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Chapter 10


For the last couple of hours, I had been sitting in the living room doing absolutely nothing. I napped, ate and kept tabs on my phone for my father to call. There had been no sign of him. We were all eagerly awaiting for our orders but knowing him, he was probably busy trying to track down the man who called himself, ‘The Bull.’ He'd been a pain in my father's ass for as long as I could remember. Li Wei would never rest until 'The Bull' was killed and buried six feet under.

Nǐ rènwéi fùqīn huì zuò shénme?” (What do you think father will do?) Chen asked as he looked outside the window, pondering.

I sighed and closed my eyes. “How the fuck should I know what father is thinking?”

Chen came down to keep me company about an hour ago. I wanted to be left alone. All he did was ask questions, and he hadn’t stopped asking about father and the girl. Who gave a fuck about the girl, anyway? I knew that I didn’t. Father was the one who got to decide what happened to her, not me. I didn’t make the decisions around here. Just because I was the oldest and will one day be the leader of The Black Dragons didn’t mean I had a say in anything. I still had to follow Li Wei’s orders just like everybody else.

“Yuta, I’m asking you as a brother.”

I slowly opened my eyes and peered at him. “What do you want me to say? That she’s going to have a happy ending?”

“Well, tā huì ma?” (Well, will she?) He asked.

I frowned. “Nǐ wèishéme zàihū?” (Why do you care?)

His voice rose. “Because she’s done nothing wrong!”

Chen had always been the quiet and kindest brother out of the three of us. He tended to stay far away from violence or anything like that. He did obey orders but I could tell that hated doing them. Kang and I were ruthless and obedient and did things without question, Chen was the opposite. When it comes to women being hostages, he’ll try anything just to have them released. It was the way he had always been and he was never going to change.

I closed my eyes again. “Brother, she saw us getting rid of a body. She saw something she shouldn’t have, and now, her life is in our hands. If you ask me, she’s not going to get out of this alive.”

That girl had two choices. She would either die or become a whore, but from what I'd seen already, she wasn’t going to spread her legs willingly to just anybody.

“Then, ask father to make her a whore or something.” Chen said.

He just didn't give up.

I opened my eyes and sat upright. “Chen, it’s not up to me, and besides she won’t make it as a whore because she’s far from obedient.”

He sighed. “I know, but knowing fathers decision, that girl is going to end up with a bullet between her eyes, and buried six feet under in some random farmers field."

“This isn’t our problem, brother.”


I cut him off. “Be quiet! I’m starting to get really pissed off with you.”

“Why?” He asked.

“You’re acting like she’s your fucking girl or something.”

He shook his head. “It’s just she’s a human being and she has a family.”

“Whatever our father says, goes. If he wants us to kill her, then we do it. End of.”

He scoffed. “That’s it? You’re just going to listen to everything father says? Even if it’s the wrong thing to do?”

I moved myself off from the couch and marched up to my brother. “What is your problem?”

He frowned. “Nǐ shénme yìsi?” (What do you mean?)

“What do I mean? I mean, what is it with you and this girl?” I ask, raising a brow.

He stuttered. “Nothing.”

“Then, if it’s nothing, let it go.”

Chen looked away.

I leant forward. “Father is the Dragon Head, you understand? If we don’t do the things he tells us, we either get punished or we die. There’s no in-between. Why is that so hard for you to understand?”

Before he has a chance to answer me, I hear footsteps and someone chuckling.

“S’up brothers!” Kang comes into the living area with a shit-eating grin on his face.

I move away from Chen and sit back on the dusty couch. “Where the fuck have you been?”

I noticed straight away that he’s cradling his hand. I don’t think much of it because he’s probably hurt his wrist from playing with his cock too much.

He smirked. “Where have I been?”

“Yeah, you’ve been gone a long time.” I muttered.

Kang shrugged.

I raise a brow. “I’ll ask you again, where have you been?”

“I was bored, so I went and found myself something to amuse me.” He said.

“Meaning?” I asked.

Kang grinned. “I went to play with our new toy.”

Chen scoffed. “Playing or fighting?”

Kang chuckled. “Both, actually. She’s fun. I like her. I hope father decides to make her a whore instead of killing her.”

I studied him carefully. “What did you do?”

Kang licked his lips. “I managed to get what I wanted, and I gotta tell you boys, she’s fucking delicious.”

It wasn’t a surprise that Kang had already made his move on the girl. He got bored pretty quickly. He’s pretty much fucked all the whores we had, so to have something new in his domain, it wouldn’t take long for him to make a move on her, but what surprised me was that she allowed Kang do it.

I pointed to the hand he was cradling. “I’m guessing she’s the one who did that.”

Kang brings up his injured hand and grunts. “Yeah, she can put up a pretty good fight.”

I chuckled.

Chen takes a step forward. “Did she want you to do whatever it was that you did?”

Kang smirked. “Are you serious? Fuck no.”

I shake my head. “So, you raped her.”

“I didn’t fuck her. I just had a taste.”

Chen’s nostrils flared. “That’s still rape, Kang. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Kang waved Chen off. “Who gives a shit? She’s ours to do what we want.”

While Chen marched up to Kang to lecture him about consent, I left the living room and walked upstairs to the area where the whores congregated. Thanks to my father, he had sent a couple of prostitutes our way to keep us…entertained. He probably knew this was going to be a long and boring experience for us.

In the room, the whores ranged from the early twenties to their late twenties. Some were blonde, others black, red, and brown. Their skin was different too. There were five asian, three black and four white women currently in the room, at our beck and call.

Taking the hand of the one closest to me, I pulled her into one of the empty bedrooms and sat down on the mattress and peeled back the covers. I shook my head when I saw that her skirt was way too big for her little frame. The top was rolled up at the waistband to avoid falling down. Her pink cotton panties were exposed to me. I gently trailed my fingertips up the outside of her leg from her ankles to her small thighs. Even the littlest contact causes my body to shudder and my dick to harden. She wasn’t the type of girl I’d usually go for. Her cheeks sank into her face and she had dark circles under her big brown eyes. But she was way too skinny. I liked a woman with tits and ass. Something to grab onto while my dick took care of business.

I peeled off her vest and threw it to the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She had small perfectly round tits, and it made me wonder how they’d look if she had more meat on her bones. She stopped my wayward thoughts as she slowly wrapped my tie around her small fist, pulling me to her. I opened my mouth, feeling her soft tongue press forward. I fisted her hair tightly, pulling her head to better accommodate my mouth. She moaned as I pulled her tighter to me. I used my hands and ran them down her sides, while she pushed my blazer from my shoulders. She showered kisses on my neck as her hands undid the buttons of my shirt. I undo my trousers and belt, pushing them and my underwear to the floor, then push her down on the mattress. Sliding my hands down her sides, I let my fingers run along the waist of her panties. I noticed a shiver go through her.

“Yuta.” She moaned.

“Stop talking.” I growled.

Her voice was all wrong

I grabbed her roughly by the hips and ripped off her underwear in one tug. I grabbed a foil packet from my trouser pocket, and with one hand, lifted her up and held the base of my dick with the other then pulled her down onto me. I bring my hands down to her hips then to her thighs. I gripped one in each hand and wrapped them around my waist. The position brings me deeper inside of her. I bury my face into her neck to keep myself from groaning out loud. The whore’s back arches as she stifles a moan. She pulls my hair roughly and guides my mouth back to hers. She breathes heavily as her head falls onto my shoulders. I touch every inch of her body and trail kisses lightly along her neck and up her jaw, but when I looked down at her, I immediately became soft.

What the fuck?

I looked down at my cock and frowned.

“Allow me.” The whore gets down onto her knees and straight away, puts me in her mouth but after a few seconds, it didn’t do anything for me.

I rose my head to the ceiling, close my eyes then look down, and gasped when I saw bright blue hair in front of me. When I grab a fistful of Maggie’s bright hair, I instantly become hard again.

I bring her to her feet, intending to fuck the shit out of her when disappointment courses through my body. It’s not the face I want to look at underneath me, and it wasn’t the right hair color I desperately wanted to run my hands through.

I dropped my hands and sat on the edge of the mattress. “Fuck.” I muttered.

“Is there a problem, sir?” The whore stuttered.

I tensed my jaw and glared at her. “Yeah, you. Get the fuck out.”

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