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Layla was a quiet girl, she worked hard and loved hard. In a few weeks she is due to marry Patrick, a chef who she has known most of her adult life, But it all changes at her works christmas party, when her boss takes notice of her.

Erotica / Romance
Ayesha Rowland
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Chapter 1

I sit in the window of my favourite coffee shop, watching the world go by. A women walks past pushing a buggy with a screaming child inside, she looked tired as she stopped to pull up the babies blanket and place his dummy back in his mouth. I sip at my coffee and lazily raise my arm to check my watch, "shit it", I mutter, realising it is 8:50am and I'm due at work at 9. I down the rest of my coffee savouring the taste for a second, then throw on my coat and leave.

I walk quickly down the road, heels clicking the pavement. The office is about a 20 minute walk from the coffee shop but I make it there in 10. I glance at the window and quickly pat down my wind swept hair, I don't know what it is about london but it always feels breezier here. I push open the door and head towards the lift, our offices are on the 14th floor and on a day that I'm not running late I would take the stairs, especially if I've skipped the gym that day. The bing of the lift brings me our of my daydream and I realise I've reached my floor, I walk into the office and see a familiar face sitting at the reception desk, "Hey Amy" I sing, perching on the corner of her desk "oh hey Layla" she looks up at the clock on the office wall "running late again are we? You know, you really need to get your head out of the clouds" she giggles and turns her attention back to what she was working on, I smile at her and start walking towards my office when she calls out to me "Oh and Layla, Eric wants to see you in his office".

"Fuck" I say, before waving my hand to let her know I've heard, Eric is the owner of the companies son, when his father got older and decided he needed to take a step back, Eric stepped in. Everytime I think of him something inside me turns to goo, he has piercing blue eyes, black hair that was always perfectly gelled back and his physic looked like one of a greek gods, I would have to remind myself nearly every second I'm around him that I'm due to be married in a few weeks..

I approach Eric's office and tap on the door, his secretary calls me on, giving me the usual disapproving look, "I was told that Eric wanted to see me?" I said, looking at his shut door, "he is just on a conference call" she spat back "sit down, he will let me know when he is ready for you" she sits back at her desk, giving me one more glance, then continues working, "fucking bitch" I thought to myself. I sit down and rummage through my bag pulling out a small comb, a compact mirror and my favourite lipstick, I quickly open the mirror and comb my dark hair, it's got much longer recently and I'm in need of a good haircut. I apply lipstick and then put everything back in my bag just in time, Eric's door opens and there he is, his hair is brushed back and he is wearing a grey fitted suite, I run my eyes over him then he begins to speak, pulling me out of my trance. "Sarah, I'm going to need you to send an email to vogue about our new clothing range, they're being..." he stops noticing me sat in the corner "Ah, Layla" he says, his eyes burning through me, I suddenly feel very conscious, if I had known I would be seeing him this close today I would've dressed up a bit more, my white shirt and navy skirt just didn't cut it today. I stand up and smile "you wanted to see me sir?" I can feel his secretary glaring at me, but I can't take my eyes of the man in front of me, "yes, I did. Please come in" he moves to one side and shows me into his office, I take a seat and cross my legs, he walks around his desk and sits down, I'm so glad this desk is between us.

"So, I've been looking at our numbers and something just isnt adding up" he says tapping his fingers against the desk, "and what's that sir?" I ask, trying to not imagine his large hands on my skin, "well, you're selling so many clothes. How is it even possible? People who usually only buy a couple of hundred units are now buying up to a thousand! How? You need to let us in on this secret" he smiles and runs his hand through his hair, I giggle "honestly sir I've just built up a relationship with our clients, I've even sent them all christmas cards this year. I make a point of getting to know them, and the more they trust me and our products the more they buy." Eric smiles at me, he stands up and takes a seat next to me, "Layla, this is incredible. Remind me I owe you a drink next friday" shit, friday. Our Christmas party, how did I forget! Every year I do this and then every year I end up just throwing on a boring black dress and staying for a drink or to, as if he had just read my thoughts Eric clears his throat "yes sir, sorry. I will remind you" I smile, laying my hand on his arm even through a suite he feels toned, I quickly move my hand away. "Well perfect, thank you for stopping by. Keep up the good work" Eric smiles and opens his office door for me, I walk out smiling, noticing his secretary staring i give her a small smirk and leave.

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