The Secret

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I never should've been there, but I was. I wasn't supposed to see anything, but I saw everything. I didn't mean to get caught, but you caught me. Now, you make my life a living hell, and I can't escape from it. WARNING : This book contains very disturbing situations, explicit sexual themes, dubious content, violence and strong language.

Erotica / Romance
Jessica Edwards
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My Darlings,

How I wish I could see both of your faces reading this letter. After recent events, I just wanted to reassure you that I am in fact still alive and living well.

I don’t blame you for worrying about me but a mere gunshot wound won't stop me. Sadly, I did not see the perpetrator that shot me. If I had, they would no longer be a part of this world.

I cannot believe it has been another month already. I hope you are both well, and spending every single penny I send your way. I want you both to know that I love you very much. Not a day goes by without me thinking about you and wondering what you’re doing. How I wish things were different.

I won’t tell you where I am, but what I can say is that I'm fine. As long as I keep my beautiful wife and daughter safe, then that's all that matters, but sadly I have feared the worst. I am being followed, but I know what I’m doing. Do not worry about me. My name isn’t Rabid ‘Bull’ Eye’ for nothing.

When my cover will be exposed, and it will, I won’t be able to protect you. I cannot protect you myself, but what I can do is pull a few strings. In the next month, you will have new neighbours. A man with three sons. How do I know this? One of the boys work for me, and no I will not tell you which one it is.

Remember, even though one of them is an informant for me, it does not mean you can speak to him. Do not associate yourself with either of the sons. Especially you, Maggie, they are dangerous people. Stay away from them. I beg you, my darling. Act as though you know nothing.

I love you both so much it hurts.

I pray that one day, we will meet again, and live a long and happy life together.

Be safe.

Until next month,


P.S. Maggie, your lesson for this month is Self Defence sessions. Vince will pick you up every day after school.

Under any circumstance, do not miss any sessions.

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