The artist 2

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Mountaineering (hetero) sexual fantasy

Ass i had the ballz in my ass and womanhood i was rolling and gyrating my hips. As i was grinding against the balls i think i am fucking my climbing coach from a hetro dream i had once. In the dream we became lovers and you make lovd to me after reading to me tantric poetry and talking about it then we kissed then i was on top off him wring him gringing against his hardness. As he says i love you in tibetan i lick my way into his mouth and we kiss. I went to be NSFW with this dude. So i pull all the stuts and get him giting him hard enought that i cannot stand in soon he he's fucking me in the ass and we both started to smell but its kink of hot. He gently touchss my throat and licks and kisses my neck and ear ever so nibbling on it.

As i was on my knees with the fucking fuck balls in my ceotch and ass i did grong and ride against them. Think that i am telieving this hot dream.

Soon i cum on thd balls and still i do my work until i grow tired of them.

I rub them with my hands andride and grind against the until i murmur om mani padme hum ri.

Did i just o there. O I mean climax. But it was so fucking hot was topless as and on wearing me ear phones that are to big for my head but draped around my neck i am every guys wet dream. Cute. Masturbating. Topless. Ready to fuck. Or maybe every girls wet dream.

This is my fist and last time with the balls anx i fucking loved it but wont to do nothing about them unless i am.fucking desperately horny. This hole masturbation experience and the different oreintations i explored where a greak way to wake up.

Sorry try straight can i a have a refund. I will just write about pan and heterosexual experiences in my fiction. Thank you.

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