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Twiggy Buddhism

Exerpt from the velet tantra....yes i am recycling some parts of my storys sorry for being a literary cannibal

I knew from his myspace account that he was around 70, buddhist and dabbled in tantra and kama sutra. He had emough piercings and brain to turn me on even though i was just a mear eighteen. He was up front about his personality and everything.

Other then fetishes

We had the same things in common

Music: marylin Manson, sisters of mery, insane clown posse, twistid and pryamid.

Books: kama stura, tipping the velvet, loura joh rowland and samurai books and tantric sex books.

Movies were horror and foreign and martial arts films, and porn.

Tv: null

Heros: buddha and Marylin Manson and the yakuza.

But unlike me he was able to speak Tibetan and dzonkha (bhutanese), uiyger and khazhk. This guy for 70 year old goth was in well travelled at my age. We were both high school droppout outs for different reasons.

His reason he wanted to visit tibet and the himilauas and ventral asia.

My reason....i was ignorant and hated school. That and karate.

For a few months we planned on going to the soonest marylin Manson concert. We even started to exchange erotic pictures.... my parents sidnt even know what we were up to. He said his name was Jay. Hebwarned me that he was a monk who lived alone do his mohawk was gone but that tattoos and piercings stayed.

He asked on msn if i was single and i said no you know that. And that he was hot.

I asked him what his buddhist name was

He answered with lama surya tenzin. So he was a tibetan buddhist. They have fun i thought.

He was a naughty monk.

He wanted to see me on web cam so i put on strip shows just for him. I could see that he was stroking himself as i did the shows.

I was creeped out yet turned on.

Hen i couldnt stop thinking about him and started at his photos as i had trouble sleeping.

That was whrn i told my parents that i feel in love with an older guy on line

And that we were going to meet up at the next months marilyn Manson concert.

My father started to stroke medically and had to be in the hospital. My mom said that if i said such amutty things again ir see this guy she would disown me or cute me off financially.

Right in front of my recovering father i said flipped my mom the bird and said fuck you and stormed out.

What i didnt know was that they talked saying what happened to their daughter and if they should but her on dr.Phil.

The whole month my mom stalked me trying to make sure i didnt go to the concert. I threaten her with a restraining order and knocked the wind out of her with a karate punch.

Her fuckery ended there and she stopped stalking.

A few days later was the concert. I found my tightest and shortesy skirt and fishnets and hooker boots and a bra like see through blause.

I walk to the met. And when i arrived i noticed him right away.

He recognized me first by saying tashi delek cuttie

"Hey sayra, your handsome as fuck."

"Mind going to the mens room with me," he said


It started making out on a toilet but soon we were doing it on the he held both of our hands aboube us and we we were facing eachother, slowly kissing and humping.

"What position is this"

I dont know it was along time since i fucked!"

We madeout some until he said that we should get to the concert.

During the concert we made out and fucked even more on a dingy walled in the darkness so no one can see they odd goth lovers fucking amoung the dancers and concert goers. This had to the best time in my life.

After the concert i brought my lover to my appartment. Aand there awaits my mother.

"Hi mom you stay all night and listen to us have tantric sex."

"You little bitch," she said as she stormed of the appartment complex.

Night mom.

When we were fucking me and suyra we were falling in love and soon the fucking became meditative love making. He was teaching me tantra, we were doing the same position in the bathroom only in bed it was intense but slow sex.

At this point i was wereing a see through top that had a tit hanging out. And he suckle at as we humped eachother. As i ride and grind my hips to his thrusting i was moan and screaming and didn't hear the phone ring .

When i unhooked the phone i heard the wicked bitches voice i whispered to suyra to ramp it up. Soon he was thrusting his cock in to me. I started to moan and scream saying "fuuuck mee baby," soon my mom hung up.

"My naughty buddha," i moan letting my head rest on his. Our juices were mixing.

"Dont worry hun i wad my balls played with." He said

I wont worru about me being pregnant," i kissed him thinking i was horny.

As we kissed i licked his piercings and lips and Suyra got hard yet again while still inside my pussy. Nice and big too.

Pretty soon i was riding his big dick. And teasing it with my rubbing my self against it and stroking it.

" love it darling," he said and took me buy the hair and coves his flesh into my mouth and i teased it, sucked and kissed ut until i was spoting out his cum. Fuck he tasted great. I though as my dark lipstick was being messed up leaving rings on his penis.

As i freshen my lipstick up and a hair. My lover finally said what spooked me.

"Dark lotus i want to stay and live with you," he said "can i bring my stuff"


He went up to me pushed my hair away from my neck and kissed it, leaving hickeys. " thukcheje"

"I guess that means thank you." And i kissed him.

"I love best toys that i want to use on you."

Toys i though this cought be interesting and naughty.

"Go and get your shit," i demaned." Or i will kick your ass. 3rd degree black belt in karate."

He winked at me and said that he liked it rough.

While he was setting his buddhist stuff and sex toys i was putting on my sleeziest dancing outfit. The raunchier the better.

He saw what i was doing kissed meand ripped off my panties and said "try this," he said licking his and my lips.

It was a pair of panties with to dildos when for each of my holes and i fekt them vibrate in me

I danced with this erotic sensation in my pus and ass until i got unto my knees and put him in my mouth.

This bj was lasting a long time but i didnt care. I was cumming in my wierd panties and he was cumming in my mouth.

I wore this vibrating panties as often as hygienically posible. When i was dancing or giving him a laodance.

Suyras iwn in person sex show. When i took them off to have sex with him in the black velvet comforter and sheets.

I was riding him as he suckled my tits and kissing me and licking my tits and chest.

So beautuful

So sexy

He said as he grabbed my ass and spread it to finger it ultimately penetration was involved. I moaned "this was fucking worth it."

We kissed until morning. In the morning we slept in until 2 PM. Where we had pizza for breakfast and he used the vibrator on me as we meditated.

It was as if he fucking me while we meditated. After fifteen minutes he asked how i like that.

I said that i love it.

We then watched the yakuza papers and 69ed each other.

"Kaywrangpola" he said (i love you).

When i fucking suyra i went him to be having pleasant wet dreams. So i said that i had another goth friend who was more punk than goth in karate who was with me at time to time and wanted to kiss me while there was a dick between our mouths resulting in us both sucking his cock.

Just thought of two hot girls fucking him at the same time made him hard.

"You want to make me suffer erotically, you naughty stank ass goth" he said as he kissed me. Sound i shove my cheeks in his face and spread them.

"If you eat this you might get some relief. "

He started to kiss my anis kissing and sucking as i twerked as i stroked him. All of this happened when we were listening to Manson's personal Jesus....more like personal buddhist buddhost monk.

He then moved his toung to my nether regions. In shock i stopped stroking him. I feel asleep in between his legs and he mine.

The next morning we walk up. I was dead to the world until he massaged my ass cheeks.

Then licked them. That got my attention. He said that yoga may be good for me. Before we did the yoga he inserted a mini vibrator for as ass and stuck it into me. I was slack jawed by the pleasure.

He guid me gently through each pose and the buddhist philosophy as i could feel the plug in my ass bringing shocks of pleasure. When did the warrior pose he introduced a dildo and kept sloving it in and out of me and teasing my shape with it.

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