Mountaineering and desire

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Johnniece leaves a blood bath.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

All the time johnniece in solitary confinement she started to starve her self slowly to death. It was a master plan to make the goverment of canada to suffer for her mistakes. Instead of owning up to her actions.

She took that shamk that she was making and sharpening for six months and cute into her wrist free Tibet

But the blood clotted before she could die because of massive dehydration that she impossed on her self as well as starvation. It could have saved her but she to the shank and stabbed herself in the next with it know from experience that the blood would squirt out. When she stabbed her self she took the shank out and wrote in her blood i love you precious tenzin in tibetan.

Making her self out to be a freedom fighter and pow instead of a serial killer.

The text morning when they checked and didn't chanting from her ceil they brumm rushed them selves into a blood bath.

When they realized what had happened they thought of problems with the free Tibet people and had to keep this quite.

They then decided to out the blame on the chinese gang bangers and white Supremacist groups as a cover up and had every one of those two groups in solitary.

But the hippies and activists got wind of the suicide and called it a travesty of human rights and a crime against Tibet.

Soon they say to the news that canada has alined its self with china and killed a woman.

These groups where being a pain in the ass and they were all arrest for terrorism.

This was the first that the Canadian public hard of buddhist terrorists over a serial killer.

The controversy over her death still remains unclear as to fit was murder or suicide.

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