The artist 2

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Being watched (a story in verse)

As my girl friend i make

Love she saidshe likes to be wstched by japanese mafia

As she and a girl friend

Make passionate

And wild love

She knew of her patrons

A two friend crime families

Who love looking at lesbians

While eating sushi

So i agree to it

The horny bitch i met

In karate class

So thats where the yakuza

Came into play

She said that our sensei was

Japanese mafia

And that he was one her


Our patrons

That night

We go to a big house

Its nice

Would look nice in the autumn

During halloween

With jackolanernts

On each step

And there

Who metal

One dor each step

Lit up year round.

I know just from this that

This going to awsome yet wierd

As i hsve never had any one watch

As i made love

But there we were

As we strip eacother down to

Our g strings ....

No tops we kiss

Deeply as we massage thd fuck out eachothers breasts infront of the gentlemen

As we kiss her hand wanders

From my boob

To my g string finger fucking me and my ass

All they whole saying thay she loved me

I claspse from the pleasure

And down we go

There she rips off my g string

And slowly licks, massages and kisses my vagina

Me holding her face to my vajjj

I ask if we can do this again

If it was ok with the guys

She fuck yes lover

Next time we use

Fakies and


I cannot wait. And

We slip eachothers tounges into eachothers mouths.

Being made loved to while

Being watched by s bunch of yakuza

Was erotic,

And romantic

If you like beung watched as you

Have it.

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