Sex, drugs and mountain and silk

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young mountaineer johnniece comes to Kathmandu to climb Everest, she loves in love with a tibtan Lama and her lazy stoner friend tries to ruin everything

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

When johnniece and her friend foxy went shopping in Kathmandu. Only johnniece was agopping for books and climbing gear where her friend was shopping for clothes and hashish for foxy was a stoner.

Johnnieces despite her western her name she was part Tibetan, sherpa and irish. She found out that she was adopted by a french Canadian couple who wont talk about her Himalayan and irish heritage until she was 15 went her father drunk blabbed about it enraging her mother to the point if divorce.

Since then johnniece thought of traveling to the Himalayas to to climb and live there.

She only had the one friend foxy who was nothing but trouble though repsectful of johnniece. But that didnt satify her parents.. fast forward three years later johnniece dropped out of high school just before graduation and dragged foxy to Kathmandu where they are now.

While shopping and gearing up around the own johnniece notice in the old part of town that an older tibetan Buddhist Lama keep an eye on her.

As few days before leaving the hostel the mysterious monk showed up at the door of johnnieces room. And want to talk. While they talked the monk left her a note that was writen in brokern English.

Nane tenzin tsangoyang. I am busdhist lama. I am about to brake vows wgen i said this but i find yku beautiful abd charming. Hope dont mind age

Love you


She took the note and ran after the monk. He most of been of the 60s or 50s

But she didnt care she ran after him.

When johnniece aughter up to tenzin

She would not to talk to him. As they tooked in his room she found out that he was not as mysterious as before.

Tenzin said that he left eastern Tibet when his parents were tortured to death infrom of him. He ran off to nepal to become a monk could help but feel un moved.

There in the incense filled and candle lit room johnniece fell in love and shared her first kiss at 18 with a 50 something Lama.

When it was time to leave she tried to leave but he gently said that loved her and wanted to kiss her some more.

So she stayed and made out with him, she hit all four bases and soon tenzin was making love to her. Something that she thought would not happen as he kissed her breasts and suckled them. Soon he was socing himself into her she wanted to scream in pleasure but he shhhed her

She forgot she was doing something forbidden in a monastery.

"Before you leave lovely mountaineer, i whish to teach you tantra and the sutra."

She hearing that came back and kissed him.

"We will have to visit in your hostel as i cannot be with you here." He said.

She left still holding hands and soon left the room.

She want back to the hostel and thanking god she was in her own room.

There she teased herself until she moan or when breakfast came....which ever came first.

The next day tenzin ptomised to be with her in her hostel every day to make love and teach her tantra and kama sutra. Which couldn't wait for. Being with him.

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