The Defendant

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Chapter 8. The Bombshell

I woke up to a hand gently caressing my breast. With a gasp I shot up and deep laughter filled the room. “Good morning beautiful!” Wes said happily. Already I could tell he was in much better spirits than yesterday. Guess my bed will do that to a man.

He leaned over and held up a cup of coffee. “I took a guess, it’s kind of my super power. I just know how people like their coffee.”

I looked inside the mug suspiciously. It was slightly darker than normal but I took a quick sip before making a face. “Too bitter,” I spat while he laughed.

“I’m never wrong! Sure you don’t like your coffee like this?”

Setting the mug to the side I shook my head and stretched before standing. I walked toward the bathroom, quickly shutting the door behind me. This felt so natural, waking up with Wes here. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face before heading back to my room, but it was empty. Coming from the kitchen I could hear humming.

Wes stood at the stove, his shirt gone and just his jeans on. He hummed as he flipped something. “Are you cooking?” I asked incredulously.

He laughed. “It’s what I do.”

“I don’t know if that stoves ever been used,” I murmured as I poured myself a new cup of coffee, filling it full of cream and sugar until it was a light golden brown. I sat on the stool as I took a sip. The muscles on his back were rippling as he continued flipping and stirring things on my stove and I crossed my legs tightly. “I’m surprised you found enough food for breakfast in that fridge.”

He looked over his shoulder at me. “I didn’t, thank god for delivery.”

As he turned back to the food I frowned slightly. He’d made me coffee, ordered fresh food to be delivered, and was now cooking for me. We hadn’t even had sex! Feeling a bit guilty I set my cup down. “You don’t have to do all this you know.”

His shoulders shrugged as he began plating up the food. “You let me come in, drunk no less. You listened to me, made me feel a bit better. It’s the least I could do.” He slid a plate over to me, snatching a piece of bacon off as he did. He chewed on it slowly, watching me.

I grabbed the fork on the counter and cut into the pancakes. Fresh blueberry scent exploded and I took a quick bite. Unable to hold back I let out a gentle moan. Across from me Wes smiled, his eyes glinting with mischief. “That good?”

Nodding I quickly formed up another bite. “How do you do it?” I asked, not even caring my mouth was half full. He smiled wider.

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you,” he tossed me a wink before turning around and beggining to clean up. I sat and watched him as I devoured the pancakes and bacon he’d served me. When he was done cleaning up he sat down beside me.

“That’s it, you can never leave. I’m hiring you as my personal chef,” I said patting my tummy with a smile.

He bumped my shoulder with his. “You don’t have to hire me, I’ll do it for free.”

Leaning closer I asked, “What’s the catch?”

He leaned forward too, our lips just inches apart. “Spend the day with me.”

I looked up into his eyes, biting my lip. I knew that spending the day with him was a bad idea. I was already more than half in like with the guy. The story of his past was becoming just that, a story, and not at all a part of what we were growing between us. Part of me still believed I should have kicked him out last night, he’d have found some other girl who probably would sleep with him. At the thought my stomach knotted.

Somehow, the thought of him with another girl was unbearable. I wanted him here, half naked in my kitchen, cooking for me. He reached up and stroked my cheek gently with his thumb. “I can see the tug of war in your eyes, babe,” he said gently. “I’m not asking you to marry me. Just spend some time with me. We are friends now right?”

I nodded stupidly. “But I’m still your attorney...”

“No one will know. Today we can be two friends spending a Sunday together.” This is bad, I thought to myself, if I go I don’t think there will be any turning back.

Against my better judgement I nodded and he closed the distance between our lips. The taste of blueberry and salt still lingered on our lips. I ran my tongue along his, tasting it and him causing between my legs to grow wet. His hand tangled in my messy bed-head as our tongues danced. His other hand slid up my bare leg, right under my shorts and I pulled away.

“No more kissing, it makes my head go all foggy,” I groaned as I stood. “I’ll spend the day with you but you have to maintain the boundaries buddy.” He held up his hands in surrender.

“Let me go home and change and I’ll be back to get you in an hour.”

I followed him as he slid on his shirt and shoes. He pocketed his phone and flashed me a smile. “Be ready, and nothing fancy.” I watched him walk out the door feeling both sadness and relief.

If I let this man in he’d have the power to hurt me. Already I’d told him too much. Most guys didn’t learn about my adoption until much later in the relationship. It was like he had slipped past all the walls I’d put up after learning of my past. But he was leaving his wife, he had had his child disposed of. Was that a man that I could trust to keep me?

Shaking off those thoughts I went into my room to get dressed. Slipping on some skinny jeans and a light green tank top trimmed in lace I hoped this was what he meant by nothing fancy. Then again, what did I care. I wasn’t in a relationship with the more nor did I intend to be. I stripped again and put on my worn jeans and an old college T-shirt. I wasn’t going to temp fate or try to impress him. When the doorbell rang I was ready to see what the day had in store.


“He was a perfect gentleman, El,” I said as I twirled in my seat behind my desk. After giving my sister the cold shoulder for almost a week I felt like it was time to ease up. Plus, I needed to talk to someone about my day with Wes.

“So are you going to date him? It seems like he wants you,” she said excitedly.

I sighed, “There’s just so much baggage, not just his but mine too. I don’t even know if we would be good together. He’s getting a divorce for crying out loud.”

“You’re just saying that cause you like him and you are trying to sabatoge yourself.

I opened my mouth to respond when my intercom beeped. “Ms. Baser, you are needed in conference room 2A.”

“Thanks Tracy,” I said politely. She hung up and I returned to my cell, “I have to go El but I’ll call you later.”

“Ok but just think about maybe going out with Wes! I think...” I hung up before she could finish. I loved El but she wouldn’t be happy until I was married with a house full of kids.

I made my way to the conference room and as I opened the door I made eye contact with Wes. “Oh Wes, what an interesting surprise,” I said, curiosity in my voice. I noticed Travis was already there, furiously shuffling through paper work. “What’s going on?”

“Delia’s lawyer called and told me to meet them here with my team. They have something new.” My stomach sank as I stifled a groan. Knowing Delia this wouldn’t be good.

“Any ideas?”


I sat down on the other side of Wes, surprised Travis had yet to acknowledge my existence. Under the table Wes’s hand stroked my thigh, causing me to squirm slightly. We’d had a really nice time on Sunday. He’d taken me to a matinee movie, we bought one of each type of snack, stuffing our faces. Then we’d taken a walk through the park, working off the food so we could go back to my place where Wes cooked salmon. The whole time I’d been so aware of his body not touching me. Inside I’d been screaming, wanting his touch more than just our fingers brushing in the popcorn bucket. But I had been the one to set the rules and there was no way I could break them.

The room was quiet as we waited for the storm. I tried not to focus on the feel of Wes’s hand on my leg, just inches away from where I really wanted him. But once the door opened we all stood quickly. Delia flounced in with her lawyer, smiling broadly at us.

“Thanks for coming everyone, this won’t take long,” she said, gesturing to her lawyer. He shuffled forward, placing a sheet of paper on the table. He slid it forward as I reached over to grab it.

Delia’s smile made me nervous as I glanced down at the paper. From my left I could feel Wes reading over my shoulder. The header was for a doctors office. A quick scan of the page had my eyes going blurry. Feeling weightless I held it out to Wes who continued reading. When he was finished he dropped the paper in front of him where Travis scrambled to pick it up and read as well.

“It’s not fucking mine,” he growled.

Delia smiled again. “I’m approximately 8 weeks hubby, don’t you remember that vacation we took to the vineyard and we got rip roaring drunk and had sex in the....”

“Yes Delia, I remember.”

“Well, that is the date of conception. Congratulations, you’re going to be a daddy.” She smiled as she glanced at Travis and then me. “You should take this as notice that your services will no longer be required.”

My hands balled into fists as I fought back the urge to cry. Wes was going to have a baby with this raging bitch. A woman I’d hated since childhood. And I’d just spent a whole day with him, pining for him. I was so stupid. After what had happened with his last baby I knew there was no way Wes would turn his back this time. He would want to be upfront and center for that child, as he should be. My throat burned with unshed tears, desperate for release.

“I’ll see you at home babe,” Delia said, wiggling her fingers in his direction as she turned and strode back through the door, her lawyer close to her heels.

Travis looked at us, slightly flustered. “I’m not sure what to do with this sir, I’ll give you some time and you let me know how you’d like to proceed.” He collected his paperwork before strolling out of the conference room.

Wes turned to me and I flinched away, knowing he would reach for me. “I’m so sorry,” he practically whispered.

I shook my head. “Don’t. There’s nothing to be sorry for. Congratulations, you’ll make a great dad.” I headed toward the door, my eyes watering profusely and I just wanted to hide away in my office. He grabbed my arm, pulling me tight against his chest.

“People have kids together all the time, it doesn’t mean they have to be together,” he murmured, holding me tightly to him. He was right but it would feel wrong to me. I’d be keeping this kid from having a full family. With me out of the way they had a shot to work through things, even if I did know Delia to be a lying conniving bitch.

I pushed against his chest, separating us. “You need to work things out with your wife, Wes,” my lip trembled only slightly. I had to be a professional. Taking a deep breath I took another step back. “Feel free to reach out if you have any further need of our services.” With that I turned toward the door and I didn’t know if I should feel sadness or relief that Wes let me go.

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