Claimed by the Mafia (Claimed by the Mafia #1)

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Chapter 15


When I leave Maggie’s room, I walk tiredly up the stairs and inwardly groan when I see Chen waiting for me at the top. I knew why he was waiting for me, and I knew what he wants to ask me.

Kāng sìhū hěn gāoxìng.(Kang seems very happy.)

“When isn’t Kang happy?” I murmur.

“When things don’t go his way.” Chen answers.

“Maybe that’s why he’s grown up the way he has because he’s always had his own way. He’s been such a spoilt little brat his whole life.”

“He has, hasn’t he...”

I cut him off. “Just ask me, Chen.”

Shénme?” (What?)

I come to stand in front of him and scowl down at him. “Let’s skip the small talk, shall we? Ask me what you’ve been desperate to ask all this time while you’ve been waiting.”

He frowns. “Wǒ bù míngbái nǐ zài shuō shénme.(I do not know what you’re talking about.)

“You don’t?”

He shakes his head. “Méiyǒu.” (No.)


I roll my eyes at him for being thick-skulled. “It looks like you got what you wanted, brother.”

“And what exactly did I want?” He asks.

“She passed, Chen.”

His eyes widen. “She passed the test?”

I nod. “Tā quèshí, shì de.” (She did, yes.)

He looks at me in amazement. “I honestly didn’t think she’d pass.”

Wèishéme nàme shuō?” (Why do you say that?)

He scoffs. “You’re joking me, right?”

I tilt my head to the side and squint my eyes at him.

“I mean, she’s the type of girl that can’t be tamed. She’s unlike any girl I’ve ever met, brother.”

I smirk. “Kang and I managed just fine.”

He smirks back. “I bet you did.”

I frown at him. “Speaking of which, where were you?”

He lowers his head and shakes his head. “Brother, you know group activities aren’t my thing. And anyway, Kang didn’t really give me a chance.”

I scoff. “What you mean to say is that you don’t like to share your women.”

“Exactly.” He looks up and stares me straight in the eyes. “I don’t.”

“But I thought you liked...what’s her name again?”


I click my fingers. “That’s right, Maggie! I thought you would’ve fucked her regardless if Kang and I was there.”

He grimaces. “I’d rather fuck a woman who actually likes me, not force her into sleeping with mt.”

“Where’s the fun in that?”

“There isn’t. I just don’t want to do things just because of who I am.”

I grab him by the shoulder and lean in. “Chen, they’re whores, hǎo de? (Alright?) They’re there for you to fuck. Anytime, anywhere.”

He watches me and listens to every word.

“And now that Maggie’s passed the test with flying colours, you can fuck her whenever you want, and she can’t do shit about it.” I grit my teeth.

He looks unsure at me.

I slap his shoulder hard. “She’ll be yours in no time, brother.”

When I pass him, I immediately drop my smile and continue to my shitty room when he says my name.


“I got your text, by the way.”

He’s only seen it now? I sent him a message ages ago.

“How did things go with dad?” Chen asks.

I swivel my body and look at him curiously. “Did you lose your phone or something?”

“No, I’ve been busy.”

I nod, not believing one word coming out of his mouth. “Understandable.”

“How is he?”

I put my hands in my pockets. “He’s still pissed and to be honest, I don’t fucking blame him. His cargo got stolen again.”

“What? That’s three times in one month.”

“That’s exactly what I said.”


Chen shakes his head. “Who the fuck’s doing it?”

I shrug because I’ve got no fucking idea.

“Yuta, this has never happened before.”

“I know. Father is getting sick of it because the person he thought was doing it, turned out it actually wasn’t.”

“Shit.” Chen says under his breath.

I walk back over to Chen and lower my voice. “Don’t tell Kang, but father thinks there’s a spy somewhere in this shithole of a place.”

He narrows his eyes. “Why does he think there’s a spy?”

He glares at me. “He thinks there’s a spy because how else is the cargo getting stolen?”

“It could be one of father’s enemies?”

I shake my head. “No. He thinks the new girl has got something to do with it.”

He looks taken aback. “Who? Maggie?”


“Why does father think she’s got something to do with the missing cargo?”

“Because she knew about father. There’s got to be someone here feeding her information about what’s going on on the outside, while someone in here is giving her information about this organisation. Things she shouldn’t fucking know.”

Another pause.

Chen thinks for a moment then widens his eyes. “I think I know who it might be.”

I squint my eyes. “You think? You don’t sound so sure, brother.”

“It has to be someone who’s always around her, and sees her on a daily basis, Zhèngquè de?" (Correct?)

“I guess?”

He brings up his index finger. “There’s only one person she sees, and that’s the guard who’s stationed outside her door.”

“Who? Hao?”


“The young guard?”

Chen nods. “It’s got to be him.”

I look unsure at him. “No, I don’t think it is.”

“I do.”


“Yuta, she doesn’t see anyone else except for us three, and I don’t think any of us would tell her anything.”

After a few minutes of thinking hard on whether or not Hao could be the culprit, I sigh in defeat when I’ve got no idea what to fucking think. All I know right now is that I’m tired and need a drink and a whore to keep me company.

“And what if he turns out to be innocent? Then what?”

Chen puts his hand firmly on my shoulder. “It’s him. He’s the spy. I’m certain of it, brother.”

I study his face for any sign of deception but I can’t read him. Instead, I yawn and grab my phone. “Fine, I’ll call father and tell him we’ve found the spy.”

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