Royal Estrangement: The Royals Book II

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Author's Note:

Thank you so so so much for reading! This series is honestly my pride and joy and I love to see all the comments and likes and reviews. I'm so glad you're enjoying my work as I want to publish it one day! My dream has always been to become a published author and if this series ever became a movie I would honestly die haha!

But anyway thank you so much. I love and appreciate you all so much and every day you encouraged me to keep going and helped me to become a better writer! <3

Please check out my other stuff while I work on the final installment of this series!

I also have plans to write about that mysterious brother too so keep a look out for that hehe!

Once again: Thank you so much!

This is not the end and the conclusion of the Royals series will be starting updates back up again soon! This isn't the end of Annie and Daniel's story! :))

- AngelinaSmith590 Xx

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