Broken love

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tantric sex and love slave

Erotica / Horror
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Chapter 1

How the fuck i ended up being chained in a senior Lama's bed room was odd but i will tell you.

I had a lover from the japanese yakuza who promised me that no one would touch me under his watch. He were club hopping and kissed in an alley way oh the stench of urban decay....when i felt like throwing up.and passing out.

The rest was a fucking black out for some fucked up reason.

But as i look around my eerie and ceeepy surroundings i couldnt help that feel like the yakuza had some thing to do with this.

Then monk/ monster came in and u locked me from the shackles i wasnt free as he grapped me by the fucking hair to the point where i thought it was going to rip out of my scalp and he said some in Tibetan something semeaning and evil.

The he held my head in a chocking manner and ad he choked the air out of me kiss forced his tounge inyo my mouth

I bit it say fuck you

He slapped me and said something again in tibetan.....problably in the likes of a woman should know her place in buddhism. He kicked me

In the stomack and change me up yet again.

I was shaking in the cold , wearing nothing but lingerie and a light robe draped around me.

I couldnt help but hear other young woman in the room. I couldnt tell as it was candle lit.

When the sinsiter Lama left...i asked one of the voices what he said.

A female voice with a heavy chinese accent said that he would rape me and if i didnt lke it that he would torture me.

But why i asked

She said anyone who looked chinese and was female were being sold into tantric sex slaverly to monasteries in tibet where they were abused.

I could feel the colour leave my face and i wanted to pass out some more.

Didnt this idiots know that i was Korean and Japanese....not han chinese and even if i was i had nothing to do with Tibet or its conflict.

I was screamimg but the voice said thst they will sodomize me if i kept screaming.

There i decided to just weep

Until i either walk up from this trippy nightmare or died.

So i passed out and then i walk chained to his bed by one hand.

The shouldnt bee happening i though

Then the dreaded foot steps came closer and closer.

Was the triads, tongs and yakuza involved with this deplorable thing.

How many other girls have been victimized.

Soon the monster come...

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