Lady winter: a ghost story

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when a 25 year old mountaineer decides to try Everest as her first mountain she first falls in love with her sherpa guide where she learns tantra as she falls in more and more in love. she makes more mistakes and she dies. after her sudden death she comes back as a ghost to let her lover know that she still loves him and visits him in his dreams and meditations.

Erotica / Romance
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Lady of the winter: a ghost story

Nobody climbs mountains for scientific reasons. Science is used to raise money for the expeditions, but you really climb for the hell of it.

- Edmund Hillary

We do not ignore the use of the meaning in dreaming

-tenzin norgay

All her life since growing up in the alps, mimi always loved mountains and the idea of mountaineering. Her parents thought she was more monkey then human as ahe climbed every tree in their orchard and every pile of rocks as a kid. As mimi grew older she graduated to rock climbing, reading mountaineering books and novels and listen to smutty music. Her facorite bands where brooke candy and lords of porn metal and other obscene things that can be out to music. Her favorite books where banner in the sky, amoung other mountaineering classics. If it didnt have the bamf mountain book award she didnt read it. and as finished school she said fuck college i am climbing for a living. And bought an ice axe. Soon she strayed from her parents strict catholic rules and converted to buddhism. This was the final straw and her parents kicked mimi out and disowned her.

She took to a job and saved up to go to and live in Nepal. Where she would try her hand at Everest. Her first mountain. This took her five years and three jobs later to get there. For the next three month in nepal she lived in a hostel until she got her gear and her and her friends hiked up to everest base camp.

There she saw many beautiful and colorful prayer flags buy the hundreds and sherpas and many activity.

Her friends wanted to o back to France where they could shop and live a real life.

Before they left her friends noticed that she and a sherpa named yeshe tenzin started to full in love.

When mimi and yeshe started to make love in her tent her friends walked in a were so spooked that they decided they went back to friends.

Yeshe looked more like a monk but wasn't, he had guages in his ears and piercings and shaved head.

He was into rock and roll and tantra and the kama sutra and art. He was a hippy but had to make a living his living as a guide. He was no older than mimi.

Every chance they had during the rest period the made love where he kissed her chakras ending in kissing her womanly parts and then the would 69 eachother. Ske kissed and sucked his flesh and he kissed her womanly parts. She discovered that he was a good lover and he was special to her. Then he mentioned that was inlove with her and that she was his sweetheart.

She kissed the cum off his lips and mouth ently and passionately. The feel of his lip piercings on her lips and toung was pleasurable and drove her to kiss him deeper.

"If you want to do a solo trip up, i am yours," yeshe kissed her. "My love"

He called her the lady of the winter in his languages, Nepalese, sherpa and Tibetan.

She loved this.

On the finally night yeshe taughter some kama sutra and tantra. This pleasure was to much that when she climaxed she screamed om mani padme hum ri.

It was a full moon night and she emerged from the tent. When out what was supposed to a flat rock and danced naked. He chased after her as he tried to grab is temptress he kissed her in the moonlight. She was to surprised and taken back that slipped from his grasp and of the rock and felt to her death. The next day he built a stupa and put prayer flags all over it...with mimi's name in tibetan and also in Tibetan the phrase i love you. Kaywronglagopo.

He was so grief stricken that he back a monk. Where he descented into madness.


It wasnt to long that mimi started to visit yeshes dreams. The dreams where realistic to the point where he want hatd and could feel her flesh stroking him and her lips touching his and her toung slipping i to his mouth, seeing her face as she kissed him. In these dreams he returned the favour my kissing her back whilethrusting his flesh into hers. Then she would disappear and yeshe woke up asking for her....but he realized that now he was a monk, with impure thoughts of his only girlfriend, event though she was dead he still llve her.

The erotic senations still there made him cry. It should have been him after he was responsible for her wellbeing whike climbing. Because of him she never ot to fullfil her dreams accept for finding love.

He would try to go about his duties and day but meditation was a killer. Instead of seeing the Lama's face or that of buddha he saw mimis face. He tryied to focus on the medtitation but she always showed up. And the erotic sensations and dreams came up.

He soon had to take up stroking himself to relieve the emotions but he they still showed up in his mind.

It got to the point that in the middle of the night yeshe would wander the halls of the monastery crying out her name. Oh what a beautiful sounding name....mimi.

But that wasnt enough as that he had suicidal thoughts domething agsindy buddhism. The only cure was

That he lived and meditated on the every rock that he lost her.

His self stroking stopped but his mental and physical health declined. As the at the body as closer to him then he thought.

With the cold air and the diseases from the body, yeshe soon developed a deadly plague.

He was inhes with in his life near the stupa when i climber noticed him slumped over and classed for help.

Soon yeshe was in a hospital in Kathmandu and wishing he was dead.

He took out his ivs many times and had to be restrained.

It took month of treatment for the physical illness to disappear for good and for him to be healthy again.

But .....he had to institutionalized for a while for his suicidal thoughts. Thank god he keep a picture of his beloved and him before all this horror started as proof that he wasn't insane. His councilor said that he was sorry for the loss and that he was to see a psychiatrist to help with the chemical embalances caused by this deep sadnessness.

After the medication yeshe felt back to him old self, except from the odd dream or vision.

Soon when eerything was somewhat undercontroll yeshe go mimi's name tatttooed in Tibetan with the portrait of the two of them his wrist will be a portable shrine to the love thst was cut short. All though he wasnt a monk anymore he refused to date anyone else, or to be near the mountains. So he moved to france the home land of his sweetheart and taught people art and art therapy for peoplehe lost loved ones.

He lived in the same town as her family in the alps to so he could talk to his loves family whom refused to talk to him at all costs.

He wanted just to make things right again.


When yeshe fell asleep he had another erotic dream that of many. Only this ones was simple. He said in his dairy thathe was holding and be held close to mimi as she kissed him

His lips strayed from hers and he suckled her breastes as he thrusted into her and the kissed herbelled button and then her sex. He said tht she taste as always. In his diary he felt a closeness to her like never before as she for gave him for his mistakes.

Yeshe woke up crying and writing in his diary that he planned on making things right fir her family. Her friends he thought were snobby but her parents he ouded it to them to sorry for for they produced a beautiful woman.

He went up to mimi's parents house with a lawyer and letter saying that he was sorry for the death of thei daughter.

The parents were outraged at first but when they mediated and talked. They realized it was no ones fault except theirs for kicking her out. When they read yeshes letter they reallized that this guy actually loved and cared for her and still did.

"I guess you dont need me mr. Tenzin so i will be off and my bill in the mail." They lawyer said leaving. The family offered topay the fees and let yeshe in to the family and home as a quote son in law.

He just wished that mimi was with him.

As he looked around he saw pictures of mimi as she grew up...growng ever so beautiful. He cried. Mummbling om mani padme hum as if asking for all his bad karma and deeds would be forgiven and she would be back to left.

Then he went into her room read a chicken soup for the soul book that was put into french and one of the quotes in the book said that things happen to us for a reason. Another quote was that healing was about excepting not forgeting. He read the book i surpising spead.

Then that night as he slerp in the guest room, his room, he thought of the love mimi and him shared as a sand mandala beautiful memorable and impermanent. Avepting that thought he went off to sleepwith those quotes in mind began to avcept impermanence into his life.

After a year of comming to france he wake up to the family ritual of watching the news. After the segment on trump and Iran they started talking about finding a body on Everest....who was ided as mimi oliveia's body.yhry sound that every the examining of the body that she was just starting her first trimester.

She was pregnant with my child, yeshe thought to himself. Then the greif came back.

After learning this yeshe couldnt take it anymore even with her parent kindness and help hekilled himself. Hoping to be with his beloved mimi and their child.

He left no note.

But a poem from the sixth Dalai Lama

Called the sorrowful heart.


Mimis parents had her body flewn back to france to be buried with yeshe but not in the cemetery but deep in the alps which out reminiscent of himalayas. Where the two lovers met.they bejurdgeingly didnt have a catholic but a buddhist funeral for yeshe and mimi.....their graves were marked with Tibetan prayer flags.

It is said that every full moon its said them same in Nepal that you seem the ghost coupling with eachother and then disappear.

The branch of blossoming hollyhock s

Goes a an offering to the alter

"Please begs" the turquoise bee

The young one, "take me with you!"

Stallion on a frozen lake: love songs of the sixth Dalai Lama (page 18)


Rigdzin tsangoyango gyatso

Hope you enjoyed my little sad ghost story. Stay tuned for more love, horror and ridiculousness.


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