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A book of Erotic Romance short stories. ****Please do not read unless you are 18+ as this book will include sex/steamy scenes. I don't want to be responsible for anyone to read something they aren't supposed to read.****

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Sexy Santa

It is two weeks until Christmas. I am in the living room watching Hallmark Christmas movies while setting up our Christmas tree. Cole and I aren’t the types of people that like to decorate a month or two before the occasion. While I’m setting the tree up Cole walks out into our shed and grabs the Christmas decorations.

He helps me string the lights and garland around the tree and we both start putting ornaments on.

“Hey, Iris!” Cole calls to me from one side of the room.

I looked over at Cole who had taken two ornaments and put them between his legs as if he had jingle balls. If that were his balls then they would definitely be in the Christmas spirit.

We finished decorating the tree as we sat down on the couch with the lights down low, sipping on hot chocolate, and watching the lights of the tree dance across the ceiling of our living room. We enjoy the Christmas movie marathon that was playing on the Hallmark channel.

Cole begins slowly kissing me on the nape of my neck while slowly breathing his hot breath on me. He begins fondling my breasts over the top of my Christmas sweater slowly making his way down to my intimate area. He caresses my face pulling me close and kisses me passionately with his tongue entering into my mouth with every kiss.

After the fondling and kissing subsided I thought he would take it to the next level. Instead, he looked me in the eyes and whispered: “not yet baby.”

I walked into the next room to fetch a blanket so we could finish our movie but also snuggle up to each other and keep warm. When I walked back into the living room Cole was sound asleep on the couch snoring like a motorboat.

As the days grew closer to Christmas day the sexual teasing became more frequent. I could hardly contain my urge to make love to the man I could see myself marrying. I was determined to make Christmas the day that we would finally have sex with each other for the first time.

I searched through different online stores trying to find me a cute but sexy elf costume. When I found the one that I wanted I ordered it and had it sent via express mail to guarantee the arrival before the holiday.

I went out and bought Cole’s favorite meal to make to lighten the mood. I even picked up some new makeup for myself. Cole hadn’t really seen me in makeup before. He always thought that my natural beauty shined through and I really didn’t have the need for the “mud” as he called it.

As the days went by I would mark them off on the calendar.

Finally, it was Christmas eve. I spent the entire evening watching Christmas movies with Cole and visiting our families for their Christmas dinners.

After Cole had fallen asleep I had taken the costume that I had ordered and tried it on. My breasts were bulging out of the top of the costume and my butt cheeks were hanging out of the bottom side of the costume. But it didn’t matter. I had definitely stepped out of my comfort zone but it didn’t matter because Cole would be the only one to see me half-dressed.

I slipped the costume back off and hid it in the top drawer of my dresser and laid down for bed. The entire night I could hardly sleep and my heart would begin to beat out of my chest. Although we had been dating for about three years I hadn’t once seen him naked nor had he seen me nude.

The next morning the sun was shining through my sheer curtains as I could hear the beat of Christmas music coming from the living room. I put on my elf costume and walked in to see what Cole was up to.

When I entered the front room Cole was doing a sexy dance to the Christmas music wearing only a Santa hat and a suede and faux fur Santa boxers. He jumped back in surprise when he saw me enter the room only dressed half-nakedly.

“Wow, I didn’t know you were standing there watching me. And an even bigger wow to what you are wearing. That looks sexy as hell.” He beamed as his eyes were scanning my body head to toe. He came over to where I was standing and picked me up and wrapped my legs around his muscular frame while kissing me with such fervent heat. He then put me down on the couch and sat beside me.

“Tonight we are going out to dinner. We haven’t had a date night in a while and I want us to do something really special with each other tonight. I am about to leave to go to Derek’s house. I will take my attire with me and change there. I want you to wear that pretty white lace dress that you haven’t worn since our first date. I will be back to pick you up around eight.”

He gave me a peck on the cheek before he walked out of the room to gather his clothes for our date night. I had no idea what he had planned for us but I was excited to find out. Everything that I had planned the night before about being naughty and trying to get him to want me had been pushed back into the depths of my mind. Maybe he wasn’t ready for that kind of thing yet. Maybe there was a deeper reason why we had been together for so long but hadn’t gotten to know each other sexually.

I gave him one last kiss before he left to go to his brother’s house until he would come and pick me up for our date night. I walked into the bedroom and reached into the back of the closet for the dress he wanted me to wear. I walked into the kitchen to make myself some breakfast and watch a romance movie until it was time to get dressed.

About two hours before Cole is supposed to arrive back at the house I walked into the bathroom and began curling my golden locks. After my hair held bouncing curls, I put a little foundation, eye shadow, and mascara on to doll my face up just a little. I slipped into my little white dress and grabbed my pink clutch handbag. The doorbell rang as I was walking my way to the front room. I opened the door to see Cole standing in front of me holding a bouquet of red roses dressed in a black suit and white shirt with a red silk tie.

He handed me the roses and gave me a peck on the cheek as he held out his arm for me to lock mine into and escorted me to the chariot that awaited us. He opened the door for me and helped me inside before shutting the door and going over to the drivers’ side. The drive to the restaurant was met with silence. When we arrived he opened the door for me and escorted me inside the restaurant. He gave his name to the waitress which then escorted us to our table. The restaurant was playing soft jazz music in the background underneath all of the voices that were talking.

The waitress came back to take our order. I ordered a well-done steak with a side of roasted potatoes and broccoli and cheese. Cole ordered oven-baked ribs, baked potato, and a side salad. We ordered water with lemon to drink with champagne to drink a little later.

Cole looked me in the eyes. I could see perspiration appear on his forehead. I wasn’t sure why he was starting to sweat. It wasn’t exactly warm in the restaurant. In fact, it was the complete opposite. He took my right hand in his and placed a gentle kiss upon the top of it. Under the table, I could feel his knees slightly shaking while they were brushing up against mine. Cole seemed nervous and I wasn’t sure exactly why.

The waitress brought our meal to us and we slowly began to eat. We didn’t really make any eye contact while we ate nor did we really say a word to each other. We just ate in silence.

After we had finished our meal Cole had asked the waitress to bring us a brownie delight for dessert and poured us each a glass of champagne. He looked me in the eyes before starting a long speech that I could tell he had been preparing for.

“My dear Iris. The moment I first set my eyes on you I could see that you were the most beautiful woman I would ever have the privilege of meeting. Not only on the outside but on the inside. You have a beautiful heart to match that beautiful face of yours. You would do anything to help anyone in need. Not many people can say they would actually do the same. I am a lucky man to have fallen in love with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

He then got on one knee on the floor of the restaurant and pulled a little black velvet box out of his jacket.

“Iris, will you marry me?”

Tears began forming in my eyes and started to fall from my tear ducts.

“YES!” I exclaimed as he stood up and I embraced him into a big hug before he put the ring on my finger and locked his lips with mine.

“I was hoping you would say that.” He chuckled as he wiped the tiny droplets that had formed on his forehead.

It all made sense now why he went to his brother’s house. He must have had this planned out for quite a while and wanted to surprise me. After all, we did meet each other a few years earlier only a couple of days before Christmas.

We indulged in our sweet dessert and finished off the rest of our champagne before we went back home to spend our first night as an engaged couple. The man that I always wanted to make mine would finally be mine in just a short time frame.

I now needed to start making plans for our wedding and honeymoon. But when we arrived back home Cole had a whole other surprise waiting for me there.

We walked into the door and he had shut the door behind us and locked it. He then began kissing me ever so gently but passionately weaving his tongue in and out of my mouth with every kiss. He unzipped my dress letting it fall to the floor.

I unbuttoned his jacket and laid it across the couch and unbuttoned his shirt throwing it onto the floor while grabbing his abs and kissing him hard. He scooped me up into his arms and carried me into the bedroom. He laid me gently on the bed before running his hand from the bottom of my leg up to my bra while unbuttoning it and throwing it on the floor of the bedroom. He kissed my lips while slowly moving down the length of my neck to my breasts and playfully biting on my nipples.

I unbuckled Cole’s belt and unbuttoned his pants allowing his pants to fall freely to the floor. He got back up on the bed with his body just above mine. He began kissing me passionately again before slipping my panties off exposing my intimate area. With his body hovering over me I slipped his boxers off exposing his manly member.

He started kissing me once more weaving his tongue in and out of my mouth and his with every kiss and then slowly started making his way down. He kissed my neck, made his way down to my nipples, kissed my stomach before kissing my thighs. I playfully teased him while grabbing the shaft of his penis and running my hands slowly up and down the length of it.

He then easily entered his penis into the depth of my vagina while looking my body up and down. We took in each other’s nakedness. We admired just how beautiful each other truly was at that moment.

My vagina grew tingly with pleasure as his member filled my area with euphoria. It was nothing like I would have ever dreamt of. The feeling of him inside of me and us becoming as one person was more special than I could have ever dreamt of. The timing was perfect and couldn’t have been better. The dinner, the proposal, and now giving our bodies to each other.

Finally, I could feel his member contracting as his juices had filled the depths of my vagina. He pulled out slowly and wiped our juices off of his member before asking me to take a shower with him.

When we entered the shower Cole washed my hair and back. He pulled me close to him and embraced me into an intimate hug. I washed his back for him. We got out of the shower and put on a robe before going back into the living room to watch a movie together.

“You are so amazing. This night has been the best night of my entire life. You really know how to make a girl feel special.” I whispered to him before putting my hands on either side of his face and giving him an intimate kiss on his lips.

I walked into the kitchen to make us a cup of hot cocoa before we turned on a movie and fell asleep on the couch enjoying each other’s company.

The one thing I learned was that Cole was the most romantic man in the entire world and he was mine. Forever!

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