B.B.C Hospital (Baptist Bayside Community)

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"Just like that you little bitch, suck all this dick."

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Episode 1: Getting Inside My Patient

"Has anyone seen Doctor Daniels! Has anyone seen Doctor Daniels!!" Nurse Margaret yells across a busy Operating Department. "He was due in surgery 30 minutes ago!" She yells then flops down into her seat at the nurses station.

Moments later a hospital wide page is sent over the speaker system, "Doctor Daniels please report to surgery, Doctor Daniels to the OR please."

"I guess that mean you have to gooooo uh." The patient said, looking down into Doctor Daniels' face. "Not so fast, I got time." The doctor responded by pulling the last tie loose on his patients' gown as his patient sat on his lap while in the chair next to the patients. It fell to the floor, and Dr. Daniels took his hand, swiftly gripping a hand full of Ta'Riqs' ass, as he pulled him down on his dick. "Damn doc, this just what a young nigga needed." "I know." Dr. Daniels said as he confessed, "I knew I was getting inside you the moment I saw you changing into your gown yesterday." Then picked Ta'Riq up laying him on his back, on his hospital bed. Pushing his knees together towards his chest.

"Please don't hurt me." Ta'Riq pleaded but that fell on deaf ears. The sound of Dr. Daniels recklessly pounding the bottom out of this patient's colon filled the closed room. So much so that a nurse walked in to check on the commotion, causing Dr. Daniels to snatch his dick out of Ta'Riq, who quickly pulled his sheet over him. "Everything ok in here?'

While all that is going on; down stairs in the community clinic, Lamar the lab assistant is standing at the bathroom door waiting on the last of his Parolee to take his drug test. "What's taking you so long in there, Sir. It's not hard to pull out your little thing, thing, and pee." Jakeem sucks his teeth, as he stands over the toilet holding his dick. He quickly looks back to see Lamar standing in the doorway picking his nails looking impatient. "Why are you looking like that?" Jakeem says softly, with a devious gold smile. "Looking like what?" Lamar quickly snapped back. "Like you trying to come help me pee." Lamar started to laugh, "Listen here I don't care how fine you are, how many golds sit in your grill, or how long and wild your dreads are. I'm not helping you pee."

By this time Jakeem dick had grown stiff and he was more than happy to turn around and show Lamar, who stood there like a deer in headlights as he saw that dick turn his way; in what seemed like slow motion. His pupils bounce in eyes, in same motion as Jakeems' dick through the air. Lamar took a step back as Jakeem took one forward. "I'm not losing my job for you." Grabbing Lamars' arm, "If we do this right you won't have too." Jakeem replied with a smirk as he pulled Lamar in the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind them. It wasn't long before Lamar was getting his throat slaughtered as he kneeled down on the tiles of the floor. "Just like that you little bitch, suck all this dick." Lamar just stared up at him with eyes streaming with water, mouth dripping with slob. "Yeah tighten up that throat for me." Jakeem told him as he patted him on the cheek.

Back up stairs in Ta'Riqs room, Dr. Daniels has Ta'Riq on all fours, making him throw his ass back on his brick hard 10. Staring at the way his ass jiggled like Jell-O, Dr. Daniels dick got so hard that he felt like it was going to bust out it's skin. That didn't stop him from throwing pipe in all in his patients stomach like it was the last nut he would ever catch. Ta'Riq gripped the mattress with both hands and bit into the sheet. Grunting loudly as he took his punishment. "Fuck this shit too fucking good I'm about to flood you already." Dr. Daniels stuttered as he released himself inside Ta'Riq. Pulling out and patting his cream covered dick on his patients ass crack. "I'll be back for a follow-up." He told him, as tucked his meat back into his slacks before he walked out and left for surgery.

Walking into the OR, "There he goes!" Nurse Margaret says in relief. "We need you in OR 7 right away the patient is on the table.

"Open your mouth wider. Open up." Jakeem told Lamar as he leaned over and clinched his head into a lock. Forcing dick in and out his mouth, jamming until finally Jakeem pulled his dick to the opening of Lamars' lips then pushed towards the back of his throat, oozing out cum as he made his way into the lab assistants chest. Holding his dick there until every pulse of nut his body had, left. Lamar yanked his head back, coughing and gagging. "What the fuck, eww nigga you came in my mouth." Jakeem laughed pulling Lamar up to his feet. "Get over there." He told him. Looking crazy and still in shock about the mouth full of cum. "Go where." He pouted, "We done enough." "Man get your ass on over on the toilet. Jakeem told him with authority.

Lamar did as he was told, with his hand against the wall, and his head knocking against his hand. Lamar took the Parolees' dick while bent over on the toilet. Jakeem pushed down on Lamar lower back, bouncing off his ass, while Lamar struggled to keep quiet, but the former inmates' dick was hitting all the right spots and the lab assistant couldn't help but coo and groan as that stuff wood divided him.

A knock on the bathroom door, made them both freeze. "Lamar are you in there?" A voice on the opposite side of the door asked. Jakeem gripped the back of Lamars' neck then continued to feed him hard dick, using his other hand to grip open an ass cheek. "Don't say shit, just take this dick." Jakeem told him, speeding up his stroke. "Yeah I see this ass getting wet, leaking onto the floor and shit." Jakeem said smiling. "This some good ass pussy, you know that? Shit so fucking good and wet! Like my baby mama sister pussy." Jakeem confessed then pulled out and spewed his cum all over both Lamars' ass cheeks.

"You know you still got to take your drug test right?" Lamar said. "Bro chill, just put that I passed, because I know imma fail. You probably could taste the weed in my nut." Lamar cut his eye over at Jakeem, who was fighting back laughing. He came up on Lamar taking a handful of his ass, "Please do this for me, and we can do this again." Lamar sucked his teeth. "Man whatever just go." Jakeem kissed Lamar on the neck then zipped up his pants. "Thank you so much, I really appreciate that shit man. He told him as he reached for the door handle.

As the door closed, Lamar reached for Jakeem specimen cup, then filled it with his urine. Lamar looked down at the specimen and shook his head whispering, "What the fuck did I just do."

A good three hours later, Dr. Daniels leaves out the surgery rooms, heading towards the waiting room to talk to the family. As he enters the patient's family rise to their feet. "Doctor how did it go?" His wife asked. While what looked like her grown son and daughter stood by her side. "Everything went great and he should be back to normal in a couple weeks." Immediately the wife grabs and hugs Dr. Daniels, then the daughter, and lastly the son, who Dr. Daniels wrapped his arms around and gripped tight. So much so that the son had to let out an exhale. The look Dr. Daniels gave this young Hispanic man, would make you believe he was a whole snack ready to be eaten up right in front of his mom. Dr. Daniels retreated from the waiting room as he felt his dick losing control of itself. He didn't want it to make an appearance while he had on his scrubs.

He made his way back towards the locker room, as he pushed the door open, "Doctor! Doctor!" He heard as he took a step in, Dr. Daniels, took a look back to see his patient's son running up behind him. "Yes, how can I help you?"

"My mom had another question Doctor." With all teeth showing, Dr. Daniels told the young man, "Come in the lockers and ask me, I have to change quickly." As the patient son passes under his arm into the locker room, Dr. Daniels looks up to the ceiling and whispers "Thank you."

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