The artist 2

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Tantric sex diaries

December 22nd 2018

Dear diary

I am getting sexy messages and comments on my pics from white and Tibetan guys. All having the choice of being on their knees giving me oral.

When guy actually gave me his addy

Whoch i email him

Soon we were emailing eachother

He was from Bhutan and wanted to go come and to get to knew me and then

He promise me to take me to his country and we would make love at the same as talking about pholosophy.

We talked for a while

Then the fucker started to ghost me

When i went out to my worker i was crushed ....but she gave me and opportunity to kiss her buddha statues in a selfie....which would go one my sites.

After we went to shadowfax and she bought he a scroll holling necklace and a big kiss.

Was she being inappropriate but hell i am inappropriate too.

This affair would stay a secret.

Again my mom.

december 25 2018

Dear diary

i was pissed off at my mom and wanted to kill my mom and aunt. As the both found my portfolios and found them raunchy.

I really fucking merry fucking christmas

As i had to nemore secretive about my fucking selfies.

I went to my worker's/lovers place and she hile kissing me and touching my tits that if i were to be a buddhist i had to put my anger aside and be compassionate

She would be the perfect lover if she wasnt a woman.

I guess i can fly both ways i thought as she kissed me right between the legs in my pussy.

I moaned and had a past life flashback

Note to safe mention tecent flash back to my blog.

When it was time to go home

I made a fault promise to clean up my act to my mom

She believed me

Yeah like i will do that.

December 31st 2018

Dear diary

I spent the whole mother fucking night until midnight with my now friend and watched martial arts movies while having sex.

My mom thought i was with some friends doing acid and partying. The first lie on the planet about my bi sexuality.

After our movie and fucking lea didnt want me to walk home for fear of me being raped. Finally someone who gives a fuck.

So we continued make love and watching old kungfu movies until breakfast time.

This HAD to be this best night ever.

Until that is until i walked home and my mom slapped me asking that i was having relations with lea.

I told her to fuck off.

I then did a self of me kissing a harlequin mask face and all on the lips frenching and tounging it. I emailed it to lea and posted it on facebook.

The relationship with lea was going fine. Until i found out why she liked dim rooms or lights of as we had sex.

To be continued......

I suggest that you read the rest and beginning of this story goth diaries first before haeading to the artist books

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