The Switch Up

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After being together for over 2 years, Adrienne and her boyfriend are stuck in a rut. They can barely stand to be in the same room let alone be intimate with each other. After a drunken fight they decide its time for a change, to save what they have. Each will get 1 week out of the month to be with other people. The rules are simple: Sex only and don’t ever bring up your other partners. But when Adrienne meets spitfire Kenna, every idea she’s ever had about her future comes into question. (Contains Girl on Girl and GirlxBoyxGirl)

Erotica / Romance
Rea Holland
4.6 42 reviews
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My own hands fondled my breasts, slowly caressing and squeezing as kisses trailed down my naked body. I parted my legs in welcome, my eyes closed as I focused on the sensations raining down over sensitive skin. My clit throbed in time to my racing heart, dying for stimulation. As if on cue a soft wet tongue swirled gently around it right as I pinched my nipple and closed my eyes. I exhaled a soft moan of pleasure.

The tongue switched back and forth between teasing my entrance and swirling around my overexcited bundle of nerves. The sensation caused my breath to come in short bursts as my excitement rose. Parting my eyes slightly I looked through the valley of my breasts at the head bobbing gently between my legs. I moaned softly and reached out to run my fingers through silky hair. My head fell back again as I closed my eyes.

I could feel my abdomen tightening as my pleasure built under the skilled tongue currently swirling around my clit. I couldn’t stop my hips from gently rocking up and down trying to increase the friction. As if sensing my need one slim finger slid through my folds causing me to gasp. It was just what I needed as my g spot was hit over and over again. On cue another finger slid in and increased in speed.

“Oh god yes,” I cried out as my hips moved of their own accord to increase the depth and speed of the fingers entering me.

Unconsciously I clutched the walls of my aching and dripping pussy as I felt tingles begin to erupt all over my body. “Holy fuck,” I heard Blake murmur. I blocked his noises out as I tried to focus on my release. It was barreling towards me like a freight train.

A strange sensation filled me and before I could say anything it felt like I peed myself. With a loud cry my pelvis lifted off the bed while I felt my orgasm rack my body with wave after wave of shudders. The mouth lapping at my entrance caught the spray of my juices as I’m sure I squirted all over, something I had never done in my life.

“Oh fuck,” Blake groaned slowly and loudly.

Sweat glimmered over my body and I hadn’t even done anything. My breathing was harsh as I tried to calm down from the intense orgasm that had just racked my body. The head emerged from between my legs and we made eye contact. She winked at me while she licked my juice from her lips. Her nipples were puckered with her arousal and unconsciously I sat up and captured one between my teeth, tugging slightly. She arched into my mouth, her hands winding around the back of my head. One of my fingers dipped into her soaked folds and teased her gently back and forth.

I could here the smile in her voice as she spoke in a hushed voice into my ear, “Well, I think a girl could get used to this Adrienne.” With a smile of my own I slid my teeth off her nipple as I plunged my finger into her. Her hands clutched my shoulders as she ground herself onto my fingers. I could feel my own excitement building between my legs again.

“My turn,” I practically growled as I pushed her backwards on the bed and gripped her thighs. Desperately needing to taste her I dipped down and instantly captured her bud between my lips, sucking gently. She let out small little gasps that caused the arousal in my pussy to ratchet up a notch. I was in desperate need of pressure but I threw myself into her.

My tongues swirled and dipped in and out of her. I ate her like I was starving and she thrashed around on the bed in ecstasy. Her nails scraped my scalp as I alternated licking and sucking just the way I knew she liked it. With a smile I slipped my finger into her while I sucked hard on her clit. Instantly I felt her passage tighten as she creamed on my hand. With satisfaction I gave her a few more licks before sitting back.

Our eyes locked as we watched each other. Our breathing erratic as we fought the urge to ravish each other again. The room felt hot on our bare skin as we sat semi entwined on the bed.

From the side of the room Blakes’s rough voice called out, “That was the hottest fucking thing I think I’ve ever seen.”

We both turned our heads to see him sitting in the chair, his dick limp in his hand. There was a stream of seamen on the floor by his feet. “Just give me another 30 minutes or so and the real fun can begin ok. Just play with each other until them, let me clean this up and I’ll watch.”

I looked at Kenna as her fire red hair cascaded over her shoulders and breasts. I licked my lips. She smiled devilishly at me. We had basically forgotten he was there. I reached out and began gently fondling her nipple as her hand slid up my thigh and into my extremely wet pussy. We had no intention of waiting for him. After all, we hadn’t in the past.

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