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Erotic fantasies

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My hot experience

Ok i just had a really erotic dream where i was giving oral but two females at the same time. One tounge teaseing my vagina and the othetease my ass and the at the same time both tounges are plunged into me as i play with my breasts and tease me my nipples at the same time. I do this until they are nice hard and erect like short tiny penises on my chest.

I as the girl do there job i fuck their tounges: one in my ass and the other in my vajj. Since i ease my self down rump up my pussy down as i duck one girl in the face which oned and the other eats my ass like a cannibal. Fuck this is so fucking hot.

Fack this feels so good.

Then i week up humping my comforters bunched up between my legs. I sit up roght and start humping the comforters boy that feels good i take of my top. But the masturbation session isnt as sensational to me or my ass or vajj. So i do something very naughty.

My old onesie had hard full balls that felt like tounges and put on on my vajj and one near my asshole. Then i roll my hips and thrust to get the feeling of the tounges need my privates. As i do this as my parents are asleep.

Why do they do one there daughter has to pleasure her self.

Was i am writing this i am fucking the tough fluff balls. I called the super balls as i cannot stop riding the thing or gotting against the with my girllie parts.

Right now i am fantasing the lesbian threesom i dreamt about thinkingbabout the tounges fucking me licking and teqsing me until i am wet and i am fucking wet.

Night inam thinking about being with a naughty yet sexy buddhist monk. You dont have to be buff to make me feel got out just human looking. Thank god i am wearing skinny jean.. .the fluffs making a mess of them as i slowly massage in to my groin. As i move a different sense of pleasure. As i change positions

Like in tantra i feel new pleasure and i breathe deeply.

I fucking of this so much it should happen more offten. Loving .and i am not off me knees but still feeling like i sm being fucked in the ass and teased on my pussy.

They are the things dreams are made out of. I just wish there was a hot girl for me to tounge with to suck and lick my titties.....then i am set.

But for now good dont fucking stop this.

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