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"Walking down the street I saw him lying there helpless with no one to help him." Clara never thought an unfortunate accident she witnessed would change her life so much. Easton being the man of every girls dream had no problem getting anyone he wanted. That is unless his eyes landed on Clara, the mysterious girl who saved him only to never cross paths. Will the two of them meet again? I groaned as his arms were wrapped around me. Waking up and finding us like this was something I could get used to thought Clara. If only she knew what the future had for her. The story is NOT EDITED so please ignore or tell me in the comments section if there is any mistake.

Erotica / Romance
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1] The Night Of The Accident

Clara's POV

"I don't wanna leave so early" said Candy. She's been my best friend since we learned to walk. Our mothers were best friends too and like any clichéd pair, they both were pregnant at the same time.

"You're way too drunk to make that decision Candy." said Cole, her boyfriend. Cole is a really nice guy and he loves Candy from the bottom of his heart. "I'll be taking her with me now. Are you sure you don't want to tag along Clara? I can take you home. It's pretty late for you to walk home alone."

"I'll be fine Cole. Besides, I live 2 blocks away. Some fresh air will be good for me right now." And with that I left Shay's bar.

I am 22 years old and currently working as an undergrad in the biggest firm in Los Angeles. Just got out of a 2 year long relationship with Liam, my childhood crush. He ended things with me without any explanations. As I was reaching near my apartment, I saw a man, brown husky hair, about 6 feet tall covered in blood lying on the footpath. Looking at his build and his silhouette, one could certainly say he wasn't some homeless drunk, covered in blood because of a slipping accident. Someone definitely did this to him.

"Hey, what happened to you?" I asked while checking for his pulse.

His eyes slowly tried to open and he said "I-I hit" and he fell unconscious. I quickly called 911 and used my scarf to stop the bleeding from his stomach.


They took the man immediately to the OT (operation theatre) and in the meantime I decided to contact his family members. Out of all the stuff that was handed over to me before they took him to the OT, I found his ID in his wallet. The name was 'Easton Wood', he was 25 years old. There was also a business card which read 'Easton Law Firm' It didn't take me long enough to know that he was the owner of THE Easton Law Firm. Only the best firm in New York! I opened his phone and dialed the contact named as Mom. But there wasn't any answer. I tried the contact named as Dad, but no answer as well.

Right about then, the light of the OT turned from green to red signalling that the operation was done. As the doctor came out, he said "We took care of all the injuries the man suffered. If it wasn't for you, he may not be alive today. He'll wake up in about an hour or so. Since it's so late you can either stay with him or go home and we'll send a nurse to take his care. You can meet him now."

As I was debating with myself whether I should stay with the man I barely know or go home and just feel satisfied that I saved a life today, I entered his room. He was lying there peacefully like an angel. If I knew any better, I'd say that girls must be dying to get to know him, yet here I am, meeting this complete handsome stranger under the worst circumstances. What is gotten into me? Why can't I control the urge to roam my fingers through his brown curly hair? As I was thinking about distancing myself as farther away from this man as possible, I felt his hand trying to grab mine. When I looked down, I saw his deep brown eyes, trying to meet mine, and as soon as they did, a small, innocent smile formed on his lips.

"W-water" he said.

I gave him a glass of water as I helped him in sitting up. After he finished drinking he said "What happened to me?" And I narrated him the whole story of how I found him lying on the street covered in blood. As he listened to the story, something snapped in him, as if he remembered something, something painful.

I didn't ask how he got into that situation assuming he must be tired and I shouldn't stress him out. He tried to get out of the bed but I stopped him and forced him to lie down. I called for the nurse and decided that it was better for me to distance myself from this man, as far away as possible. Not because he wasn't my type, because he didn't look the type to fall for the looks of me. I made my way to my home from the hospital.

When I reached home, I got out of my clothes and decided to call it a night as I reached my bed. As soon as my head hit the my pillow, I couldn't help but think about him. Easton Wood, the mysterious stranger whom I met in the most unfortunate circumstances. It was going to be hard to keep his thoughts away from my mind.


Easton's POV

Who was that girl? And why does it feel like I've known her all my life? Just when I thought that everything was going smoothly, I ran into this accident. The nurse came to check in on me and all I could ask her was "Where's the woman who was here a while ago?" The nurse said "She left few minutes ago sir. Here are all your belongings."

"Did she leave any no. Or contact or even her name?"

"I am afraid not sir."

And with that, I was left wondering who this girl was. Hoping to meet her tomorrow, I tried to relax my body and went to sleep.

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