De Luca [On Temp HIATUS]

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**Please, only 18+ readers. This book contains mature content, such as mature scenes, strong language, abuse, rape, murder, etc. I have never written anything as brutal, but there will be trigger warnings and options not to read before the chapters begin. Please don't take this first warning lightly. At the end of this book, there will be a page solely for the meanings of some of the Italian words.** ------------------ Zia Russo is still trying to get over her abusive relationship with Michael Bronsten. When he tries to create more problems for her, Wesley Rox is there to help. Only, Zia doesn't want or need his help. Wesley is Cyrus De Luca's right hand man, Cyrus being the Don for the Italian mafia. Leader of the Russian Syndicate, Adrik Ivanov Volkov hasn't seen her in years. Ever since his father ordered him to take her away from the De Luca's, he wasn't allowed contact. He was sure that taking her to America would keep her away from Cyrus, if only to keep her for himself. Adrik's father did promise that if she never met or knew about Cyrus, then he could have her to himself. In his six foot glory, Cyrus is the Italian mafia's capo; which means he shouldn't and can't be messed with. When he finally finds Zia Russo, his beloved, Cyrus is determined not to let anything get in his way of happiness- not even her past.

Erotica / Thriller
Z. B. Row
4.8 11 reviews
Age Rating:

1 - Punch


“You bitch!”

Punch punch.

“Why don’t you ever listen to what I say?!”

Punch punch punch.

“I’ll fucking kill you! I’ll slit your damn throat!”

I threw four consecutive punches then put my bandage wrapped hands on my head, trying to regulate my breathing. The bag swung angrily back and forth, it made me think of the wind chimes on my porch. I smiled as I grabbed my towel and wiped the sweat from my forehead and neck.

I laid it on my shoulders and walked towards the door, but I was stopped by a voice. “Well, if it isn’t Miss Zia Russo herself.” I tensed. He shouldn’t be here, but nothing has ever stopped him before. I heard footsteps behind me and forced myself not to flinch. I wouldn’t let him know just how much he affected me.

“What do you want Michael?” I turned to him fully, he looked exactly the same. Although his hair was a bit longer, he still looked like an asshole.

Michael Bronsten stood at five feet seven inches, two inches taller than me. He had chocolate brown eyes, shaggy blonde hair and a few freckles covering his nose. What really stood out though, was a scar on his lip. That was from me the night I found him shagging my neighbor. I punched him so hard, my knuckles split his lip. His face was covered in blood and I left him there like that.

“I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d see how you’re doing.” His eyes raked my body, he didn’t try to hide the lust in his gaze. I scoffed, which made him look at my face. “What, you don’t believe me?”

I smirked, “I think I’d rather catch you shagging Marie again, than listen to your voice for another minute.” Leaving him with a surprised look on his face, I turned and grabbed my bag from the bench. I opened the door and relished in the cold breeze that hit my face.

I made it a few steps before heavy footsteps could be heard. “Listen, Zia. I-” Before he could get another word, I turned around and punched him in the mouth. He reeled back, “Son of a bitch! Why’d you do that?!”

I rubbed my fist, I hit him a lot harder than I thought. I was surely going to have a bruise tomorrow. “Listen, Michael. I don’t care what you have to say to me, I’m tired of the excuses and if I even hear, ‘it was a misunderstanding’ or ‘it wasn’t what it looked like’, I’ll kill you.

“What it looked like was your dick shoved so far inside that bitches ass I could see it in her fucking throat!” By the time I was done, Michael was no longer holding his mouth. His jaw was hanging on the floor.

“You’re right. I did fuck Marie, and her sister. And a couple co-workers of yours.” And the smirk was back into play. He grinned at me, “Although, I can’t say they satisfied me like you did though.” He licked his lips, making me curl my own.

I let out a battle cry and tackled him to the ground. His head hit the pavement and he groaned. I swung over and over before a pair of hands roughly pulled me off Michael’s body. I bounced back on my heels, ready to throw more punches. Whoever stepped into this long awaited beating is so in for it.

“I’m not exactly sure what he did, but I’d love to guess.” A deep, gravelly voice sounded next to me. I could practically hear the smirk. The stranger was taller than me, at least six foot. I almost had to crane my neck to look at him. It was too dark to get a good look at his face, but I could tell he was good looking.

“And you are?” I narrowed my eyes and bunched my fists, readying for another attack. How dare this guy prevent me from doing what I’ve been wanting to for months! I studied his clothes; black shirt that clung to his chest, showing off his toned body, dark, washed out jeans, and a pair of black converse. I smirked, “Nice shoes. What are you, seventeen?”

I knew there was no way this guy was seventeen, but I couldn’t help myself. He grinned, “Nice guess, but no. And my name doesn’t matter. What matters is if this guy is going to get up or not. I’d say not, seeing how you nearly beat him to a bloody pulp.”

I grinned, “Well, seeming how he thought it wise to sleep with my neighbor, her sister, and a couple of my co-workers; I’d say it still wasn’t enough.” I could feel the anger rising in me again, making me clench my fists and my jaw.

“Well shit. Guess we better get him off the street before we attract attention then, huh?” He bent down and picked up Michael’s arms, then looked up at me. “Wanna grab his feet?” I stared at him in disbelief. Most people would be calling the cops right now, but this guy… This guy wanted to help.

I glared at him, “What are you doing?” I didn’t understand why he was doing this. I couldn’t care less if Michael stayed the night on the street and possibly got robbed, or even killed. The bastard deserved it.

The stranger stood up once again, sighing. He dropped Michael’s arms to the ground and stared at me. “I’m doing this because it isn’t nice to let a lady take care of things by herself. Even if the guy is a total tool.”

I growled, “I don’t need any help. Quite frankly, I was willing to slit his damn throat and leave him here to rot!” The guy looked a little surprised by my outburst, but covered it with a smile. It showed off a row of straight, pearly white teeth.

“Listen, I’ll help you get the guy off the street, then you can do whatever it was you were planning. I’m just trying to help you out so you don’t end up in prison or some shit.” I blatantly stared at him now.

“Who the fuck are you?”

Instead of a name, I got a deep chuckle.

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