Claimed by the Mafia (Claimed by the Mafia #1)

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Chapter 8


It took an hour to arrive at our secret hideout.

I was far from fucking happy.

The place we would be staying in for the next couple of days was a shithole. It was a great place to hide if you wanted to lie-low, but it was a fucking dump to actually live inside. Every time I looked at this building, I couldn’t help but look at it in disgust. The things that happened behind those doors were unimaginable. From the outside, it just looked like a haunted old mansion, but that wasn’t it at all. It was hell. Maybe even worse.

I stepped out of the van and looked at Chen. “Get the girl.”

Chen does so without a complaint.

I walked inside the house and a musty, dank odor crept into my nose. Guards had already made themselves comfortable, but still, the house was dead silent, except for the intermittent creaks and moans. Black and brown mold decorated the ceiling in clusters, evident of rain seeping through the roof.

I entered the dark living room and sneered in disgust. The windows were covered with grime and dirt. The couches and chairs were all overturned, revealing deep grooves on the ground where they used to sit. Wallpaper lay curled up on the floor. Picture frames were hanging off centered, and a misplaced grand bookcase stood in the corner of the room.

Get me the fuck out of here.

I made my way back into the hallway, a slimmer of light coming from behind the door. I approached the open door of the bathroom. The single window was mildly dirty. Dust swirled around the room as I made my way inside. The medicine cabinet mirror lay shattered in pieces on the tile floor. Empty medicine bottles in the sink. The only sound that could be heard was the drip of the water coming from the tap. Looking closer, the water was a brownish concoction.

“This is taking the fucking piss.” I muttered to myself.

As I approached the bathtub, a disgusting odor made its way up my nose. Pinching the bridge of my nose, I leaned over and peered inside. Crusty rags filled the bathtub, and I could see movement coming from underneath the rags.

"Fucking gross." I uttered.

I arrived at the foot of the staircase. I stood and peered at the top. I couldn’t help but think what an absolute dump this place was. Why the fuck did we own it, anyway? We only ever used the place to torture people and dismembering them afterwards to send them off someplace else. I mean, how long were we expected to stay here? Days? Weeks? Months? Fuck knows. There was no chance in hell I was staying here for a week. I didn’t care if I got beaten until I was seconds away from death. I wasn’t staying here.

Kang walked up the stairs; head hanging low and stopped on the step beneath mine. “Please tell me we’re not staying here.”

I sighed. “Deal with it like the rest of us.”

“Are you serious?” He motioned at the house. “Look at this place, it’s a fucking dump.”

I pointed at him. “You’re the person who got us here in the first place. You should’ve kept your fucking mouth shut."

“What?” Kang asked with a frown.

“All of this would’ve been avoided if you hadn’t said anything, but because you love seeing the Boss grill into me, we’re stuck in this pile of shit house. It’s your fucking fault.”


I shoulder past Kang only to be met with Chen. “The girl? Where is she?”

“Relax.” He motioned to the rooms downstairs that are kept for the hostages. “She’s down there.”

“Is she still out?”

Chen nods. “Shì, (Yes) but I think she’ll wake up soon.”


At least now I won’t be bored.

I had something to keep me amused for the next few days and I couldn’t fucking wait.

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