Royal Estrangement: The Royals Book II

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I think for the first time in my life I'm actually happy. It's sad to say, but I feel now more than ever that before this feisty blonde literally barged into my life, I was adrift in a sea of dreary melancholy. It seemed I was living my life without purpose, always chasing the next woman to fuck or the next memorable experience. Now that I've found Annie I never want to go back to the way it was-- the way I was.

Now so more than every now that she's carrying my child--our child.

I'm gonna be a dad.

I'm going to be a father--something I once dreaded, now it's something I want more than anything. It's also something I thought I'd never have but as I stroke Annie's hair as she kneels on the tile floor of the bathroom, leaning over the toilet and recovering from morning sickness, I know it's attainable. It seems like it's too good to be true. I have a beautiful, loving wife, who I care about more than anything, a baby on the way, and I'm next in line to be King.

It's safe to say I'm a bit suspicious, and now just of the usual suspects, but of everyone. I'm always anxious that someone is plotting against not only me, but my future. Annie is my life, she's my everything, and I have to protect her.

I would bet any amount of money that Annie thinks I'm being excessive, but I sadly am not. The Palace is a dangerous place; you never can be sure who is plotting against you and the ones you care about. You also can never know who is working for whom, or who has allied themselves to whom. It's a battlefield--a political one that can often turn deadly, and the last thing I want is to have Annie get hurt. I'm not sure I can survive anything happening to her, or our baby.

It's a new thing, but I love saying it. Our baby. Annie is carrying our child. It gives me that fuzzy feeling I used to experience around Annie before I knew it was called love. I love her, and I already love the little one growing inside her.

"Daniel," Annie croaks and it sets me on high alert--er… well higher alert than I'm normally on. I'm normally always on edge, but hearing her sound like that flips the "oh-my-gosh-what's-wrong-with-her" switch. It seems that switch has been flipped in the on position ever since I met her.

"I'm fine," she says, contradicting my thoughts completely, "really," she emphasizes.

I look at her and sigh. I'm about to open my mouth and let her know how I feel about that when her eyes widen and her mouth fills up. She grips the edge of the toilet bowl with a white-knuckled grip and empties the contents of her should-be-empty stomach. I love this kid, but they're really taking a toll on my wife at the moment and I hate to see it. I hate seeing her in pain like this, where I can do nothing to help her but hold her hair back away from her face.

"That's what I thought." I admonish playfully.

"Shut...up.." She groans between coughs and heaves, bringing a small smirk to my face despite the circumstances. I'm glad she still has her sharp wit.

I tug her hair lightly. "That isn't very respectful, Little American." I scold. It's more playfully than anything else, I'm giving her serious leeway considering her condition. I also don't want to do anything that could jeopardize the health of the baby. She's been for sure seeing a more laid back side of me when it comes to behavioral correction.

She rolls her eyes. "Well of course it was, I'm a little too preoccupied with this to focus on respect"

Once again, leeway.

But I'll say this, my little wife is going to be getting a hell of a spanking once the baby is born, that's for sure.

I sigh. You must remain patient, Daniel. Stay patient. Annie may think she's getting away with this, but I'll be keeping track, and she will one day pay the price for her attitude and disrespect. Of course, I will be lenient about certain things. She's going through hormonal changes and I must take that it account. I've already let her get away with a lot, and I will continue to be merciful and understanding since I'll never be able to feel and know exactly what she's going through.

Annie finishes releasing her guts in the toilet and wipes her mouth with a piece toilet paper before flushing and turning to me. "I'm okay, and I'm sorry I snapped at you. I know you're just trying to help and that wasn't fair."

I smile and grab her face before kissing her forehead. It was once an action I turned my nose at in disgust and confusion, now it's one of my favorite ways to show her how much I care. I can't see it, but I know she's smiling.

"It's alright, Little American. You're under a lot of stress. Growing another human being isn't easy."

She giggles and nods. "I know, it's exhausting. All I want to do is sleep."

I frown. "You're tired? How long has this been going on?" We are once again on higher alert.

Her blue eyes widen slightly before they turns back to normal. "Uh... I swear I'm fine--seriously. It's nothing to worry about, Daniel. Pregnant women get tired, it's just a normal thing that occurs. Like you said, I'm growing a whole other human being."

I stare at her for a moment, studying her face. She looks fine, but now that I notice it, she's got some dark circles under her eyes and her skin is a tad bit paler than usual, even with her flustered state causing her skin to flush, showing off her guilt.

"Annie," I know that when I say her name in this voice that it immediately snaps her to attention. She knows she's in trouble. "When were you going to tell me this?" I'm not happy that she didn't tell me, but I'm even more furious that she fainted before. I never want to see her that way, not to mention that it isn't healthy for the baby.

She sighs, clearly knowing she's in the wrong. "I know, I know. I should've told you. I'm sorry, but you've just been so wound up lately and I didn't want to give you anything else to worry about."

I purse my lips and place both palms on her cheeks, leaning down so our foreheads are touching. "I hate to break it to you, Little American, but I'm always going to worry about you and now I'm always going to worry about that little one inside you and any more that come after that." I see her smile and I can tell that's it's watery. "You have to promise me that you'll tell me everything from now on. You have to keep me updated because... I feel a little lost here." I admit to her.

She nods and sniffles and I know I've made her cry. It didn't take much for that to happen before the baby, but with the pregnancy hormones, it seems she cries at everything. Just yesterday she saw a flower in the royal garden and cried about it's beauty or something. I'm not sure, but I know it's a little crazy. It's also super adorable. I pulled her into a hug and she sobbed into my chest about how "pretty the yellow flower was".

"I know. I will tell you as much as I know." She holds out her pinky to me. "Pinky promise."

I melt and wrap my larger pinky around hers. She looks up at me with such love in her eyes and squeezes my pinky with hers and I know in that moment--if I didn't before-- that I will do everything in my power to keep this woman safe and by my side for the rest of my life.

As much as I hate it, I have to leave her. I can't be with her all the time; I have royal duties to attend to, but I left her in the care of Dr. Henrietta and my mother. I also sent a quick text to her mother, who's been sending me at least five baby articles a day since I gave her my number, to get the two future grandmothers together. My mother is excited to get to know Annie's mother so she's been all in a tizzy, constantly telling me how much she's looking forward to getting to know her extended family, now more so now that they live ten minutes outside the Palace walls.

I walk towards my father's study-- the one that will one day soon belong to me. He asked to meet once more about a trade deal between allied nations, the one I was trying to establish a few weeks ago when I was called with the message that Annie had fainted and dropped everything to go check on her. It's safe to say the deal didn't fall through, and it's been in dispute ever since so my father is stepping in to quell the unreasonable of the allies misdirected annoyance of my sudden absence. I was worried that he'd scold me, but my father actually nearly yelled at the foreign official who dared utter the assumption that this deal was of upmost importance-- more so than my wife fainting out of nowhere. Even after the news dropped the other day that she was pregnant, the man still didn't let up on the public criticism that I did the wrong thing.

It's safe to say that between my rage and my father's disgust that this official is in hot water. And I'm not even touching the public outcry and denunciation of the man who said a damn deal was more important than my wife.

How. Dare. He.

Thankfully the world had the same reaction that I did.

He's lucky we're even considering fixing and speaking more about this deal and not just dropping him and his nation completely. There are many people that are calling for his resignation.

I walk down the halls of the palace, reading updates on my phone. My inbox is filled with upcoming documents I need to look over and sign and fellow contracts between nations along with news articles. I try not to read the news-- I fucking hate it-- but I find myself glancing over articles more frequently now that news has broken of my wife's pregnancy. Some of the articles just make my laugh, and others frustrate me a little like the ones that criticize her size in literally anything she wears. She's 12 weeks pregnant and her bump isn't huge, but it's definitely visible when she doesn't wear baggy clothing, purposely trying to cover herself up. I can tell she's starting to get a little self-conscious about her body already, and it pisses me off how there are people out there writing articles with titles like

Is Princess Annie's Bump TOO big?


Princess Carrier! Baby Bump Watch! Pictures of Princess Annie's HUUUGE Bump

It pisses me off. I find myself scrolling through the article analyzing if my wife's baby bump is too large when I hear a sound that makes me stop in my tracks.

Heels clicking on tile. I recognize that gait, the thin stiletto, the weight shifting from foot to foot.

I grind my teeth and lift my head up to see the she-devil walking towards me with a wide smile on her face-- a fake as fuck smile. It doesn't reach her eyes. Well... it never does.

"Danny? Oh my gosh! I can't believe it's been weeks since I've seen you! So much has happened since."

I frown. "Yes. Not long enough, I'm afraid."

Her fake smile widens and that's when I know I've pissed her off. How come I always run into her in these halls? I think with a grunt. I'm going to have to find a different route to my father's office. I'm sure she knows this one, and I'm also sure that these 'accidental' aren't so accidental after all. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she waits around the corner until she hears my footsteps to start walking towards me with that practiced smile on her face. Ugh. I can't help but cringe.

"Now that it isn't very nice, Danny. I was only going to wish you congratulations on your wife's pregnancy. That's so wonderful!"

It's saccharine sweetness for sure. She don't fool me, not anymore.

I grind my teeth. "Don't call me that. It's Your Royal Highness to you." I say as evenly as I can. Between that bullshit article and this bullshit accidental encounter I've about hit my bullshit meter for the day and it sadly isn't even two o'clock. There's no need to put on face for her because she doesn't matter to me at all. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have important Royal business to take care of."

Vanessa frowns and says something I don't care to listen to as I push past her. I have to visit my father and I won't be distracted by a crazy whore like her, not when I have much more important things to do. After all, the sooner I can get this done, the sooner I can return to my wife.

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