The Defendant

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Olivia was never one to live impulsively. But after a wild night with a man she just met, she feels like things are looking up. But when their paths cross professionally she isn’t sure how to keep her composure. When a tough case hangs in the balance, will she be able to keep her personal and professional life separate?

Erotica / Romance
Rea Holland
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I fiddled with my keys, desperately trying to insert them in the lock. There seemed to be two of them and I couldn’t stop giggling as the key swayed back and forth between the locks. Warm, wet kisses trailed across my neck and I tilted my head to the side giving him better access.

“Need help beautiful?” He asked, his large hand cupping mine and pushing the key into the lock.

I pushed my body against his, purposefully swiveling my hips against his growing erection. He growled in my ear as he nibbled it. His hand trailed across my lower stomach and I could hear my breathing. The door swung open in front of us, one hand holding me up against the door frame while his hands trailed over me, lighting me on fire.

“Are we going to finish this out here?” He muttered as he pushed my short dress up to my hips, his fingers gently tugging at my panty line.

“Follow me,” I took a step forward and he stayed right behind me. “Drink?” I asked as I dropped my purse on the floor and kicked off my heels. I turned with a smirk and put my hands on my hips.

He looked at me with hooded eyes, his dark blonde hair falling over his forehead shadowing his face. He smirked as he closed the small distance I’d allowed to grow between us. His hands wrapped around my thighs as he picked my up and pushed my back against the wall. “Yes,” he breathed against my lips. “I’d very much like a drink.” Then he dove into my mouth, his tongue twisting and turning eagerly as I hungrily matched him. His erection pushed against my damp panties and I groaned into his mouth. I could feel his smile against my lips.

I let out a yelp as he pulled me away from the wall and swiveled around before placing me on my coffee table. He pushed my shoulder back, laying me flat. Looming over me he licked his thoroughly kissed lips. “Now for that drink,” he said roughly before dropping kisses along my inner thigh. My back arched off the table as his tongue trailed along my underwear. He tucked his fingers into the strings, pulling them down my legs as he dropped kisses. My body was vibrating in need. My skin felt hot and tight and I desperately needed friction between my legs. Involuntarily I let out a small wimper.

His head popped up from between my legs, his smile devious. “Needy are we?” I bit my lip as I nodded vigorously. He let out a small chuckle before his head dipped back to my center and his warm breath made me writhe on the table. Without another word his tongue dipped into my wet slit and my eyes rolled back as my hips pushed forward into his face.

Without missing a beat his tongue swirled around my bud and lapped at my juices as the sounds spilling from my mouth grew louder and louder. Typically I tried to stay in control of myself during sex but it was impossible. After a few minutes he had my legs shaking as my vagina quivered, on the verge of exploding. As his tongue continued it’s magic he slipped two fingers in, curving them just right and I was gone.

With a scream I came hard, all over his face. My body was tingly and my chest rose and fell with my harsh breathing. My hand ran through my hair as I let out a little laugh. “God I needed that,” I whispered to myself. Suddenly a hand wrapped around my ankle and pulled me roughly. I let out a yelp as my butt landed against rock hard thighs.

“Surely you didn’t think I was done with you,” he asked, a smile curving his lips upward. My eyes wide, I gulped as I shook my head. He wrapped his arms around me, lifting me slightly and I noticed that he was naked from the waste down. Before I could utter a sound he pulled me down, impaling me on his length causing my breath to leave my body in a woosh.

I sat there for a moment, letting my body adjust to him as he ran kisses down my neck. His hands trailed up my sides, my dress bunched in them as he pulled it over my head. He leaned back, his grey eyes taking in my breasts before he dropped a kiss on each nipple. Desperate to relieve more of the pressure I was feeling I used my knees to raise myself before slowly sliding down his shaft. We both let out a soft groan.

“Oh god,” I cried out as I slid up and down him, feeling every inch fill me up. His hands rested gently on my hips, just feeling my movements as I rode him steadily. “This...this isn’t like me,” I muttered. He flicked his hips as I slid down and I hissed with pleasure. “I don’t... don’t...”

“Fuck strangers?” His left eyebrow rose up in question. Biting my tongue I nodded before closing my eyes and abandoning myself to the pleasure building in my core. My legs moved faster as I chased my orgasm, thrusting myself up and down his slick length. His torso met mine suddenly as his lips clashed roughly against mine. Our hips thrusting and swiveling as we chased our need. Pulling away my mouth dropped open as I silently screamed as I shattered around him.

Tiredness swept over me and I smiled lazily, leaning my head against his sweaty chest. “That was amazing,” I whispered, my hands trailing down his abs. His chuckle echoed through my ear and before I knew it I was flat on my back.

“I’m nowhere near done with you babe,” he growled out and I felt my inside clench as he slid back into me. Why did it feel so good? Had it always been like this? I mean, it had been months since I’d had sex, maybe I’d just forgotten how good it was. But right now he was like a sex god sent to satiate my thirst.

His speed increased as I wrapped my legs around him. He held me tight as the sound of our skin meeting filled the air around us. A loud moan escaped me as I felt myself, yet again, drawing nearer to my finish. As if sensing my need his hips drove into me faster and harder and it was like someone flipped a switch as we cried out in unison.

The space between our bodies was wet and sticky, our skin slick with sweat. He rolled off of me and laid on the floor, both of us staring up at the ceiling. The silence suddenly felt awkward after how intimate we’d just been and I remembered that he was virtually a stranger. I sat up quickly, fighting with myself for a moment about if I should cover up in embarrassment but decided against it. I was a smart, strong, sexy, sensual woman and if I wanted to have casual sex I could!

“Well, that was certainly fun. Do you need me to see you out?” I asked as I stood, hand on hips.

His eyes shown with amusement as he sat up. “Kicking me out so soon?”

I shrugged. “You could be a serial killer for all I know. But it seems like our business is done.” I turned and headed toward the bathroom, maybe putting a little extra sway in my hips than necessary. To be honest I wasn’t sure I wanted him to go. It had been too long since I’d slept next to a man, had someone to cuddle. A part of me felt bad for being so callous but I’m sure he didn’t want to stay. After all, he’d gotten what he wanted.

Warm arms wrapped around me, pulling me against his body. My breath caught in my throat as one hand reached up to caress my breasts gently. “Like I said, I don’t think I’m quite done with you yet babe.” I let a small smile cross my lips. It looked like I’d have company for the night.

“Well then Wes, how about a shower?”

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