The Defendant

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Chapter 2. The Client

The room was dark and my feet were wet. I had no idea where I was but fear clung to me. The sound of my breathing filled the earily quiet air around me. I took a step forward, the pitch black making me blind. “Hello?” I squeaked out. My hand reached out in front of me, feeling for any obstructions. Finding none I slowly made my way through the room.

Suddenly, around me came the sound of voices. Eyes wide I looked around, seeing nothing but black. “I can’t, just get rid of it,” a female voice said.

“Are you sure? She’s your daughter...” a man.

I stood still, listening to the voices floating down around me. “I said just get rid of it! I don’t fucking want it!” I spun in a circle as a gushing sound filled the room and the water started to rise up my calves.

The room vibrated with the sound of my screams. But the water continued to rise as I flailed around the room, searching for a way out. My hands slipped along the now wet walls as I sobbed. The water was cold and I took a deep breath as the water surged over my head. I floated there, unable to move, holding my breath as long as I could. Once my chest burned I gasped loudly, feeling the cold fill me from the inside out.

I shot up in bed gasping for air. It was the same nightmare I’d been having since I was five and my mom and dad had told me I was adopted. Flinging the blankets off I walked to the kitchen and filled a glass with water. I took a few timid sips in between deep breaths. As I shook off the remnants of the dream I walked to the living room and sat down, dropping my head back. The dream always left me feeling unsettled.

On my coffee table sat my family law book. I picked it up and flipped through the heavily notated pages until I stopped at the one covered in sticky notes. Today I would be meeting with Mr. Alderman’s son and if I couldn’t be well rested I would be prepared. Glancing down at my Fitbit I learned it was just after 2 am. Plenty of time for preparation. With a sigh I turned on the light next to me and pulled the book into my lap. Hopefully the junior Alderman wouldn’t be too difficult.


“You have 15 minutes left Ms. Baser,” came my assistances voice over the speaker in my office.

“Thank you Tracy,” I said as I saved the files I’d been working on and pulled out the Alderman file. I’d read it over and over again, making sure to commit the details to memory.

Wesley Alderman, 32. Profession: chef. Married Delia Alderman a little over a year ago in a Vegas ceremony. She quit work shortly before they married. They live in a penthouse apartment downtown. No children. No prenup. Mr. Alderman has considerable assets to protect including his yacht, several restaurants, and vacation homes in Paris, Italy, California, and the Bahamas.

Closing the folder I stood and gathered the papers we’d be going over during the meeting. I straightened my sheath dress and slipped on my fitted cropped blazer, buttoning one button. Finally I slipped on my beige heels and it was time to go. My goal was to beat Travis to the conference room.

I’d spent the days since we’d been given the case dodging him. I was prepared for him to have all his own documents drawn up, in fact I was counting on it. Mr. Alderman would get a chance first hand to see my superior work. With a nod to Tracy I headed toward the elevator and luckily it arrived almost immediately. As the doors were closing a hand slipped in and the doors opened to reveal the man I’d been avoiding.

“I’d half hoped you had pulled out of the case Olivia.” Travis sneered as the doors closed.

I rolled my eyes as I continued to face forward. “Like I’d pass up a chance to show you how it’s done Travis.”

He snorted. “As if Barbie.”

“Hm, I though we were at work not a high school.” The doors slid open as Travis opened his mouth with a comeback. His mouth snapped shut as he saw Mr. Alderman waiting by Mary’s desk. He strode forward, hand outstretched.

“Mr. Alderman! So good to see you sir! I hope you’ve been well.” Mr. Alderman glanced briefly at Travis and then at me before turning on his heel toward the conference room. I stifled a grin as Travis quickly dropped his outstretched hand.

The men led the way and Mr. Alderman’s voice come from the front. “Well son, here are your attorneys. They are the best of this firm and will get everything squared away. This is Mr. Travis Prescott.” Travis rushed up to shake the mans hand and as he stepped out of the way I felt the blood rush from my face. “And this is Ms. Olivia Baser.”

Before me stood the man I assumed was our client. He was tall, easily 6’2. His dirty blonde hair was slicked back allowing his grey eyes to pierce into mine. The same grey eyes I’d looked into while cried out in ecstasy in my living room. I stood still, unable to move, blink, or breath. My one night stand was right here in front of me.

Panic was creeping up into my chest. What would he say? I was sure Mr. Alderman wouldn’t be too happy to find out I’d had a fling with his still married son. Sweat collected on my palms. Wes closed the space between us reaching forward to take my hand. “It’s nice to meet you Ms. Baser.” His grey eyes raked up and down my body before gave me a quick wink. The blood came wooshing back to my cheeks.

“Hello Mr. Alderman,” I said calmly.

“Oh please, call me Wes.” He walked to the other side of the conference table and sat. The other two men positioned themselves around so that I was left with the spot directly across my Wes.

“Well Wes,” I forced out the name, almost choking on it, “this all seems pretty clear cut and dry. I just need to know what reason to cite for this petition for divorce.”

“Incompatibility, irreconcilable differences, take your pick. As if it’s not all the same,” the elder Alderman huffed. I nodded as I wrote it down on the line and slid the papers across to Wes.

“This is a basic petition for divorce. I’ve outlined a few things for you to read and you’ll have to sign. We’ve been made aware of your assets and have outlined the plan to keep those in your possession. The marriage has only been a year but seeing as your wife is not working and you brought her up to a higher standered of living we do need to discuss possible alimony.”

Mr. Alderman’s fist banged against the table making us all jump. “Absolutely not! That gold digging tramp will not get a cent of mine or Wesley’s money!” I schooled my features to remain calm even though this was the first time I’d seen a partner ruffled. They always handled every situation with the greatest of ease.

“Father, this is my money, not yours. We can discuss alimony.”

“Wesley, all that I have will be yours one day, regardless of if you want it or not. You will not be giving her a cent of what is mine.”

Wes sighed as he leaned against the table, his hand massaging his forehead. I shifted slightly in my seat. Now that I was over the shock of seeing him again my mind was starting to remember the things he’d done to my body. I’d had more orgasms that night then I could count.

“Here I’ve outlined a slightly different plan of attack from Ms. Baser,” Travis cut in. As usual when he spoke I fought the urge to roll my eyes. I glanced down at the documents he slid in front of Wes. The room was silent as he read through them.

“Mr. Prescott, I appreciate the firm stance but this is all very unnecessary. My wife and I just don’t have much in common, we don’t see things the same. I rushed into this marriage and I think it’s time it ended. I don’t hate her, I just would like to leave the marriage with what I went in with.”

Mr. Alderman stood, his face flush with anger. “Since you seem to know what you’re doing I have important business to attend to. Good luck Wesley.” With that he stormed out the door. Travis collected his papers and stuck them back into his briefcase.

“I’ll leave Ms. Baser to go over these documents with you and collect your signature. Here’s my card, call me if there are any questions.” As he handed the card to Wes he glared in my direction before heading out the door.

I let out my breath slowly, taking a moment to collect myself. Then I looked up to Wes with a smile. “So Wes, this is a very basic draft for a petition for divorce. As you can see...”

“So this is what we are doing?” He asked with a smile.

“I’m sorry?”

“We are just going to pretend that I wasn’t deep inside of you last weekend?”

I glanced around the room, even though I knew we were alone I didn’t want anyone to hear. The heavy wooden door was closed and the only window in the wood paneled room was a floor to ceiling looking out across the city’s skyline. For the moment, it seemed, we could talk.

“Listen Wes, I obviously didn’t know who you were. And it was fun but now we have to be professional. If Travis or your dad found out about what happened between us,” I shuddered slightly, “It would not be good. So if you will please let me review these things with you quickly...”

Wes grabbed the papers and the pen laying by them. With a flourish he signed each paper quickly, flying through the stack without a glance. When he was finished he stood and walked around the table, perching on the side of it, an inch or two from my hand. His smell drifted to my nose, rich and masculine. I shifted in my seat as I felt myself growing wet.

“You really should read things before you sign them,” I said. I tried to sound confident and sure but it came out breathy. He smiled as he leaned down, his grey eyes connecting with my hazel ones.

“Call me a risk taker.”

“Says the man who got married in Vegas and now wants a divorce.” He threw back his head and laughed. The sound sent tingles all over my body. Feeling uncomfortable I stood and slipped the signed papers back into my folder before tucking it under my arm. “I’ll have these sent out right away. Considering your fathers pull I think this case will be expedited very quickly. We will get ahold of you when we have more to discuss.”

Before I could move his hand reached up and slid through the blonde hair hanging over my shoulder. “How about you and I meet up tonight to discuss the case? Dinner?”

I fought against the urge to lean into him and beg him to do those things he’d done to my body again. Shaking my head slightly I said, “I’m not one to mix business and pleasure Wes.”

He flashed his brilliant white smile again. “Ok so let’s ditch the business and just focus on pleasure.”

I sighed but inside my heart danced. He wanted to see me again. He wanted to take me out. Obviously I couldn’t but it felt good to know I was worth more than just the one night we’d shared. “You’re my client Wes. No more than that and I’ll treat you like any other client.”

He stood from his perched position on the table, leaning toward me. I found myself moving back, trying to keep a professional space between us until my back hit the wall and I had nowhere left to run. He towered over me, his broad shoulders blocking out the dreary conference room as he stared me down.

“Do your other clients know what it sounds like to hear you cry out as you cum?” I clenched my legs involuntarily. “Do they know the hitch in your breath when your nipples or touched?” As if to demonstrate his point he ran the pad of his thumb over my peaked nipple and my breath stopped. He grinned as he bent over so our eyes were level. “Just one date. Go out with me, I’ll make sure we aren’t seen. I want to get to know you. You’re obviously a smart and successful woman.”

My heart raced in my chest. I felt like I was burning up from the inside out. My mind was screaming for him to touch me again. To pick me up against the wall and thrust so deep the entire office could hear my cries. Instead I reached out my hand and pushed him away.

Clearing my throat I said, “And as a smart and successful woman I know when to say no and stay away. Give it up Mr. Alderman. Have a good day.” I turned and gripped the door handle, part of me waiting for Wes to stop me.

He didn’t, but behind me I heard him whisper, “I’m not giving up.”

My heart soared with the words and my body heated as I fled the conference room. Images of our passionate night together flickered through my head, begging for a repeat. But my mind knew better and hopefully that would be enough to keep me out of trouble.

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