The Defendant

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Chapter 13. Red Handed

It was over. The baby wasn’t his and Delia was willing to give him everything he wanted since she’d been unfaithful. He had never mentioned her secrets to me but I was glad he had them. Part of me worried we hadn’t seen the last of her. It almost seemed too good to be true. Finally I turned to Wes.

“Congratulations. It looks like the case is over.” His eyes were wide with shock as he shook his head. I rested my hand on his arm, squeezing gently. “I’m sorry Wes. That must be quite a shock to learn your wife was unfaithful. Especially since you were starting to look forward to this baby.”

He shook his head slightly as he wrapped his arms around my waist. “Honestly, I think I knew deep down she was cheating but I just chose to ignore it. It sounds wrong but I didn’t really love her. Not like how I feel...” his voice trailed off as he looked at me questioningly. My heart beat faster. I knew what he was going to say. “Look Olivia, I know this is soon and probably awful timing. I know you’re scared about having a real relationship. But I promise you, I don’t want to leave you. I think about you all day. I love sleeping next to you each night. I try my hardest to make you happy.” He paused and swallowed roughly. “What I’m trying to say Liv is... I’m in love with you.”

The room was still and all I could hear was the rushing of blood through my ears. He wanted to be with me. He loved me. All my life I never thought someone would choose me. Someone who had learned my flaws, seen me for who I am, and make the conscious choice to love me. My eyes burned with unshed tears as I looked into the stormy greys that looked at me with love each night. That’s what it was, love. The look I couldn’t figure out as he held me closely, our bodies slick with sweat as we fell asleep.

A tear fell loose and slid down my cheek. He reached up and brushed it off gently. I think deep down I’d known I was falling too. I loved the way he made me breakfast, half naked. The way he fixed my coffee just the way I liked it. How he held me close, making me feel safe. Without a word I reached up and kissed him, pouring all my feelings into the kiss.

I wasn’t ready to say the words. But hearing them from him, feeling them in my soul, I needed to show him how I felt. I threaded my hands through his soft hair, pulling his lips tighter against mine. My body burned with a need I’d never experienced.

As if sensing my need, Wes picked me up and set me on the conference table. His kiss deepening as our tongues rolled gently against each other. One of his hands slid down my body to caress my breast, flicking my nipple just the way I liked it so my panties would instantly dampen. I’d forgotten where we were. All alone in the company conference room Wes filled my senses. He was all I could taste, hear, see, smell, and feel. His hands felt hot on my body and I rolled my hips against him, moaning at the erection pressing against me.

His hands unbuttoned my blouse, hurriedly but efficiently. He pulled my breasts out of my bra, using the cups to push them up. I moaned slightly as he broke away and pulled a nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue. I ran my hand through his hair, pulling him tight against me. His mouth continued to lap at my breasts, alternating between the two as I practically writhed with need on the table.

Finally I pushed against him, unable to stand the torture. I hopped off the table and cupped his erection through his pants. Knowing my need he scrunched my skirt up to my hips with a smirk. He spun me around, pushing gently against my back so my front was laid flat on the table. Behind me he unzipped his pants and after dropping my panties to my feet he slid home.

We groaned in unison at the sensation. He felt better than any man I’d ever had. My nipples hardened further against the cool table as Wes slid out and in again with an easy movement. I was exposed, sprawled out across the table as he rammed into me and I was loving it. I knew then that he was mine. Now that this mess was over we could move on together.

My mind was fuzzy and I tried to stifle my moans of pleasure. The sound of Wes’s balls slapping against my ass filled the room. I pushed back against him, needing him harder and deeper. Knowing what I needed he used both hands to cup my hips and drive himself further into me. My eyes closed at the onslaught of pleasure. I could feel the pressure looming in my lower stomach.

Right on cue, he wrapped one arm around my leg and stroked my clit in time to his thrusts. Stars burst behind my eyelids as my legs began to shake. A moan slipped out of me, long and low before I shattered around his cock. I pulsed around him, holding him in tightly as my orgasm rolled over me, wave after wave. Behind me Wes let out a long, low groan to match my own as I pulled his orgasm from him.

His hands rested gently on my lower back as we both worked to catch our breath. Sex with Wes was always amazing but that was fucking spectacular. Was it because he’d said he loved me? Was it because this was only the beginning? I shook my head slightly as I pushed that thought away.

“Listen Wes,” I started, ready to pull myself up and away from him when the conference door swung open.

I glanced up to see Travis’s face, shocked. I couldn’t move. It was like I could see the picture we made in his eyes. Me, bent over the table with my breasts spilling out of my bra, my skirt up to my hips with my ass in the air. Behind me, Wes was still balls deep even as his cock softened inside of me. No one moved for what felt like ages. Finally Travis entered the room, closing the door behind him and it was like I was filled with electricity. I pushed back against Wes, standing and straightening out my clothes. My skin flushed at the though that my arch nemesis had just seen intimate parts of me.

“Well then, looks like we have a situation here,” Travis said smugly as he turned to look between Wes and I. “Sleeping your way to the top Baser?”

Wes took a step forward and I reached out to stop him. No one needed to fight my battles for me. “It’s none of your business, Prescott,” I practically snarled. “Can I help you with something?”

He sneered at me as he crossed his arms over his chest. “As a matter of fact, you just did.” My mouth went dry as my stomach dropped. I knew what he was planning and it didn’t look good for me.

“The case is over Prescott. Who I date or sleep with should be none of your concern.”

He raised an eyebrow as he studied me. “So you think Mr. Alderman won’t care that one of his employees was just boning his son in the company conference room? An employee who, rumor has it, was up for partner?”

My face drained of color. Travis has always been a snake. “If I’m up for partner then Mr. Alderman knows my worth, regardless of who I sleep with.”

Here he let out a laugh, cold and cruel. “You are fooling yourself if you think Mr. Alderman would be ok with you dating his still not legally divorced son. You, a girl with no good family name or social standing. How long has this been going on anyway?” He leaned against the door as he waved his finger between the two of us.

I clenched my fists. I was so screwed. “Again, it’s none of your business Prescott. Now leave this room and forget you saw anything and I’ll let you have the Mason case.” I was offering up a life changing case to protect myself. I knew exactly how Mr. Alderman would feel about my relationship with Wes and it wasn’t good. I also knew how the company would view it if word got out. Top attorney Olivia Baser sleeping with company founders son to get ahead. My cheeks flushed with shame.

Travis stroked his goatee as he looked up at the ceiling. “Hmmm.... a tempting offer but no dice. I’ll get all your cases once you’re gone anyway. Good luck finding a job as a janitor in a law office once I’m done with you.” At this Wes did step forward and I was too dumbfounded to do anything.

All my hard work and dedication, I could see it going up in smoke. What would my parents say when they found out I’d lost my job? Travis was right, Mr. Alderman has the ability to blackball me from every major firm in the city. Choosing to sleep with Wes, continuing a relationship with him, was going to be my undoing.

Wes closed the distance between him and Travis. “You are an insignificant piece of shit. I’ll go to my dad right now and tell him you are a lying scumbag with your own agenda. Who do you think he’ll believe?” I could see the barely contained rage rolling off of him. Surprisingly, Travis didn’t even flinch.

“From what I know of your relationship with your dad he’s more likely to believe me. He knows your playboy ways. And Ms. Baser is an attractive women,” he sneered. Wes clenched his fists as Travis continued to watch me, the fling of a win in his eyes. “I can’t wait for the view from my new office. Your’s always was nicer than mine.” He straightend his suit jacket and without another word opened the door and breezed out.

I was frozen. Tears burned my eyes as I stood completely still, letting Travis’s words sink in. He was right, I was ruined. And for what? I’d just proved what I’d fought all my life to get away from. I was worthless and stupid.

Wes made his way around the table. He reached up and cupped my face with his hands as he dropped his forehead to mine. Steely greys met my hazels ones and I couldn’t stop the tears from sliding down my cheeks. “I can fix this Liv,” he muttered. I pulled away, his hands falling to his sides. This was a mistake.

I turned and headed for the doors. “Liv please,” Wes called out behind me. I didn’t even stop. My heels clicked along the floor as I sailed past my receptionist, closing and locking the door. I sank into my chair, part of me wondering why Wes hadn’t followed, the other part greatful. I glanced around my office, my last degrees hanging on the wall, pictures of my family set on the window ledge. I’d dedicated my 20’s to this place and it was all about to go up in smoke.

Unable to hold back I rested my head on my arms and cried. Who knew when Travis would decide to rat me out but I knew it would be soon. After all, he couldn’t stand being second best.

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