The Defendant

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Chapter 10. Desire

My hands ran up his rippled abs, his skin smooth and tanned. His kisses worked up my neck until he claimed my mouth again. I sighed into him, feeling my body soften against him as I let my mind go blank.

He felt so right against me. Our bodies fit like a puzzle and I rubbed against him, feeling the hard press of his erection against me. He growled lightly as he took my lip between his teeth, nibbling gently. A moan escaped me which he caught in his mouth. He tilted his head, deepening the kiss as we explored each other. Our hands roaming, touching everywhere.

I pulled his unbuttoned chefs coat down his arms leaving one less layer between us. All the reasons why this wouldn’t work, why it was a bad idea disappeared as I enjoyed the taste of him. His fingers unclasped the buttons on my skirt causing it to slid down my legs easily. Next he rubbed is fingers along my entrance slowly, the fabric of my panties dampening. “Tell me to go away. Tell me and I’ll do it,” he whispered against my lips. “Tell me you don’t want this and I’ll stop. It’ll be hard but I’ll do it.” He pulled back and I could see his eyes, hazy with need.

As an answer I unzipped his pants. Reaching into his boxers I ran my hand up and down his rigid length. His breath hitched as he continued to look at me, his stormy greys connected to my hazels. I ran my hand up his hard cock until I reached the tip, straining against his boxers. My thumb stroked the tip, rubbing his head of pre-cum along the head. I continued to feel him slowly, enjoying the easiness between us.

Wes moaned softly as his hips began to flex, pushing him harder into my hand. Feeling like I could stay like this forever but needing to feel him in me, I let him go, stepping away to pull my top over my head. As soon as it was off he pulled me flush to him, claiming my mouth harder this time. His fingers traced my slit, back and forth filling me with need. I pushed myself harder against his hand, demanding more.

His finger slipped past my underwear and inside of me easily. He pushed it in and out as he devoured every moan I released into his mouth. Soon another finger joined as his thumb circled my clit relentlessly. Tingles shot through my body as pressure built in the pit of my stomach. I ground my hips harder against his hand, sliding toward my release. With a cry I flung my head back and rode the wave of my orgasm on his hand.

He continued to stroke me gently as I came down from the pleasure, basically a puddle in his arms as he held me. He nibbled my ear gently. “You’re so beautiful when you cum. And I’m going to make you do it again, and again, and again...” his voice trailed off as he used his free hand to slide my breast out of my bra. His head dipped to capture my nipple in his mouth as he sucked gently. My back arched, pushing it further into his mouth as the fingers in me began their surge in and out. Almost instantly the pressure built and my eyes closed. My moans filled the office as he once again pushed me over the edge.

Not sure I could take another immediately I stepped away from him, dropping to my knees as I pulled roughly on his pants and boxers. The dropped to his feet and I instantly encased him in my warm wet mouth. My tongue swirled around his head as I wrapped my hands around the base. I tugged gently as I slid him to the back of my throat and swallowed. His hands tangled in my hair as he flexed his hips with a groan.

I moaned as I sucked him, his sweet/salty taste making my pussy drip even more with need. These panties were ruined. I pulled my mouth off him with an audible pop and stood, smiling up at him. He bent and lifted me up by my thighs causing me to wrap my legs around him. My butt found the desk and he quickly stripped me of my underwear.

In a smooth motion he slid into me, his head pushing deep into me, and my head fell back. He pulled out slowly until he was all the way out before slowly sliding back in again. I knew he was playing with me but I wasn’t above begging right now. “Please Wes, I need you to fuck me,” I dug my nails into his biceps as I bit my lip, giving him my most neediest stare.

He smirked as he pulled my lip from between my teeth and dropped a lingering kiss on me. “There will be plenty of time for that. Right now, I’m taking you slowly.” He pushed in again, slow and steady. I could feel every inch of him.

He continued to slid in and out of me, his hands gripping my hips. The slow build was driving me crazy. I rolled my hips to his slow thrusts, each one feeling like it was going deeper and deeper. His balls tapped against my ass as the head of his dick touched my cervix. My mouth dropped open as my head fell back and I came for the third time. He didn’t stop his easy pace as I rode the wave. When I opened my eyes Wes smiled at me.

One arm wrapped around my waist as he leaned further into me, his hips picking up speed. His other had snaked between us, finding my clit and giving it alternating smacks and flicks. Instantly I felt my stomach tighten. “Oh god, yes Wes, oh god!” My voice rose in pitch as I called out to him as he slammed in and out of me. Again my muscles spasmed and I came hard, my nipples tingling as I screamed his name.

With a grunt his thrusts became erratic as he pumped into me, filling me with warmth that spilled out and coated my thighs. Both of us were panting hard as he rested his forehead against mine. I slowly came down from my high and remembered where we were.

“Please tell me everyone in the kitchen is gone and didn’t just hear that,” I muttered.

Wes chuckled softly. “I hope they did hear it,” He reached up to stroke my cheek gently. “They’ll all be jealous bastards knowing I get to sleep with you.” I couldn’t help but laugh. We stayed in that spot for a few more moments until my butt started going numb.

I kissed him quickly before pushing against his hard chest and sitting up. He reached down and pulled up his pants, tucking himself away as I stood and found my clothes. We dressed slowly, our eyes locked, waiting to see who would break first. Unsurprisingly, it was me.

I ran my hand through my mused hair. “Obviously I like you Wes. I can’t seem to stay away. And I know you are in the middle of a shit storm right now,” I bit my lip for a moment as I waged war with myself in my mind. “But I’m willing to be here for you, see where this goes.”

A broad smile broke out across his face as he stepped up to me, cupping my face in his hands. “I have some rules though,” I added.

He laughed softly, “If you say no more sex I’m going to pin you against that wall and fuck you until you get that ridiculous idea out of your head,” he said in between kisses that he dropped all over my mouth and face.

The thought of being pinned against the brick wall and his hard body had my cheeks flushing as blood rushed to my thoroughly fucked pussy. “Just one rule and it’s not that.”

“Thank god.”

“We can’t tell anyone about us. I definitely don’t want word getting to your father or your wife before we can decide exactly what this is.”

“I can handle that,” he said with a nod.

I kissed him again, my chest feeling lighter than it had in days. “Also, we really do need to discuss what to do about your wife and the most recent... development.” He sighed as he pulled away, running his fingers through his hair.

“I’m going to be there for the child, obviously. But me and Delia being together just isn’t a good idea. I told you, it was a marriage based out of spontaneity and fun and nothing long lasted. To be honest I was never in love with her, it was pure lust. Things were easy and fun but there was no substance.” I collected the scattered papers as he talked. Our sex session on the desk had made a mess of things.

“So let’s start with getting these papers signed. There is a request to establish paternity as well as a suggested visitation schedule and child support amount.”

Wes came up beside me, a pen already in hand. Probably one he’d picked up from the scattered mess on the floor. I watched as he flicked through the pages, signing the lines that were highlighted. “Are you excited? About the baby?”

He set down the pen and wrapped his arms around my hips with a sigh. “I’m not even sure what to feel yet, it’s all so surreal. To be honest, after what happened with Renee I didn’t think I deserved to be a dad. And I probably wouldn’t have chosen Delia to be the mother of my child but I’m going to do the right thing this time. I told you, I’ve changed,” he shrugged.

I wasn’t sure what to say for once. I was glad he was being an adult about this. The whole situation was sticky and I was nervous, for him and for me. And I knew Delia. She’d been a calculating shrew, even as a teenager. And she was obsessed with having what wasn’t hers. I knew down to my bones that she wasn’t going to let Wes go until she was done with him.

“That’s a start. This is new territory for everyone,” I said with a sigh. It was hard for me to accept situations I couldn’t control but I knew one thing. I wanted Wes and was willing to see where this could go.

We picked up his office, restoring it to its original state. When everything was in order he took my hand and led me out into the kitchen. My cheeks flushed as I looked around for the staff. It was late and I really hoped no one had heard our earlier session. Luckily I only spotted two dishwashers at the far side of the kitchen, elbow deep in suds.

Wes opened up the industrial sized fridge and began pulling out different ingredients as I leaned against the counter. He sliced fresh bread and cut hunks of meat, piling it high with cheese and lettuce and condiments before slicing it in half. He held half up to me and I shook my head. “Still stuffed after that meal.” He grinned and took a big bite.

“Guess I didn’t do my job right.”

I laughed and watched him devour his sandwich. Once he’d cleaned up he sauntered over to me, his arms wrapping around me as he dropped his head into my neck. “Just one question.” I made a hmm noise as I relished the feel of him against me. “My place or yours?”

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