The Defendant

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Bonus Chapter!!!

With a sigh I threw my pencil down and ran my hands through my hair. This contract was a tough one and this was one of the biggest clients I’d handled with my own firm. Even though we’d been doing well the past few years we’d struggled at times to catch big clients who seemed to prefer the bigger firms.

I flipped through a few pages before a soft giggle interrupted me. Glancing at the clock I couldn’t help but smile. Bedtime. Leaving the pages of the contract strewn across my desk I stood and stretched quickly before making my way out the door and down the hallway.

The hall was dark except for the light spilling from the half opened door at the end. Following the sound of giggles I pushed the door open enough to see the scene before me.

“For my crowning achievement I’ll tickle your toes, and your elbows, your knees, your neck, and your nose!” Wes reached over himself and proceeded to tickle our little girl as she rolled around on the bed, giggles uncontrollable. The Tickle Monster was her favorite story and a part of her bedtime routine. I watched as Wes finished the story and she breathed deeply, catching her breath from all the tickles.

“Night night mommy?” She asked, just loudly enough for me to hear.

Before Wes could answer I pushed the door open, my smile bright. “Was that my zoeybug laughing in here?”

She smiled back, her grey eyes shinning like her dad’s as she nodded. “Daddy tickle monster!” I sat down on the other side of her bed, dropping a quick kiss on her blonde head.

“Daddy was a tickle monster? Well, I know how to fix that. The only way to stop a tickle monster is with a kiss!” She looked between the two of us, eyes wide, before she stood up and planted a sloppy 2 year old kiss on Wes’s cheek.

I stifled my laughter as Wes pretended to be shocked. “My tickling days are over!” He declared, raising his hand to his head dramatically. Here, Zoey started giggling again and I pulled her back down, tucking the blanket around her.

“Tomorrow is Saturday bug, would you like to go to the park?”

“Park!” She cried, hands stretched up in the air.

“You’ll have to sleep so you have all your strength to play ok?” She nodded, face serious. “No climbing into mommy and daddy’s bed.” Here she looked at Wes, her lip sticking out slightly.

He glanced at me before leaning forward to drop a kiss on her nose. “I won’t tell mommy if you sneak in,” he fake whispered and Zoey nodded rapidly with a smile before snuggling back down into her blankets. I’d known it would be a lost cause but thought I’d try. With a smile I kissed her and stood to turn out her light. Wes flopped the switch on her nightlight and blew her one last kiss before he followed me out of the room.

Once he’d pulled her door mostly closed he turned and took me in his arms, pressing me slightly against the opposite wall. “Dinner’s downstairs for you,” he mumbled into my neck between the soft kisses he laid on me.

I sighed. “I’m so sorry I missed it, this contract is a mess and I thought I could trust Russell with it but he’s just made a mess of it and it’s due in less than a week...”

He placed his finger over my lips, stopping my tirade. “Have I told you lately how proud I am of you?” I stood frozen for a minute before shaking my head. He smiled and bent down, dropping a sweet kiss on my lips. “Let’s go get your dinner.”

I followed him down the stairs and into the kitchen, hoisting myself up on the island as he set about reheating my food. As the smell hit me my mouth watered and I realized I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. My stomach gave a loud growl and Wes let out a laugh.

“Skipped lunch again?” I nodded sheepishly.

He shook his head before placing himself between my legs. “Do I need to have Marco bring you food again everyday like I did when you were pregnant?”

I rolled my eyes at the memory. “No Wes, it’s just been busy. Once this contract is set things will go back to normal.” The timer beeped and Wes moved to get my plate. He set the steaming plate of chicken and veggies down in front of me and I grabbed my fork, anxious to dig in. He cleaned up the kitchen as I shoveled food into my face, feeling much better now that my stomach wasn’t running on empty.

“I’ll call Zane tomorrow and schedule the park date?”

I shook my head, swallowing the last bit. “No I’ll call El. It’s Saturday, family time.” I gave him a smile as I carried my plate to the sink and he smiled back.

This was what I loved about being with Wes. It was always easy, no pressure. He took care of me, looked out for me, but still let me keep my independence. I turned and grabbed his t-shirt, pulling him to me. “Can I give my compliments to the chef for the great meal?” We’d raised his eyebrow as his lips quirked up at the corner.


“Well, it was delicious except....”

“Except?” He asked incredulously.

I grinned wickedly. “But he forgot dessert.”

With that I sunk to my knees as understanding dawned on his face. I unbuckled his belt slowly, taking my time to run my hands along the front of his pants tenderly. I watched his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed roughly. Once I’d undone his belt and buttons, I pulled his pants down slowly, leaning forward to press kisses to his lengthening member.

“You’re killing me,” he groaned softly as he ran his fingers through my hair. I smiled before taking the hem of his boxers between my teeth and tugging them down roughly. His penis sprung free and once I’d pulled his boxers down the rest of the way with my hands I gently ran my tongue along the shaft. Wes let out a moan and I couldn’t help but smile.

Reaching up, I grabbed his outer thighs while my tongue trailed a slippery path up and down and around but never taking him whole. I smiled at every moan and groan I pulled from him, digging my nails gently into him. Then with no warning I wrapped my lips around him and sucked him deep to the back of my throat. He buried both hands in my hair, pulling tightly as his head dropped back and his mouth fell open.

I held him at the back of my throat for a moment, swallowing around him eliciting another deep groan. Then I pulled back and swirled my tongue along the tip. I gave his cock another deep pull in my mouth before pulling off with an audible pop. I looked up into his lust filled eyes as I licked my lips. “Best dessert ever.”

He grabbed my arms roughly and pulled me up tight against him. Without a word he laid me down on the cool countertop and I couldn’t help but giggle. He pulled my pants down, taking my underwear with it. “And my dessert?”

I put my feet flat on the counter as I spread myself wide. He smiled that irresistible smile before dipping his head down to my already dripping center. He ran his nose along my lips, nudging in to barely touch my clit causing me to bite my lip and squirm. Finally he gave me one long lick before settling between my legs and nibbling my throbbing bundle of nerves. I let out a gasp as his teeth rugged between alternating dips of his tongue.

It was only minutes before I was crying out softly, cumming on his tongue. With a smile he stood, sliding between my legs. Without a word he slid home, using his arms to hold me steady, keeping me from sliding up the counter.

“God I’ll never get sick of this,” he groaned as he flexed his hips, pushing deep inside of me. I nodded, biting my lip to keep from crying out his name.

He pulled out and pushed back in, tilting his hips to hit my spot each time. Already I was gasping softly, fighting the urge to cum. “I love you so much Liv,” he said, punctuating each word with a slow thrust into me.

My eyes watered slightly as I looked up at him. Into those gorgeous eyes that had had me from the first minute. “I love you too Wes,” I whispered.

He groaned louder, speeding up his thrusts and instantly I was cumming, moaning loudly. As I felt him fill me with his own orgasms I opened my eyes and smiled. “Fancy a boy this time, Mr. Alderman?”

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