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In the world of Minecraft, there are only two truths. Survive the Night. and Build. Follow Jenny's Odd Adventures as she rediscovers this wonderful world full of fun, crafting, and ...pleasure? Tribute to Slipperyt, a Minecraft porn animator I admire.

Erotica / Adventure
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Wither Boss

This is a pilot chapter of sorts, separate from the main storyline. It’s intended use is as a gauge of whether to continue reading or not. Fair warning, the chapters are full of mature content, and only get longer from here. I hope you enjoy my work, and have fun while reading!

Summary: Jenny visits the Nether to fight the Wither, but she is unprepared for what’s to come.

Jenny visits the nether to fight the Wither boss, loaded up with potions, food, and armor. As she places the last wither skull upon the soul sand structure, it comes to life with a massive roar! Jenny fights with all she has, but to no avail, she is just not made for fighting. Her health bar declining, and armor breaking, Jenny begins throwing random items from her inventory in a feeble attempt to damage the massive mob. Despite her incessant barrage of Knick knacks and random blocks, the Wither draws forward, drawing closer with each nonexistent step. Just as it’s about to be upon her, Jenny throws out her last item. A potion of healing. HER potion of healing. The Wither is knock back suddenly, faltering a little as something of a haze washes over his mind. He barely manages to shake the fog from his mind, training his eyes back on our scared protagonist. What had looked like a simple player was replaced by a curvaceous lady, her entire being jiggling deliciously as she scrambled backwards across the nether rack floor, not that she could escape anyway. Cornered like a wild animal, Jenny kneels on the edge of the floating platform, stuck between a hot lava bath and an explosion of doom. Hovering ever closer, the Wither towers over Jenny’s tiny form, his hungry eyes dragging up and down her voluptuous silhouette before settling at her ample cleavage. It’d been a while since he saw such an alluring player.

The fire in his loins growing larger, he floats closer, pushing his hips forward. Jenny gasps as the Wither’s previously nonexistent penis begins to harden to full mast. Meaty flesh pours out of his midriff, the hefty package throbbing to life as he ogles Jenny’s breasts. Jenny’s jaw drops as it continues to lengthen, the thick pulsing shaft almost as thick as the Iron golem’s, but it was sooo much longer. Jenny can’t help but chew on her lip as her inner voice takes over, thoughts of how good it would feel slamming inside her, rearranging her insides. The imposing mob edges closer, its massive mob dick swaying closer until it’s standing in front of her, painfully erect as the fat cock head leaked a glop of thick precum. Jenny can’t help but moan quietly as she stares down its long shaft, his throbbing pole pointing directly at her plush cock sucking lips. Tearing her eyes away from its girthy breeding tool, Jenny’s eyes crawl downwards, aiming to stare into her hands, but her eyes catch on his hefty cum-filled balls, the gray sack heavy and sagging with weight. “Oh Notch...” Jenny breathes out, her willpower waning as her mind’s eye sees herself sucking on those heavy nuts, rolling them around in her mouth as her hands explore his cock shaft. Jenny’s mind fills with naughty thoughts as its cock musk floods her nose, the lewd scent flooding her mind with images of her lustful pets, their randy behavior reminding her that she needed to survive no matter what. Jenny’s eyes can’t help but travel back to his trembling man meat, a thin trail of saliva running from the corner of mouth. It was just begging to be touched.

Unable to resist any longer, Jenny kneels closer, her delicate hands hesitantly wrapping around its girthy cock shaft, absent-mindedly licking her lips as she took long slow strokes. Jenny can’t help but marvel at the sheer size of his member, she had one as a pet so she knew this fact intimately, but he was hung like a horse! Her hands could barely fit around his entire shaft, filling her soft palm nicely. Gulping, Jenny bites on her bottom lip, hesitating as she thinks of what the Wither could do to her if she let it. Her mouth unconsciously hangs open, her tongue hanging out and leisurely drawing closer to his engorged shaft, bits of saliva dripping from the tip. Jenny couldn’t wait any longer, she just had to taste it! Her hands jerk its long shaft as her skilled tongue cleans his cock, leaving no nook or cranny of his genitals unlicked for long before she would return to slather it with her tongue. Wanting to drink from the tap, Jenny takes a lazy lick from the base of his cock to his gray cock head, trailing kisses along his cumvein before latching her hungry mouth onto his leaking tip. While her hands milk his shaft, Jenny slurps up the copious amount of precum oozing from his tip, savoring the goopy texture on her tongue. Jenny could feel the veins on his cock contracting and expanding, sending as much blood to his cock as possible, anything to heighten the pleasure he was feeling. As one hand stroked its shaft, the other slowly slid down to his nutsack, cupping and kneading the cum-filled orbs, engorged with years of built up cum. They felt so heavy in Jenny’s hands, she could just imagine how pent up he was, no wonder he’d tried to explode her! Increasing her mouth’s suction, Jenny looks up, making intimate eye contact with the sex starved Wither, his eyes glazed over as he watched Jenny slobber on his fuck meat. He was close, she could tell. His heavy balls were swelling with seed, the veins on his shaft tensing as it prepared to unload a thick batch of baby batter. Jenny can’t help but giggle a little as she stops all stimulation, the Wither’s empty thrusts into the air foretelling his urgency to cum, but Jenny wasn’t going to let him unload just yet. As his cute little thrusts slow down, Jenny resumes, letting her hands work his shaft while she snacked on his balls. Her face was buried in them, the heavy orbs no doubt full of unspent sperm, swollen with gloppy cum to fill someone with. His cock was a monster, but his balls weren’t far behind, the colossal balls were so big and heavy, like coconuts full of sperm! Jenny just couldn’t get enough, licking and sucking on his heavy spunk bunkers like a wanton whore, sucking the flabby skin into her mouth for her to clean before letting it fall out with a loud, pop! These babies were just so full, Jenny could just imagine how much seed he was going to plant. She was in for a treat.

Just as her cock teasing is reaching the climax, the Wither almost does too, desperately thrusting into Jenny’s hands for any friction, any stimulation, anything to relieve the aching in his nuts. The domineering mistress that she is, though sometimes submissive slut, Jenny expertly dodges every thrust, leading him away from the dangerous lava’s edge as she prepared the stage for the next step. Cupping his balls one more time, Jenny estimates that they’re swollen with at least a few gallons of sperm, an enviable amount, but she could still feel a bit of sag in them... Kneeling back down, she tosses aside her leather armor, practically bursting at the seams as her bubbly breasts bounce from the movement. She easily slaps his throbbing cock meat between her breasts, her ample cleavage swallowing the shaft whole, much to the Wither’s pleasure. With a tight cocksleeve to fuck, the Wither happily thrusts away, pounding Jenny’s love pillows as his balls bulge with cum, the plump sacks of man milk filling nicely as Jenny tittyfucked him into oblivion. Now how did Jenny know that the Wither was enjoying it? From the incessant throbbing of his cock of course! The more his man meat throbbed and pulsed, the more sure she was that he was going to ravage her like a wild animal, as hard as he could until he shot load after load deep into her waiting womb... Jenny gasped in pleasure as one of his thrusts rubs up against her erect nipple, the sensitive bud earning a lewd moan from Jenny, who’s busy fantasizing about being pumped full of baby batter.

Just as the Wither is about to unload again, Jenny blue balls him yet again, letting his hefty package flop free from the soft warm prison that was Jenny’s precum drenched cleavage. Craving the titty flesh, he’s about to just push Jenny over so that he can use those love pillows to his heart’s desire, but Jenny is one step ahead! Before he can even approach, she’s already lain back, spreading her legs wide as her glistening pussy lips are exposed to the hot Nether air. As much as Jenny liked to get covered in cum, she loved to be filled with it. A lewd sex drunk smile spreads across her face as the Wither approaches, his massive member pulsating with need, near eruption, only needing something to unload into. Jenny’s pussy was drenched with her sweet nectar, the Wither’s eyes on her sending pleasurable shivers down her spine, looking at her as if she was just a piece of fuck meat, meant only for taking thrust after thrust of from throbbing cock meat, then happily receiving load after load of his fertile monster cum. And Jenny was just that, at least for tonight. In the end she wasn’t here for some ice cream on her tits, she was here for a thick and messy cream pie. The Wither trudges over, a little hesitant after getting blue balled repeatedly, his nuts inflated with numerous loads of cum, but enticed nonetheless. When Jenny doesn’t move, he hesitantly slaps his throbbing member in between her thighs, his fat cock head splattering goopy precum in between Jenny’s boobs. He gives a few tantalizing thrusts against her stomach, his heavy balls eliciting a loud moan from Jenny as they slapped against her trembling pussy. Jenny was already a sopping mess, but the sight of his dick against her stomach, the monster of a cock marking out how deep it could go, was almost enough to make her cum. The Wither, unknowing of the lustful blender he was putting Jenny through, slowly pulls back his throbbing monster meat, perching its steaming cock head against Jenny’s puckered love hole. He rubs against her a few times, seemingly denying her satisfaction, but just as Jenny thought it he was teasing her, he slams his cock in. With a single animalistic thrust that stretches Jenny’s tight pussy wide, the Wither penetrates her completely, bursting past her cervix, pushing into her womb, and pushing aside her organs as it bottomed out inside her. Jenny barely has time to acclimate before he begins thrusting, savage deep strokes that slapped her unfillled asshole with its hefty ballsack. He pounded her like a mob on a mission, not giving her any time to rest, using her as a cocksleeve to sate its own lust. And Jenny was loving every moment, the succulent slut. She couldn’t help but moan lewdly as the Wither’s massive cock made love to her inner sanctum, only egging on his ferocious assault that bulged out her stomach. “Pound me! Slam that fat cock deep into me!” Jenny cheered from below, pusing into him with each thrust to maximize penetration. This was exactly what she’d been waiting for, the entire reason she’d edged him for so long! Each slam sent ripples through her body, her tits jiggling back and forth, her plentiful ass meat jerking each time his heavy balls plopped against her backside. Jenny is tempted to try and edge him some more, but is too tired from countless orgasms back to back, the Wither’s feral pounding sending her well over the moon in pleasure. With his cock sheath unable to run away, the Wither speeds up his thrusts, short and fast strokes that left always half full of monster meat. Jenny could sense he was about to cum, and she welcomed it with open arms, or an open womb to be exact. Jenny tries to relax as she feels his balls pull up against her bottom, slamming his cock in to the hilt as he flooded her pussy with a hot load of cum. The first rope hit deepest, a splash of white milk that she could feel in her stomach, and it just kept cumming. It was a fireman’s hose and she was the fire, pouring in rope after rope of thick virile cum even after Jenny was filled to the brim, jets of its goopy spunk leaking from her well filled pussy. More and more of its goo was pumped into Jenny, her stomach expanding to fit the numerous loads she’d prepared, her eyes rolling back and tongue lolling out of her mouth in cock drunk pleasure as she made high pitched squeaks while climaxing. As the last batch of its hot cum shot deep into her uterus, Jenny couldn’t help but feel something was missi-


A massive explosion rocketing Jenny off its cock and onto the ground in a splash of cum and nether rack. When Jenny came to, she was face to face with three floating Wither skulls, each sporting a massive hard on ridiculously huge for its small size. She could’ve laughed if not for her already thinking of what they could and would do to her. Apparently, when the Wither came, it had lost its lower half, being reduced to three floating heads with dicks. But that didn’t bother Jenny, she was just happy to have more playthings! Judging from their throbbing erections, they were ready to go when was, she was surprised they hadn’t just used her while she was knocked out! As a reward for their patience, she begins by deepthroating one of them while her hands rhythmically jerk off the other two, their tips dripping precum on her hands and down her throat. Even in their separated state, each one had a set of heavy gray balls that bounced along with each stroke and swallow, swollen with the leftover cum the Wither hadn’t unloaded. No wonder the Wither could store so much, he had three pairs of balls! Well, considering that Jenny was the one that had caused it to have so much built up cum, it was only fair that she helped them empty that pent up spunk. Speeding up her pace, Jenny eagerly slurps up their precum, aiming their cocks towards her face as they began to shoot, thick ropes of Wither cum slopping onto her in waves. They shower Jenny in baby batter, painting her open mouth and big breasts a creamy white, some of it even dripping down onto her inflated stomach and jiggly butt. Jenny made a mental note to herself, they hadn’t cum as much as their parent, but it was definitely a lot more widely spread. I guess you could say she avoided a hot lava bath by taking a steaming cum bath instead! Thankfully, they still seemed raring to go. Assuming the doggy position, the floating dicks are quick to take their places. One fucking her mouth, and the other two fighting for which one got to stretch her tight little asshole. After jostling for position, they agree to alternate between her pussy and ass, collectively messing up her insides with their pulsing cock meat. Jenny can’t help but gag a little as the one in her throat thrusts deeper, its lengthy member pushing her head back as it filled up her vacuum of a throat with its girth. The two at her backside are no less rough, crudely slamming heir enormous cocks into Jenny’s pussy and asshole, never leaving one or the other unfilled. With every hole plugged, Jenny can only climax in pleasure as she remembers to breath, greedily sucking on the cock in her throat and guzzling the delicious precum that it was pumping down her throat. Jenny didn’t know how long they could go for, but she would happily be their personal cumdump until they were empty of all their yummy cum. Long after their initial encounter, the triple dick trio feel the pressure building up in their loins for the last time, the cum in their balls boiling for release. One last time, they unload their steaming baby batter deep into Jenny’s body, the perfect cocksleeve to take care of their nutritious and fertile cum until the next time they were summoned. Jenny moans goodbye to the triple dick trio as they pump her full of baby batter, she was a turkey on Thanksgiving Day, filled to the brim with cum stuffing.

As Jenny basks in the afterglow of “defeating” the Wither, she feels something inside her womb, besides all the cum. Leaning back and spreading her legs, she pushes and pushes, gallons of thick monster cum pouring out of her in a stream of white. After what felt like an eternity, and a few minor orgasms, she feels something lodge at her pussy lips, just barely squeezing out with a loud pop! It was the nether star that she’d been searching for! Now she could finish her long-awaited project...

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