The artist 2

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French yeti

As i go to this artist i have possed nude for him .....many times as i go to paris. But for some hot readon this seemed a little different and off.

After the painting, which took hours.

He said that fremch men love tantra more than the Tibetans. He said that he wanted to things to my body

Tantric things to it.

Immm ok i said

His nane was Philippe

Last name unknown

He came close to me taking his clothes off. He wasnt a hunk by a skinny guy who must weight about eighty. He assured me that he eats. But that i wsd on the menu for tonight. He said that he eat my womanhood then he did food as is his tantric religion.

He spread my leds to a split

Held me at my waist and started to very slowly massage not thust into me then as came in and out of me. Me spead up and thurst into me slowly but forces fully.

Now he said that tantra means no cum for the guy. But the girl was welcome to cum snd get of on him.

Which he did. Ad he thrusted into me his face contorted and twisted. This was his o face i guessed. I love it then i take him mh his small amount of hair as he his thrusting and kissed him on the lips.

His taste was sweet and sour anx i thought he would he tasted more like pussy. With our lips touching he said you mind if eat your cute pussy.

No i said. His lips departed from mine and kissed my womanhood like no other person.

He was making magic not love with that tounge. Ad his tounge got deeper so did my pleasure. I held his head to my pussy as he ate and drank me.

Feel free to cum sweetheart

He said

Soon after oral penetration i come and he drinks from my erotic fountain that is my pussy.

I want to make you moan like a hot bitch but you havd to practice mindfulness as i pleasure you

Phillippe says.


I lie there in a split with this guy's tounge in my vagina. It is poking and prodding and soon i cum.

He drinks some more but the cum is too much and i like on yhe floor and bed.

After that mess and crazy making

He plugs me with his manhood. His dick just slipped in easily with no lude and i bounce on him.

Oh fuck

He says

I think i am going to cum

But i do this for you anc only you

My love.

And so the creamy drippings come from my pussy and i moan. I didnt know i can fuck like a road side slut.

Let along fuck at all.

He said that he loved me


I said that thought that was wonderful and yhat he is sn amazing lover. We kissed i got my coat on with nothing on underneith and left.

I was sure he was tibetan buddhist in closet.

That was yhe last time i saw him. But my love for him nor my memory never faded.

My french yeti

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