Claimed by the Mafia (Claimed by the Mafia #1)

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Chapter 18


I come to with a thudding headache. My eyes close against the dull pain. The back of my skull throbs hurts like a bitch. I bite back a curse and move my hand to inspect the damage there, but it refuses to move. Something’s restraining my arms and legs. That’s when I notice, I’m tied up.

The violent hum of the electricity streaks through the air and assaults my battered head, calling forth a grimace of agony. A steady dripping echoes all around me, but it seems to come from a single source. Must be a runny tap, or a leak in the roof somewhere.

My lips are parched while hunger growls in my stomach. I crack open my eyes to better understand how deep in shit I truly am.

This was a dream. A nightmare. I’ll wake up any second.

I try my hardest to wrench my arms free and feel narrow straps dig into my flesh. I cry out in pain and keep battering at the straps with my forearms. The straps dig in in deeper and draws blood. My strength is beginning to ebb, and my tortured throat lets out a pathetic cry as I attack the bonds with the remainder of my strength. I will get free, I will. And I’ll escape from this hell hole. I thrust upwards with every muscle I have, and grit my teeth when the straps tighten around my form. I can feel the joints of the straps groan in strain as I push harder and harder. One of the straps pops out of its socket cleanly as a twisted arm. My teeth clench harder. A few more pushes, and I’ll be free.

“It seems our guest is awake.” Someone says from above me, his voice brimming with excitement.

I hear footsteps approaching and soft breathing next to me. The voice was gruff and raspy, all warmth behind it lacked any kind of compassion. This person did not like me. That much was clear.

A hard fist wrenches my head back, ripping out some of my hair in the process. I cry out as bright illumination worms its way into my eyes.

“It’s nice of you to join us.”

I close my eyes tightly and open them wide to see an old looking man standing above me. He shoves my head down and walks around to stand in front of me. When my eyes start to focus on the figure standing in front of me, my heart stops when I see who’s standing in front of me.

Li Wei.

I stifle a laugh when I take in the most feared man that has ever lived. I look at him from head to toe, and he looks like he could die at any second.

The years have definitely not been kind. “Maggie, isn’t it?”

I glare at him. “You know exactly who I am.”

Li Wei stares. “And you know who I am.”

“That’s right, I do. I know everything there is to know about you.”

He studies me with a watchful eye, then sighs. “I won’t keep you waiting, my dear.”

How considerate..

I tense my jaw. “Good.”

He puts his hands behind his back. “The reason you are here is simple. Who told you of my background? Are you a spy?"

I start laughing. Hysterically.

He frowns and looks at me as if I’m crazy. “Something funny?”

I ignore him and continue to laugh. He backhands me, the hardest I’ve ever been slapped before. “I said what’s so fucking funny!?”

Immediately, my cheek stings from the attack. “You know, you should never start hitting the victim because the head will get dizzy, and if that happens, I won’t be able to answer your questions.”

He scoffs in disgust. “Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“I thought you knew who I was?” I retort.

“Do you know who I am?”

I spit on the floor. “You’re just an old man. A man who hides behind his men. A coward.”

His nostrils flare as he strikes me again. “You’re playing with fire.”

“Maybe I want to get burned.”

“If you continue to speak in an ill manner towards me again, I’m going to start getting physical and don’t think that I’ll go easy on you just because you’re a woman.”

I shrug. “Go ahead. What you do to me couldn’t possibly be any worse than what’s been done already by your sons.”

“Why should I be held accountable for what my sons have done to you? You’re a whore. Have you forgotten that?”

“It’s hard not to forget when everyone keeps fucking telling me.”


“Who was the person that told you valuable information?”

I blink. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He sees straight through my answer and slaps me again. “I’ll ask you one more time, who was it?”

I remain silent.

His voice rises. “Please don’t keep quiet because it makes me think you have something to hide.”

“And if I did? What will you do to me then? Punch me? Kick me? Abuse me? Rape me? You’re wasting your time. You won't get anything out of me."

He growls. “You’re wasting my time by not telling me shit I want to know!”

“And I’m right here! I don’t know what you want from me.”

He gets straight to the questions. “Was it Hao who told you?”

“What? I don’t know who that is.”

"Liar!" Just as he brings his arm up to strike me, I shout. “I don’t know who Hao is! I've never come across that name."

“Then, who was it!?” He roars.

I debate with myself whether or not to tell him who told me about the life of Li Wei, and just when I decide that he doesn’t deserve to know, I change my mind and put him out of his misery.

Ever so slowly, a sly grin creeps on my face. “If you really must know, it was my father.”

He frowns. “Your father?”

Another pause.

“My father’s told me every little thing about you. Even tells me when you take a shit.”

“Who is your father?” He demands.

“I’m surprised a smart man like you doesn’t know who he is. Everybody knows who my father is.”

“Who is he?”

I smile to myself as I prepare to present one of my life lessons, the life and legacy of my father.

“My father is the youngest of four children. At age seven, my dad started stealing a loaf of bread every day from a corner store on his way to school, and after being caught by the store employee, he received a warning."

"What does this have anything to do with your father!"

I continue. "At thirteen, my dad joined a street gang. At an early age, he witnessed a group of men stealing his bicycle and went to fight the thieves himself. He was outnumbered, but my father could hold his own, even at thirteen. Men who were already Made from a different gang were watching from a cafe and saw my dad take on more than one person at once. As my father retrieved the bike, one of the Made men remarked on how he fought like a bull. That’s how he got nicknamed, ‘The Bull.’"

Li Wei's jaw drops.

"My father wasn't great at school because he suffered from dyslexia. He wasn’t promoted to fifth grade because of his poor scores. He was first arrested when he assaulted a policeman, then was later involved in mobbing people, looting banks and robbing shops.” I raise my eyes to look at him, and he’s watching me closely. “He’s been married twice before my mother. Weirdly, all three of them were models. Before he was introduced to contract killing, my father was a professional gambler. He started off with larceny, hijacking, racketeering and organising illegal poker games in clubs."

Li Wei growls. "I've heard enough!"

"In 1990, he committed his first murder; a man who was plotted to murder him. My father also started a construction business to earn good income but was later charged for double murder by a former associate. Once, he was even ordered to murder his own brother in law, but instead, he brutally beat him up. In 1992, he was ordered to murder a gangster and shot him in the head. A couple of months later, he was ordered to murder a cocaine dealer and shot him in broad daylight with no witnesses. He never got caught. Not even once.”

I finish and straight away I notice Li Wei looking a little worried? Seeing him so anxious made me want to smirk.

“I would continue but, I think I’ve said enough.”

“He’s a hitman. Your father.”

I smile proudly. “The best of the best.”

“Rabid ‘Bull’ Eye. I know exactly who he fucking is. Everyone knows who he is.”

“And he knows who you are. You should’ve killed me when you had the chance because you are next on his list."

“How do you know that if you haven’t spoken to your father?”

“There’s an informant here that works for my father. It’s someone very close to you.

“Who’s the informant!”′ Li Wei demands.

I scoff. "You killed Hao for nothing. Poor thing didn't have anything to with this."

Li Wei growls. “Tell me who the informant is or I’ll....!”

I cut him off by sighing. “You were married once, weren’t you?”

He gets taken aback by my question, and his face becomes expressionless.

Oops. Sore subject?

He squints his eyes. “What’s that got to do with anything?”

“I heard that your wife was a lovely lady. It was a shame to hear what happened to her.”

“Don’t talk about my wife.” He snaps.

“She was murdered, wasn’t she?” I ask even though I already know the answer.

He remains silent. “I take that as a yes.”

“You’re stepping on mighty thin ice here. Watch your tongue.”

“But I know something nobody else knows.”


“Something about my wife?”

I nod. “Between you and me, would you like me to tell you a secret?”

He does his best to figure me out, but he can try all he wants. He won’t be able to figure me out. No one can.

“If it’s about my wife, then yes.” He barks.

Another pause.

“Your wife was assassinated, wasn’t she?”

I don’t continue because he looks at me for a few seconds, then pales. It makes him look more like a rotting corpse.

“No.” He says through gritted teeth.

I start chuckling when I know that he’s figured it out. “My father was hired by an anonymous person to kill your wife.”

He hoists me up from the chair by the neck and spits. “What did you just fucking say!?”

I glare down at him. “My father’s the infamous hitman who shot your wife. Surprise motherfucker.” I say huskily.

He lets out a deafening roar and hurls me into a steel table. I recover and see that I’m bleeding from my nose and mouth. He marches over, grabs me to my feet and smashes me into the wall, causing me to slide to the floor. Li Wei stands over me, grabs me again and begins punching me across the face. Hard. He punches me again and again until someone bursts in, stopping Li Wei’s hits instantly.

Chen comes to his father’s side and pants. “Father!”

Tā shì shénme!?” (What is it?)

“We’re being attacked!”

“What!? Zěnme huì zhèyàng!” (How can this be!)

“I don’t know father! But it’s mayhem out here!”

Li Wei looks down at me as if pondering whether or not to kill me when shockingly he marches away towards the door. Gun in hand.

Chen waits for his father to leave, then runs towards me and helps me off the floor.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“It’s your lucky day.” Chen gets out a knife and cuts at my restraints. “Your dad has sent his men to come and get you.” He throws me a bulletproof vest and a holster to which I put on straight away. “I called him as soon as I left the other night, and he’s brought reinforcements.”

“I’ve got to say, my father’s got perfect timing.”

He hands me a loaded gun. “Ever used one of these before?”

I snort as I take it from him. “Who do you think I am? An amateur? Of course, I have.”

“Why does that turn me on?” Chen asks.

I point my gun at him, “Unless you want me to pull the trigger, be a good spy and get me the hell out of here.”

Chen smirks. “Yes, Ma’am.”

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