Claimed by the Mafia (Claimed by the Mafia #1)

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Chapter 14


He was right.

Someone did come.

But not one person.

Instead, two people came that night.


I was looking out the window when the door opened. The moment I heard the creak of the door, my heart began to race. I kept quiet and continued to stare out the window. That’s when I felt a pair of hands land on my hips. I recoil from the touch but the hands grip me tighter.

Breath, Maggie. Deep breathes.

The hands on my waist turn me around, and as I turn, I close my eyes to avoid seeing who it was that has come to visit me.

I grip his broad shoulders as he pulls me into him and covers my mouth with his. His tongue slides in, flicking mine as he moves strong and powerful, devouring me.

“Open your eyes.” He whispers.

I hesitate.

“Maggie.” He growls. He pushes his hand down the front of my underwear.

Ashamed, I lower my head when he finds that I am in fact wet with need.

“I won’t say it again, Maggie. Open your eyes and look at me.”


I knew who it was the moment I heard his footsteps approaching me. I didn’t need to open my eyes to know who it was. I knew just by his touch, his smell and even his presence to know that it was Yuta.

I slowly opened my eyes and gasped when I saw Yuta’s deep, black eyes staring back at me.


I stop myself from glaring at him, and stare back at him blankly. “Do your worst.”

He smirks. “Be careful what you wish for, Línjū." (Neighbour.)

His needy hands cover my skin, then slide down, cupping my ass while pulling me into him. I ignore the thick ridge of his member nudging my clit.

Within seconds, Yuta removes my dress shirt, picks me up effortlessly and wraps my legs around his waist. He stands in the center of the room, gripping my ass while at the same time kissing my neck all the way up to my jaw and to my lips.

As much as I hated every second of being alone with Yuta, I had to ignore every fighting instinct that was inside of me, and made sure to pass this test. If I didn't, I was done for.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and brushed my lips over his firm mouth. His lips don’t part under mine. If anything, he was stiff and unresponsive while I kissed him.

“What are you doing?” Yuta watches me with narrowed eyes.

Just submit.

“Kiss me.” I breathe as I press my mouth softly to his.

It will be over soon.

He jerked back in surprise, eyes narrow as he gazed at me. “Why aren’t you fighting me?”

I remained silent.

Saying something here could very well fuck things up for me more.

He thrusts his hands into my tangled hair and holds me against him. “What are you up to?”

Pulling his mouth down to mine, his kisses turn hungrier. I moaned as his hand cups my breast. He presses his mouth along my upper lip. Then my cheek. Then my jaw. “Answer me.”

By the time I pull up for air, we’re on the mattress together, myself pressed against his bare chest. He strokes my skin, then runs his knuckles up and down over my breastbone.

“Fight me.” Yuta’s attention turns to my breasts, and brushes his knuckles over my nipple. I gasp, feeling arousal bolt through my body.

“Maggie.” Yuta says, voice ragged. He lightly touches one with a fingertip and the nipple hardens and puckers at his touch.

I press my breasts against him and tuck my chin against his shoulder.

“Do you want this?” He murmurs into my ear.

My nipples harden in response, and I cling to him as he licks the tender skin of my neck, then goes to my ears and teases an earlobe with his tongue. By the time he returns to my neck a few moments later, I’m moaning with pleasure and rubbing my breasts against his chest.

“Fuck, I want you so bad.” His hands go to my ass, and he pulls me against him. I cry out when he takes a nipple into his mouth. His lips drag over my sensitive nipples, then press kisses to my stomach and then my pussy. I gasp as he holds my hips and puts his mouth directly on me. Looping my legs over his shoulders, he buries his face between my thighs.

“Oh, God.” I whimper.

Yuta begins to lick me. Long, slow, delicious licks right down the slick folds of my pussy. An unladylike squeal erupts from me as his tongue grazes my clit. He keeps on licking me with slow, steady, sensual motions that tell me he was enjoying this as much as I was.

“Stop!” I breathed.

Yuta growls and just laps harder.

I moan. “I’m coming.”

Yuta growls. “Come on my tongue.”

“Oooooh.” I moan as I come apart in the hardest orgasm I’ve ever had. Over and over, my pussy clenches as the orgasm rocks through me.

Yuta crawls over my body, showering gentle kisses here and there. A small whimper escapes my throat as he rises up over me. He runs a hand down my stomach and puts his hand on my thigh, urging me to spread my legs wider, I do so.

Yuta grabs me by my hips and pulls me toward him, but when I looked up at him, he was furious.

But not at me.

Someone else was here.

“Yuta! I told you not to fucking start without me.”

What the fuck?

I shoot my head up to see Kang standing just inside the room with a huge smile on his face.

“What the fuck are you doing in here?” Yuta snaps at his brother.

I suck in a breath, moved away from Yuta, and covered myself with my dress shirt.

Kang points at me. “I’m here to fuck her.”

“Get the fuck out!” Yuta orders.

Kang scoffs. “Did you honestly think you were going to have her all to yourself? Selfish much?”

“I thought we agreed that it was just going to be me and Chen?”

Kang ignored his brother and advanced towards me.

I take a couple of steps back, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Kang.

“Aw.” Kang pouted. “Is someone scared?”

Fuck you, pig.

“Don’t be scared, darling.” Kang scans my body and licks his lips. “I’ll take good care of you like the last time. I promise. Now, are you ready for round two, slut?”

Yuta remains still, his eyes narrow on Kang. From looking at his face, it didn’t look like he’s going to ask him to leave.

As Kang got undressed, it all suddenly dawned on what tonight is all about.

But could I do it?

My eyes shifted between the two brothers and realized the two of them were waiting for me. As much as I hated to put myself out like this, it was the only way to stay alive. If I didn’t do this, I’d die.

After shifting back and forth between the brothers, I swallowed my pride and shame and let the dress shirt fall to the ground. I slowly inched over to Kang. I come to a stop in front of Kang, and wrap my arms around his neck. In this position, I could easily break his neck. More than anything, I yearned to hear the crack of his bones shatter underneath my touch.

Kang chuckled. “Break it. I know you want to.” His fingers spread out over my back as his tongue surges inside my mouth.

I turn my head and look at Yuta to see him watching me with a predatory gleam in his eyes.

“Are you joining us or not?” I asked.

Yuta doesn’t move.

“Don’t be shy, brother. I mean, this wouldn’t be the first time you and I shared a whore.” Kang says with a smirk.

That word.


As much as I wanted to kick Kang’s ass for calling me that, I couldn’t. I had to stay true to my word. No violence.

“Does this turn you on, brother?” Kang says as he trails his hands up my stomach, but his question goes unanswered.

Kang leaned down and licked my nipple, a breathy gasp escaping my lips. I look down to see Kang’s jet black hair and his mouth on one of my breasts. He bites the nipple, then playfully nips it, before soothing the same area with his tongue.

Suddenly, I gasp in surprise when I feel a presence at my back. I look over my shoulder just in time to see Yuta taking a hold of my hair, and forcing my neck backwards to look at him.

“Do you like my brother touching you?” Yuta asks, placing his hand between my legs, and slowly sliding his fingers over my clit, but when I don’t answer him, he pinches the little nub.

“Answer me when I ask you a question.” He barked.

I nod repeatedly causing both brothers to growl.

“Open her up for me, brother.” Yuta ordered.

Kang chuckles as he takes my leg under his knee and lifts it, spreading it to the side, opening me for Yuta. I dig my nails into Kang’s neck and close my eyes as his brother covers my clit with his mouth.

“Oh, God!” I cry.

“Do you like my brother sucking on you?” Kang whispers in my ear as he groped my breasts with his hands.

I let out a groan, my back arching as Yuta’s tongue slid inside me. I feel Kang’s hand lower to my ass and slips between my legs, moving one of his fingers up and down my other entrance.

“Come on, Maggie.” Kang urges, raining soft kisses on my cheek. “Show me how much you like my brother eating your pussy.”

I whimper, feeling my clit hum with need. I roll my hips, gritting my teeth together as the orgasm gets closer and closer.

“Oh, shit!” I cry out, fisting Yuta’s hair, grinding and jerking as the orgasm spills over me.

“Good girl.” Kang breathes against my hair.

Without any time to recover, Yuta grabs a condom, ripping it open with his teeth, and slides it on the hard length of his cock. He pulls me into him, picking me up by the backs of my thighs and lifts me up effortlessly.

“Hold on to me.” He says to me softly.

I wrap my legs around Yuta’s waist, holding tightly onto his shoulders as I stare into his dark eyes.

“Are you ready?” He asks.

I didn’t have a chance to answer him because he positions his cock at my entrance and slowly slides inside me. Kang comes up behind, causing me to gasp when I feel his cock on my naked back. Yuta nestles my neck and slowly drops one of my legs to the ground just as Kang rubs his cock against my other entrance. I let out a breathy gasp, but wince as he pushes his head through.

I wince. “Ow!”

“Shhh.” Kang shushes in my ear as he reaches around to play with my clit. “Relax for me, Maggie.”

I whimpered.

“Can you do that?” He asks, kissing my cheek.

My heart jumps, and I gasp, feeling my clit throb harder. “I’ll try.”

Slowly, he sinks deeper inside of me, and as Yuta dives into my neck, sucking and kissing. It felt so wrong on so many levels, but I just couldn’t help but be turned on by his touch. Whereas Yuta was gentle, Kang was not. He shoves his cock inside of my tight entrance, forcing his way in, in one long thrust. He lets go of everything as he rams repeatedly inside of me, gripping my hips tightly.

I back into Kang’s cock, and feel the groan in his chest as he bends down to plant a kiss on my mouth. The two brothers go slow as they find a rhythm to move in and out of me at the same time.

“You okay?” Yuta asks, as he gently cups my cheek.

I nodded as I wrapped an arm around his neck, pulling him closer to me.

“Fuck.” Kang gasps behind me, squeezing my hips.

“Yuta.” I breathe hard, as Kang’s and Yuta’s thrusts grow more and more powerful.

“Does it hurt?” Yuta asks softly.

I shook my head.

Yuta captures my mouth and kisses me so hard that my whole body almost collapses to the ground. He then pulls away, leans his head back and pushes his cock back inside of me, working towards his own pleasure.

I bite my bottom lip as Kang starts to thrust harder, his cock slamming into my ass, when the orgasm comes out of nowhere and explodes, down my thighs, up to my back, and all over inside.

I freeze, letting it ride out, as the two brothers keep entering me again and again, the sensation causing me to roll my eyes into the back of my head. Yuta thrusts into me a few more times when he suddenly digs his fingers into my hips and comes.

“Shit.” Yuta chokes out, gasping for breath.

“Yuta.” I whisper.

He drops his damp forehead onto my shoulder and chuckles. “Fuck.”

Kang pulls me away from Yuta and lays me down onto the mattress. He then spreads my legs, and thrusts his cock inside of me. I arch my back and begin to moan only to have it covered with his own. He lays down on top of me, plastering his body to mine and brings both of my arms to rest above my head, holding them down. He fucks me hard and fast until he tenses and comes, filling the whole room with a loud groan.

After a few seconds he slowly pushes himself up, slides out of me and starts getting dressed without a word. Yuta does the same.

I look from Yuta to Kang and back again, hoping for either of them to tell me if I’d passed or not.

Did I fail?

Kang looks back at me, then leans into Yuta. “We were wrong. Looks like she can become a whore, after all, brother.”

As Kang leaves the room without a backward glance, I felt like screaming in horror.

One day he was going to get what’s coming to him, and when it happens, I’ll be laughing.

I swing my legs over the side and stand while watching Yuta do the buttons up of his white dress shirt. “Congratulations, you passed the test.” Yuta murmurs.

“What?” I gasp.

“You had a test tonight, and you passed.”

I don’t tell him that I already knew what would happen tonight and smile a small smile.

I stutter. “I passed?”

Yuta nods. “Don’t look so relieved.”


“You would’ve been better off dying.”

I looked at him, beyond perplexed.

Yuta shoulders past me. “Welcome to hell, whore.”

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