Royal Estrangement: The Royals Book II

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After I practically pushed Daniel away from me, I pulled up my pants and panties with a wince and ran into the bathroom, locking the door with a slam that was way too loud for even my liking. I lean against the door and wipe the tears from my face with my hands and take a calming breath. My ass throbs and burns and I decide to check out the damage in the mirror. I carefully peel the two pieces of fabric away from my heated backside with another wince and an added hiss. Daniel didn't go easy. My once light flesh is now tinted red and peppered in light reddish purple circular marks that I'm guessing match perfectly with the spoon. For the spanking I just endured, it feels worse than it actually looks. I fully expected large bruises, but I only see minimal bruising.

Daniel tries to turn the knob. He then sighs and then knocks when he discovers it's locked. I can't help but snicker. He hasn't changed a bit. "Little American? Open the door."

We've been here before, but this time I'm not going to fold so easily. I shake my head even though I know he can't see me. "No. I'm going to stay here for a while, you can just see yourself out."

He chuckles and I frown. "What's so funny?"

"You," he replies. "You think I'm going to be leaving this house without my wife? I'm afraid you're sorely mistaken, Little American."

"I'm not going anywhere with you, I think I've made that pretty darn clear." I snap. "Now, please show yourself out."

I hear him lean against the door and I assume he's resting his shoulder against it. "Annie, I'm serious. I won't leave here without you. You are coming back to Verilia with me. You're still my wife. I've tried to be nice, don't make me be the bad guy, here."

I can't help but snort and cross my arms over my chest. "What? This is you trying to be nice? Might I remind you that I have marks on my ass that prove otherwise! And I'm not making you do anything, Daniel!" I snap back, completely annoyed. If I wasn't ticked off already, then I sure as hell am now.

Daniel sighs and stays quiet for so long that I'm almost convinced he cut his losses and left. Then again, I know Daniel, and I also know that he's never cut his losses with anything. Ever. He clears his throat and speaks. "Fine. I guess I'm going to have to be the bad guy. You're going to be my wife again, you're going to fulfill the obligations you agreed to in the contract, and you're going to come back to Verilia as my royal bride." He grits out.

"Oh, I am?" I mock him.

"You will. Or else your friend won't just lose her job, I'll have her thrown in jail for theft and I'll throw you in there too right along beside her--And if that isn't enough to convince you, I'll sue you and your entire family for emotional and legal damages with the contract you broke. I wonder how your family would fare against a royal lawsuit? I wonder how long your mother's nursing salary or your father's police job will keep food on your table when I take everything they've made and ever will make?"

If my jaw could detach and hit the floor, I'm sure it would have. Aline? Mom? Dad? What about Max? Would Daniel really hurt them like that without a second thought? Is he truly that cruel? My decision is made for me even before he finished his threats. Aline wouldn't survive in prison, and what of her mother? She depends on Aline's salary to pay for her medical care. And my family? They would never be able to survive such a public and expensive lawsuit. I don't have a choice. Daniel's won. Again. Once again he's beaten me. Of course, I could retaliate and do the same thing, but I wouldn't win. Even if I exposed him, I'm sure the royal family would spin it where all the hate would fall on me, and not to mention all the expenses. It wouldn't be probable.

Even though this was my train of thought, the words I blurt out are nothing I ever wanted to say aloud. "You're an asshole, you know that? I love you and you're acting like a real jackass. Two can play at this game, Master. I'll expose you for all your sick twisted depravities. Everyone will know what you're into, I'll spare no details."

Daniel just chuckles. "Remember when I said you should have read that contract, Little American? Well inside it was a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which means if you speak a single word of what we've done... I'll sue you anyway."


He roars in laughter. "Shit is right, Little American Annie. You practically sold your soul to me without even knowing it." I didn't realize I said that out loud.

I can practically hear the twisted grin in his voice. "Now, if you come out of the bathroom I'll forgive you calling me a jackass and an asshole." I have no choice, I open put my pants and panties back into place and then open the door with a glare. Sure enough, that smug, triumphant smile I imagined it sitting right there on his face. "Good girl. Now, you might want to pack, we have a plane to catch."

And that's how I ended up sitting on a pillow in a private jet seat, traveling over the Atlantic Ocean. Even with the white pillow embroidered with a golden W under my tender rear end, I still can't help but shift and switch positions. My ass really hurts and the pain and embarrassment isn't helped by my husband who keeps looking over and smirking at me. What a bastard. This entire day very much reminds me of the first time he ever spanked me and I don't know how I feel about that. It's nostalgic of our trip to the market where I had to sit in his car on a sore butt, which is an unpleasant memory, but it also reminds me of the rest of that day, the day I'm very much calling our first date. Which is once again... kind of deplorable and pathetic above anything else.

The rest of the day passed by in much of a blur. I had to completely lie to my parents and tell them that Daniel confessed his love to me and that I'm going back there to live a happy royal life with him. Of course, they were skeptical, but once Daniel laid on that royal charm, they were once again hooked. It's kind of scary how well he can manipulate people, actually. I suppose it's a skill he's going to need if he wants to be a good ruler. Daniel is going to need to know exactly what to say and when to say it if he wants to effectively rule Verilia. I have no doubt that he can do it. I meant what I said in my letter; Daniel is going to make an excellent King. He goes after whatever he wants and he never lets up, but I've also seen his sweet side, the side that remembered my favorite dog breed or surprised me with a visit from my parents, and I know that side will help him be both a dependent and merciful leader.

My phone pings in my lap, taking me out of my thoughts, and I look down and read a text notification from Aline.

Aline: He did it again, didn't he?

I frown and type out a response.

Me: Huh?

She sends an eyeroll emoji and I can't help but sigh. I'm about to type out another response when she sends another text.

Aline: are currently on airplane to Verilia so either this man fell on his knees or used threats

Me: ...


Daniel leans over in his seat and I quickly shut my phone off. No need for him to see my best friend literally threatening the life of my husband-- who is also a royal. Saying it out loud is one thing, but literally writing it out? That's a no go and I make a mental note to erase the messages. My phone screen lights up again; I see a new text notification. This one is from William, and since Daniel's currently still not-so-subtly looking over my shoulder, I flip the phone over so it's laying screen down on my lap.

Daniel raises a brow. "What's going on?"

I bite my lower lip. "Uh, just a text from my friend." It's not entirely a lie, I did get a text from Aline earlier.

His dark eyes narrow, and he doesn't even have to say another word before I begin digging the hole deeper for myself. "Aline is asking when I land cause she wants to see me."

Daniel's lips flatten into a grim line and I know I'm screwed. "It is, huh?" He says in a tone that suggests, not only does he know the text wasn't from Aline, but also that he's angry I didn't tell him the truth. I like to call it his "Dom" voice.

I know I'm in dangerous territory here, my ass is already smarting from earlier, so lying and evading his questions aren't a good idea. Too bad I'm too far into this. And another thing, I'm not going to make any of this easy for him. I might be his wife, but I'm not his lover, and he sure as hell isn't mine. This is all a transaction. Daniel doesn't love me. Sadly, I still love him, but that's something I'm just going to have to get over.

At the moment, I'm feeling nasty. I want to hurt him, and I know exactly how. With an air of confidence, and even I can admit, a little arrogance, I lift my phone where he can clearly see it and read the text from William.

William: Annie, are you okay? I heard the news. You're actually coming back to Verilia with him? What happened? I'm worried.

I can't help but smile. William is a very good friend. Plus, his presence pisses off Daniel, so it's a win-win. I'm momentarily taken aback by my nefarious thoughts an actions. Damn, I'm nasty today. I suppose a sore ass and a broken heart will do that to a girl.

I type out a response.

Me: Yeah. I'm okay. And yes, I am coming back. Daniel won. I will see you soon.

Daniel snorts and crosses his arms over his chest like a petulant child, but otherwise says nothing. This is surprising to me, so I just keep looking at my phone and the little dots that show William is typing.

William: I'm sorry. We can talk about it in person when we both get back. I'm on the next plane out of New York. Want to have a lunch meet--

Before I can read the rest of the text Daniel grabs the phone out of my hand and powers it off before putting it into the pocket of his blazer.

"Hey! Give me back my phone, Daniel." I try to reach into his pocket, but it's on the far side, and he simply grabs my hand and pins it to the plush armrest of the leather seat.

He shakes his head. "No. I don't like you texting him. You aren't allowed to text him."

My mouth hangs open. "You can't dictate who I can and cannot talk to!"

"Yes, I can. And I have. No more talking to Lord Morburn. I do not like him. He's a shady character--has been since we were children. I mean it, Little American, I do not trust him being around you." He looks into my eyes with such intense emotion and emphasizes his words with a light squeeze of my wrist.

At first I was pissed that Daniel was banning me from seeing and speaking to William because he was just being an ass, but now... now I'm torn. The way he spoke, the look in his eyes, made it seem like he wasn't just jealous, but worried. Daniel seems worried and wary of William and just wants to keep me safe.

For someone who says he doesn't love me...

I don't even finish that thought, I'm too confused.

"Funny, he said the same thing about you." I say back in a voice that holds somewhat of a challenge.

Instead of rising to my obvious bait, Daniel just sighs. "That is not surprising to me. He's been blaming me and trying to sully my reputation since we were children. I have never trusted him, and I never will-- especially with you. He's too unpredictable."

I stay quiet for a moment, thinking over what I want to say. There is one thing I want to be sure I mention.

"Wait...Do you think William is going to hurt me?"

Daniel stares into my eyes for a couple beats then his brows furrow and he looks past my face to the window as he speaks. "I would be a fool to underestimate him."

I'm stunned into silence when Daniel continues speaking.

"The palace can be a dangerous place, especially now that it's time to pick a new King, and one can never be too careful. Friend becomes foe and foe becomes ally. The closer we get to coronation... the more dangerous it will become." He turns his gaze back to me. "That is why you must always follow my lead, and stay close. Do you understand me, Little American?"

Fearing the loss of my voice, I can only nod. My mouth feels so dry that I fear real words would just sound like strangled wheezes and voice cracks so I nod my head like crazy.

Daniel smiles. It's a small smile, but it warms my heart to no end and I curse myself for letting it happen. No matter how hard I try, or how much of an ass this man acts like, I still can't bring myself to hate him, or fall out of love with him. He doesn't know how lucky he is. I'm hopelessly head over heels and I fear I'll never be the same again.

Then he says those two words, the two words that I should be reeling in offense at, and I'm lost.

"Good girl."

My whole body heats and flushes with that warm fuzzy feeling and it only worsens when he releases my wrist and brings my hand up to his mouth. Daniel places a soft kiss on the spot his thumb was applying pressure, completely unaware that my entire body is alight with happiness and butterflies at his simple action.

I am so screwed.

Daniel nods once before going back to the classic book he was reading. "You should get some rest, we'll be landing shortly."

I fight the urge to roll my eyes. Only my husband can make a suggestion sound more like a command, and since my ass still stings and throbs and I'm tired, I decide it's one I'm definitely inclined to follow.

I lean my head against the window and close my eyes. I must have been completely exhausted, because within mere minutes, sleep overtakes me and the sound of the Airplane engine and Daniel occasionally flipping the pages of his novel lulls me to slumber.


Yes, you read that right. Prince Daniel Windsor I has just boarded his private plane from New York City to Verilia and his sweet wife, Princess Annie I was seen tagging along right behind him. Here at The Digest... we have mixed feelings. Half of us are scratching our heads and the other half are jumping for joy looking back on old Royal Wedding photos and jumping on #Dannie.

But since this is my article, and I fall into the scratching heads category... I'm here to warn you. Things (at least to me) are a little fishy. I'm still not completely convinced everything is all "goody-goody" as the Americans say. There are a lot of factors here at play. Like, for example: Why didn't Prince Daniel follow Princess Annie to NYC sooner? The official royal statement said it was because he had work to do but... I am still unconvinced. And vacation? I don't think The Princess was vacationing. One of the theories was that Her Royal Highness has fell pregnant and traveled to see her family to tell them the news in person but I don't think that is true. Sure, we've been on #BumpPatrol since they wed, but so far I'm seeing no evidence to support a royal baby, so you all can stop guessing names and genders. Besides, we all know it will be Claire if it's a girl and Richard if a boy.

But back to my original point... I think Princess Annie had other things in mind, but whatever they were, it seems it doesn't matter anymore since the beloved Princess is on her way back home.

Or... was she already home?


The Prince and Princess have just landed back home in Verilia and can I be the first to say...


I might not be the biggest #Dannie shipper out there but... even I can admit that seeing Princess Annie fast asleep in Prince Daniel's arms is too damn adorable! I've had my doubts about the troublemaker Prince, but can I just say how absolutely endearing it is to see him carrying his sleepy wife off the plane and taking great care to rest her in the back seat of their awaiting town car? I may not be the Prince's biggest fan, but I can say this with confidence: At least with me, he's won some serious brownie points. Is there hope for the past playboy supposedly turned domestic?

For the sake of the darling Princess Annie... I sure as hell hope so.

Now that the royals are back home at the palace, we here at The Digest are anxious to see what comes next for the obvious power couple. We're hoping Princess Annie will resume her charity work and we hope to see more public appearances from them in the future.

#RoyalBaby anyone?

We will update you as we have any new or interesting information and don't forget to subscribe to THE VERILIAN DIGEST for all your news, gossip, and more!

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