually relaxed enough again to fall back asleep.

Kitty had strange dreams of skating with her abductor on a frozen road in the mountains. The moon shone down on them as they circled each other, each time getting a little closer to one another. Then as they met, he bent, and as his lips were about to meet hers, she fell into frigid cold water and couldn’t breathe. Her lungs burned and she trembled as the air was stolen away from her. Everything became bright and glowing and he was there again, her kidnapper, saving her. His lips on hers, his arms wrapped around her protecting her from the cold.


Caleb enjoyed the warmth of her body against his and snuggled closer, relishing the intimacy of her being in his arms. The fragrance of her body was so incredibly rich, and as his eyes opened he realized his hand was up her shirt, firmly planted against her breast. Her nipple was hard against the flesh of his palm and the sweet aroma of her arousal was thick in the air around them.

He could tell she was asleep by her soft, steady breathing, and he slowly moved his hand away and brought it to rest on her waist. Caleb took a deep breath of her heady scent again and his erection pushed against the confinement of his jeans. God, I want her. Images of her last night lying on the bed naked filled his mind. Her gentle stirrings in front of him brought his attention to the fact she would have to go back into the cell when Henderson and Trites came. He gave her a little nudge. The lightest push was all he need to do to wake her and she stiffened.

“Come on, time to wake up, I’ll make you something to eat,” he told her. After he had her untied and in the cold kitchen, his cell phone went off. “Yeah,” he said.

“It’s me,” Trites replied.

“Yeah, what do you want?”

“How did you make out in the storm last night?” Trites sounded curious and Caleb wondered why.

“Lost the power.”

“And Kitty?” The suspicious tone in his voice made it clear he was fishing to see if Caleb had done something to her.

“Kitty?” he asked and the girl cocked her head. Caleb realized this was the young woman’s name.

“Miss Callaghan.”

“I never touched her. She’s fine. I’m about to feed her.”

“Good, keep it that way. We’ll be out there after supper. Is there anything you need?”

“Beer and four sets of handcuffs,” he said and then hung up the phone. The girl stared at him. He could see she wanted to ask him questions just by the look on her face.

Without too much trouble, he tied her to the chair in the kitchen. This time he also tied her ankles to the legs. The way he was going through zip ties was ludicrous, the handcuffs would make things so much easier.

“Who are you working with?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m not about to tell you, Kitty,” he said, liking the way her name sounded. It suited her.

“What did you do with Gregory?”


“Yes, Gregory. He was with me when you took me.” She said it calmly.

“Don’t worry, he’ll live. Here eat this.” He handed her a sandwich and a glass of milk, then sat at the table across from her.

She nibbled on the sandwich as he drank his last beer. Kitty kept looking at him in an odd way and her gaze had a part of him stirring again.

“So why the name Kitty?”

“My grandmother called me it since I was a little girl.”

“What’s your real name?” He felt kind of stupid as she stared at him a little shocked. Here he’d kidnapped her and only knew her last name.

“Katarina Callaghan.” Her eyes twinkled a little.

The microwave beeped, making them both stare over at it.

“Looks like the power is back on. You want some coffee? I know I need one.” He stretched out his arms and stifled a yawn. The simple movement drew her gaze. He flexed the muscles in his arms, and her face glowed warmly as he caught her eyeing him over. He couldn’t help but smile.

He got up and made a pot of coffee and checked to make sure the heat was coming from the heaters.

“What’s your name?” Kitty asked.

“I’m not going to tell you,” he told her with a chuckle.

“What do I call you then?”

“You don’t. Look, we only have to wait until the banks open on Monday morning. Then I let you go after we have the money we want.” He said it, making it seem so simple, even though he realized this would be far from easy.

They sat quietly for about a half-hour and then she glanced up at him.

“What if I just give you what you want? Cut out the other guy and you can let me go.” Her eyes seemed hopeful.

“As tempting as that is, you don’t even know what it is I want.” He spoke the words before he caught himself and realized by the terror in her eyes she took it to mean the wrong thing.

“Look, Kitty, I’m not going to touch you or hurt you, but I will tell you I’m not really in this for the money.” What he told her was mostly true. He would be a complete liar if he didn’t want that kind of money. He also didn’t plan to touch her, but he wanted to.

For most of the day they played cards and she even laughed at a few of his stupid jokes. Caleb enjoyed himself and lost track of time. Soon the other two would be there and then everything could turn ugly once Trites found out about Kitty having seen his face. He was unsure now of what he would do about that.

“Kitty, you need to go downstairs now,” he said and her expression of fear was there again.

“Please, can’t I stay up here?”

“No, I’m sorry. Come on, let’s go.” He took her downstairs and put her into her small chain-link cage and tied her up. As he locked her in, the guilt flowed over him, but if the other two discovered her upstairs there would be trouble.

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