All My Husbands

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The year is 1965. Now imagine being the only woman a small town of men had ever seen. Well, that is what happened to Winnie. Always a loner, Winnie went on a road trip alone to discover herself. But did that and more. She ended up falling in love and married to multiple men. But can she keep them all when a group of women come to town? Based in the 1960s. This is an instalove story.

Erotica / Romance
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This story is set in 1965.

The town - Woodford.

Main characters -

Winifred Dixon, also know as Winnie, Queen, love, goddess. 18/19. Helps at diner and with electrical issues, owns bakery.

The Hunter Brothers -

The triplets -

Ford, Frank, Freddy. 6 when town fell sick, now 42.

The twins - Angus, Andy. 1 when town fell sick, now 37.

Hunt animals, fish. Handy men. Brew beer.

The James Brothers -

Twins - Lloyd, Lee. 5 when town fell sick, now 41.

Twins - Ian, Issak. 3 when town fell sick, now 39.

Raise life stock.

The Harrison Brothers -

Twins - Walter, Wayne. 4 when town fell sick, now 40.

Twins - Harry, Hadley. 3 when town fell sick, now 39.

Grow grain and vegetables, fruits.


Other town members -

The Jones twins - Graham, Gary. 19 when town fell sick, now 55. Graham the mayor, runs local diner and legal registrar. Gary the sheriff and runs local bar.

The Richards twins - Jake, Jimmy. 21 when town fell sick, now 57. Jake is a lawyer, helps at farm and fruit/veg picker.

Jimmy is a Doctor and vet at the farm.

Eldery residents - Kurt, Ray, Mike. All 80+. Mike retired priest.


Other people -

Edward Dixon. 39. Winnie's alcoholic father. Electrician.

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