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~ BROKEN ~ Book 8 of the King & Queen Collection 👑 I don’t believe in all that “King and Queen” crap! No, because it’s just that- Crap! A load of crap-shit-excrement-turd-bollocks! CRAP! No man will ever be my King. Nope, they’re all whores! Man-whores who can’t keep “it” in their damn pants! Please, don’t leave big spoilers on reviews. Thanks in advance.

Erotica / Romance
Dembie Rose
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~ Jenna Amelia Leigh ~

“Mum, what’s wrong?”
When she turns her head and I see tears rolling down from her eyes. They’re wide when she realises that I’m stood there. I guess she didn’t hear me enter her room.

I came up here to see if she was okay. Normally she’d be in the kitchen cooking dinner for us coming home from school.
I had to bring Nathan home with me too. We had to walk, only because no one was there to pick us up.
It’s okay though, our school’s not that far from our home. And it’s a bonus Nathan’s school is next door to mine.
I also notice my Dad isn’t home either. So I’m kinda confused about what’s happening. Why is my mother in bits crying on her bed? Why does she have red eyes and a blotchy face?

“Are you okay, Mum?”
Her face twists to one of pain. So much pain is showing on her face right now it makes me swallow a lump down in my throat.

“Oh, Honey, it’s nothing I’m fine. I was just cutting onions for tea that’s all.”
My eyes go wide with hearing her excuse knowing she’s lying to me. She’s lying because there is no food prepared in the kitchen and she’s up here bawling her eyes out.

“Mum, you’re lying to me there’s no food out what’s going on? Why didn’t anyone come for us?”
Her eyes go wide and her body jolted; it’s like she’s just remembered she had to pick us up.

“Oh god. Sweetheart, I’m so sorry I totally forgot Oh god, I’m so sorry.”
She’s crying again so I sit on the bed beside her and hold her.

“It’s okay, we’re here now. Mu, please tell me. What’s going on? What’s happened? Where’s Dad?”

She pulls back when I ask her this and then she moves to sit up. Now she’s lifting her hands, gently holding the sides of my face. Yet what she tells me, is not what I was expecting to hear. Never in my life would I ever of expected this.

“Honey, I’m so sorry. I... We... I mean, your father and I, are getting a divorce.”
My eyes go wide once again, and then they fill with tears too.

“What, why. What did we do? Why?
I don’t understand mum.”
I’m panicking now wondering why she’s saying this why would they get a divorce.

“Oh, baby no. No, this wasn’t your fault.
We just, don’t think it’s a good idea to be, with each other anymore.
Your dad, he... I’m sorry honey, but he’s moved out because he has another family. He... Oh, god sweetie you have another sister. Your Dad had another child.”

“WHAT! No! No, he doesn’t! Don’t lie to me!
Mum, please tell me you’re lying!
He wouldn’t do that! Please, Mum, please tell me you’re lying!”
She’s shaking her head telling me she’s not lying.

“Mum, does he not love us anymore? Is that why he’s left us and had a new family? He doesn’t want us anymore?”

“Oh no. No, sweetheart. He loves you very much. He loves both of you he just fell in love with someone else. He just can’t be with me, but he loves you and Nathan very much, of course, he loves you.
Honey, your Dad and I... Well, I guess we both haven’t been happy for some time now. We both decided it’s time to separate, but he’s still your Dad.
Honey, you’ll still see him.”
I’m shaking my head now feeling so angry that he’d do this to me to us.

“No! No, I HATE HIM!
I don’t want to see him, EVER AGAIN! And I don’t want another SISTER!”
I end that by storming out the room away from her.

She attempts to pull me back, telling me to “Stop. We need to talk”, but I ignore her.
I run out of the house, and I kept on running until I was down by, the River Tyne.

I’d sat there for hours just crying feeling my heartbreaking. It broke knowing just with my Dad, didn’t want us anymore.
He didn’t love us he was cheating on my mother and he has a new family.
He must really hate us.

Well, I hate him now. I hate him, so much! No man will ever do that to me. I won’t ever allow anybody, to hurt me like this.

No one, ever again!
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