The Defendant

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“Mr. Alderman is here to see you Mrs. Baser,” Tracy called over the intercom. I sat back with a smile as I slipped my shoes on. Glancing at my watch my smile brightened. Right on time.

I stood, buttoning up my suit jacket before making my way around my large desk. I’d only taken a few steps when the door flew open and in he strode, a smirk firmly in place. I crossed my arms over my chest as I tried not to laugh. “Impatient much?”

He stopped in front of me, reaching out to rest both hands on my hips. “You know I hate that,” he leaned forward and dropped a kiss along the side of my neck. “You’re going to change it.”

Shaking my head I chuckled slightly. “Absolutely not.

He kissed the other side slower, his lips lingering against my flush skin. I squirmed slightly. His hands gripped my hips as he lifted me quickly, sitting me on the edge of my desk. I let out a soft squeal causing Wes’s smirk to deepen. He pushed himself between my legs, hand trailing up my side. “You’re changing it Mrs. Alderman.”

I groaned as I rolled my eyes. “We agreed I would keep my name.”

He shrugged. “I underestimated how much it would bother me.”

I couldn’t help but laugh before gasping slightly as his thumb found my nipple through my shirt, rubbing in gentle circles. I hadn’t even noticed his hand slipping under my suit jacket. The man was talented.

I reached up, squeezing his biceps gently as my back arched on its own, my eyes fluttering closed as my lips parted on a sigh. His gentle circles continued as his warm hand trailed up my outer thigh, pushing my skirt dangerously high. As much as I hated to admit it, we didn’t have time for this. Resting my hands flat on his chest I pushed gently.

“We have to go Wes.”

"We can be late."

"My family will kill us."

Here he gave me a devilish smirk. He leaned forward, grey eyes flashing with mischief. "You got held up at work. It happens." His fingers slipped past my underwear and his thumb gently stroked my bundle of nerves. I gasped and he leaned forward, capturing my lips with his. His kissed me roughly as his thumb slid up and down, my skin tingling. My legs spread wider on their own and Wes smiled against my lips. His finger slid into my already wet passage and I instinctually flexed against him.

He slid in and out of me gently as his thumb rubbed up and down against my clit. Giving in, my head dropped back as I flexed my hips in time to his steading pushing in and out. He dropped sloppy kisses across my neck as he continued pleasuring me. The familiar pressure began building in my abdomen causing me to push against him harder and faster, needing more.

Suddenly, he was gone and I let out a soft cry as I opened my eyes. He was down on his knees as he deftly freed me from my underwear. Then his mouth was on me, licking and sucking in just the right place. I fell back against my desk, not caring about being late anymore as I almost instantly shattered on his tongue. I took a few deep breaths, tingles breaking out across my skin when I felt his thick head against my entrance.

I looked up at him, smirking proudly. "I want everyone in this office to know what I'm doing to you and that you are mine Mrs. Alderman. So you better not hold back." Then he pushed into me and instantly I bit my lip to keep from crying out.

He leaned forward, pulling my lip from between my teeth. This pushed him further into me and he swiveled his hips gently, causing me to moan softly. "That's my girl," he whispered before pulling back out again.

We'd been married a year. And even though I'd fought to keep my name I still took pleasure in hearing him call me Mrs. Alderman. He'd begged me to marry him for months after seeing my birth mother. After six I'd finally caved and he'd had everything ready in less than a month. So I wouldn't have a chance to back out, he'd said.

Wes reached under me, using his arm to pull my hips closer to him as he slowly drove into me then pulled back. His other hand slid between us and began working my clit over again gently. Already my spine was tingling as my orgasm grew. I flexed my hips against him as best I could, desperate for the friction. As he pushed into me harder and harder the lamp on my desk began to rattle and pens rolled. I was glad my desk was so sturdy.

With a smile, Wes pushed further into me, leaning down and expertly capturing my still clothed erect nipple in his mouth. He sucked for a moment, giving it a gentle tug as his thumb pushed against my clit and his cock hit my g-spot and I couldn't help but cry out loudly as I came around his cock.

I could sense the smirk he wore as he pulled back and drove into me harder before letting out a low groan of his own and dropping his head on my belly. We laid there for a moment and as I felt him going soft inside me I looked down and smiled. "We are so going to be late."

He leaned forward and dropped a chaste kiss on my lips before standing and tucking himself back into his pants. "Worth it," he smirked before pulling me up.

I glanced down at my wet shirt and slick thighs and sighed. "I can't go like this."

Dropping a kiss on my nose he walked toward the door, opening it just enough to put his head out. I heard him mummer something to Tracy. Within a minute he was back in my office, door shut and a black garment bag in his hand. My eyes narrowed as he walked over to me. "You planned this."

"Every glorious second." Dropping another kiss on my nose he held out the bag. I snatched it and turned, resting it on my desk before slipping out of my skirt and taking off my jacket and blouse. Wes pushed up against me, the hardening length in his pants showing me he was ready for round two.

Feeling evil, I pushed my butt back against him, swiveling it slightly. He groaned in my ear before capturing it in his teeth. I rubbed against him for a minute, making sure he was hot and bothered before pulling away. "We are already late with the last stunt you pulled. Guess you'll have to wait until after the party for this." I smiled brightly as I pulled the new dress out of the garment bag.

It was a deep purple, thigh length, with a deep v down the back. I slipped in on and then spotted my ruined underwear on the floor. "Did you bring anything other than the dress?" I nodded toward the discarded garment and Wes smiled.

"Guess you'll have to go without."

"You are evil."

He shrugged. "You married me."

With a laugh I kissed him, making sure to rub up against him, nipping at his lip as I pulled away. "Now you'll have to think about how I'm bare underneath this dress. All night." Wes groaned before following me out the door.

Tracy sat at her desk, back straight, typing as we came out of the office. My cheeks flushed as I thought about what she'd just heard. "Go home Tracy, it's a Friday. You work too hard."

She smiled. "Thank you Mrs. Baser, I will."

Wes cleared his throat. "It's Mrs. Alderman." I rolled my eyes and grabbed his tie, pulling him after me toward the elevator.

We made it to the party only half an hour late, despite Wes's best efforts. El spotted us almost immediately and came rushing over. "There you are! Thought we'd have to send out a search party! Caught up at work again?" I blushed.

"Something like that."

El shot Wes a knowing look before grabbing my hand and pulling me toward our parents. They stood amongst a group of people, dad's arm draped casually around mom's waist as she took a drink of champagne. They both smiled broadly when they saw us. "Happy anniversary you guys!" I said enthusiastically as I gave them each a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you baby," mom said as she pulled me into a warm hug. I melted against her, smelling the familiar smell of home. "May you guys go on to see forty years!" She pulled away with a laugh.

Wes pulled me back toward him with a smile. "I'm not letting her go anywhere."

She patted his arm with a smile. "I know you won't dear."

The music picked up in volume and my dad turned to mom, hand extended. "May I have this dance, my love?" Mom took his hand and he spun her close. She laughed loudly and I couldn't help but smile.


They spun out onto the dance floor and everyone around them stopped to watch. Wes's arms snaked around my waist as his chin rested on my shoulder. We watched as my parents spun and swayed across the dance floor, happiness radiating off of them. I swayed to the music, Wes wrapped tightly around me.

"That's going to be us one day," he whispered to me, "forty years together and still madly in love."

"As our kids stand off to the side and watch us fawn over each other?"

"Once I can convince you to have kids with me," he said with a snort.

I took his hands and slid them further down my abdomen before resting right above my pelvis. "The convincing train has left the station babe, there's no going back." I felt him freeze behind me. He'd been trying to convince me to have a baby since we'd been married. I'd decided not to tell him I'd had my IUD removed a few months ago.

"You're...we're... we have a baby," he stuttered. I smiled brightly as I nodded.

He spun me around quickly, his hands cupping my face. "Seriously?" I nodded again, happy tears beginning to pool in my eyes as I watched the joy cross his face.

"You're pregnant?" Again, a nod. "And it's mine?" Here I frowned but he laughed loudly before kissing me tenderly. "Of course it is. I can't believe you kept this a secret from me!" He kissed me again, lingering as he nibbled at my lips. Around us the crowd began cheering and cat calling. I pulled away, unable to keep the smile from my face.

"Want to go give my parents the best anniversary gift ever?"

With a nod, Wes took my hand and together we set off to find my parents. And I couldn't have been happier.

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