The Defendant

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Chapter 4. Unconventional

“Wes, I told you in the office. We will not be seeing each other on a personal level and that kiss....”

He shrugged as he stopped just in front of me. I tilted my head back to look into his eyes. “No one knows we had met before. No one knows we slept together. I fail to see how meeting in private can be a bad thing.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and I fought back a laugh.

“There is the issue that you are still married.”

His smiled dropped. “Obviously when we met I knew I was leaving my wife. I’d already contacted my dad to get me in touch with a lawyer. My wife has her own separate room and we haven’t had much contact the past few weeks.” He ran his hand through his hair with a sigh. “Are you mad at me that I seduced you while still technically married.”

I bit my lip and walked over to the coffee table. The same one I’d been spread over last weekend. Again heat rushed through me as my core clenched at the memory. I picked up the pizza box and carried it to the kitchen. Wes followed, leaning against the island. I set the box down and braced myself against the opposite side of the counter.

“It makes me feel better to know you two have been separated for a few weeks before we went to bed together.”

“And to the shower and the wall and the coffee table...”

I held my hand up to stop him from continuing to remind me of all the places we’d had sex that weekend. I hadn’t even told El that he’d stayed the entire time. From the moment he came in early saturday morning he stayed until late afternoon Sunday. My body tingled as my core clenched at the memory.

“I don’t need you to remind me of the places, Wes. But we can’t do this. I am your attorney and you are my client. We have to remain professional.”

He walked around the island slowly. I turned to face him and he placed both hands on the cool granite behind me, boxing me in. He lowered his head, his eyes meeting mine before he began placing kisses and sucking gently along my neck. I bit back a moan as he rubbed his body against me.

“I want to know you Liv,” he said between kisses. “I’ll be your dirty little secret but please... let me see you.”

My body desperately wanted him to finish what he’d started but my mind was at war. The sex had been spectacular but why did he want to know me? Most of my relationships were short lived once they realized I was dedicated to my job. And this man before me could have anyone. I trailed my hands up his arms before squeezing his biceps gently and pushing him away. He didn’t fight it though he frowned at me.

“Compromise. We can continue to talk, get to know each other. But from now on nothing physical.” My words took a moment to sink in and I could see them turning over in his brain.

He smiled slightly as he leaned down again, his mouth finding the spot under my ear. His hands trailed up my side until he cupped my breast, his thumb stroking my nipple gently. “Can we start that tomorrow?” He whispered. I felt like I was burning from the inside out and I clenched my legs to gain some relief.

“No. Nothing physical.”

He pulled away again, the frown back in place as he looked me over. Then with a smirk he asked, “Do you trust me?”

Confusion filled my face as I crossed my arms. “I don’t really know you.”

“From what you know of me, do you trust me enough for tonight?”

I bit my lip as I looked from his piercing eyes, down his straight nose to his full lips. Did I trust him? Curiosity was pulling at me, wondering what he had in mind. I’d laid down my rule but would he follow it? Deciding to see where this led I nodded once. He smiled brighter as he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward my room.

Once inside he sat on the edge of my bed, arms resting on his thighs. “Take off your clothes,” he said calmly.

I stood frozen, watching him. He ran one hand through his hair. “I’ll follow your rule, promise.” Uncertainty and embarrassment warred inside of me as I fiddled with the hem of my tank top. But my curiosity won out as I tugged my top over my head and threw it aside before sliding my shorts and underwear down my legs and stepping out of them. His eyes traveled across my naked skin and I could feel the goosebumps rising.

Wes patted the side of the bed and I placed myself next to him. As soon as I was seated he stood and headed for my nightstand. “What are you looking for?” I couldn’t help but ask. This all felt so foreign and exciting.

He opened each drawer, surveying the contents before closing it. Next he opened my dresser drawers, still silent. I shifted slightly on the bed, wondering what he was searching for. Finally he opened the closest and let out an, “Aha!” before pulling down a box. My cheeks flushed as he opened the lid and smiled widely.

“Lay down Liv,” he said calmly as he set the box on the edge of the bed. I scooted backward, resting my head on the pillow while he loomed over me. Anticipation and wonder filled me, along with the ache in between my legs. He rifled through the box before speaking, “I want you to fondle your breast dear.”

My eyebrows knitted together as I watched him. He set a few things on the bed before placing his hands on his hips. “What?” I asked, at a loss for words.

He chuckled slightly. “Well, normally I’d do it but I’m not allowed to touch.” He held up his large hands and wiggled his fingers quickly. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He wanted to watch me play with myself. He wanted a show.

Before I’d had a chance to make up my mind on what to do my hands found my breasts. I cupped them, squeezing gently as I massaged them. I pinched one nipple between my thumb and finger and felt my back arch off the bed. My eyes had long since fluttered closed and I tried to focus on making myself feel good.

My eyes snapped open though at the buzzing sound that came from the foot of my bed. Standing there, right between parted legs, was Wes holding my vibrator. He held it up in one hand and it glistened slightly in the light. He must have put my lube on it. I sat up slightly. “What are you doing?” My voice was unfamiar to me. Equal parts breathy and needy. He leaned forward, holding the toy out to me.

“Use it.”

My mouth dropped open as the only sound filling the room was the persistant buzzing. He smirked before he leaned further forward, resting the toy at my entrance. The vibrations pulsed against me, firing up the need in my core. “Show me how you please yourself Liv, since I can’t do it.” He stood back and crossed his arms.

I’d told him nothing physical. Him watching as I pleasured myself surely fit that brief. I’d never done anything like this and I felt both aroused and scared. Never one to back down from a challenge I reached down and slowly pushed the vibrator passed my lips. I let out a moan, arching off the bed as I slowly pushed my toy all the way in. The bunny ears on the top pulsated against my clit making me yearn for more.

Eyes closed I slowly began pushing it in and out of me. One hand flew back to my breast, alternating between massaging and playing with my nipple. With one quick click on the end of the toy the vibrating increased and my thrusts in and out with it. My moans were coming faster as I drove myself closer to the edge. I heard a male grunt and I opened my eyes to meet Wes’s stare.

While I’d played with myself he’d opened his pants and freed himself. One hand slowly stroked up and down his impressive length as his eyes came in and out of focus as he watched me. The moment felt so intense, so erotic, and I felt the pressure building in me. Not breaking eye contact I tilted my toy slightly, putting more pressure on my clit as I slid it in and out of myself quickly. As if sensing my need he growled out, “I want to watch you cum Olivia.” I nodded quickly, working my arm as fast as it would go.

His groans filled the room as his hand increased the pace, matching my own. The pressure was immense and I cried out, “Oh god Wes!” before my breath hitched and I let out a long and loud moan. Unable to keep my eyes open I rode out my orgasm. Wetness landed on my foot and I knew Wes had found his release.

With a quick breath I flicked off my toy, pulling it slowly out of my sensitive area. I opened my eyes to see Wes leaning over the bed, both hands holding him up as his softening member lay against the front of his pants. My right foot was coated in his cum. My mind raced. Had we really just done that?

Feeling self conscious I stood and reached for my discarded clothes. Warm, calloused hands gripped me from behind, pulling me tight against him. “I know nothing physical but god damn it women you make it hard to follow your rule!”

I smiled despite myself. “It’s been less than an hour Wes. Ready to give up and call it quits?”

“Absolutely not,” he growled in my ear. He spun me around, pulling me to him before dropping the lightest kiss on my lips. “I need to go before I do something naughty.”

“And what we just did wasn’t?” I asked with a laugh. He smiled before dropping one more quick kiss on my lips. I watched as he tucked himself back into his pants.

“Text me your number tonight alright? I’ll play by your rules... for now.” With a wink he walked backwards out of the room. I stood still until I heard the front door close. I released a breath I hadn’t been aware I was holding.

Slipping back on my clothes I headed into the living room and picked up my phone. First I texted El. I knew she must be chomping at the bit to know what had happened and I knew I would tell her. Just not yet. Right now the memory was just mine. Then I pulled out the file for Wes and typed his number into my phone. Then I sent him a text.

Me: So you do that with all your women.

Wes: What women? It’s only you dear.

I smiled as I turned off the lights and headed toward my bathroom. I cleaned off my foot and my thighs before lying down on my bed. I’d tucked my toys away, sliding the box under my bed this time. My phone chirped beside me.

Wes: It was incredible, watching you cum like that. Can I do it again?

Me: Don’t press your luck Mr.

Wes: When can I see you again?

Me: In the office. When we discuss your case.

Wes: Don’t know if I can make it that long.

Me: Do your best. Goodnight Wes.

Wes: Goodnight Liv.

I plugged my phone into the charger and turned off my light. I still couldn’t believe what had happened. I’d always had rather vanilla tendencies. My friend Sofia was the self professed “sex freak” of the group but I think this would have made her proud. I snuggled into my covers as images of Wes filled my brain. I drifted off to a peaceful sleep and for once didn’t worry about if my reaccuring nightmare would strike.

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