Sweet yakuza 16

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a girl turn 16 and joins the yakuza while going to a mission high school in canada.

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The genisis of a mild psychopath

When i was in the eighth grade that was when things to a serious turn for the worst. My retard principal and you will see why i called a retard, came into my classroom saying that my dad had come to pick me up

What the fuck was what i was thinking. When i came to the family car all i heard was fuck this and fuck that. If i couldnt speak english before i was fluent in it in ten mintues. That was how foul my fathers mouth was.

And i thought what the fuck, something is fucking up.

He dragged me by the earlobes i thought i was going to look like fucking buddha if he kept that shit up with me ears.

Than i was thrown into the house were my mom sounded like a drunked saying something about its eith Taekwondo or Guantanamo bay.

She wanted relay that to me from the principal. Guantanamo, the ultimate fuck you to humans everywhere....thats why i refeered to him and still referr to him as retard.

My father said that everytime he tooked to the orchids or the plants that fucking things grow or become green and that when he talked me he turned green and grow sick. If it wasn't for the gitmo threat i would have laughted.

Now young lady

My mom was screaming

Which is it

I replied with Taekwondo

I wanted to know retard's block off.

I barely graduated from grade eight and ead on the no fly list. Fucking retard, he was the works.

After graduation of hrade eight i was a blossoming martial artist and i was going place in the dojange or dojo. By the time i hit green belt i was much calmer but still pissed. I was being invited to be a yakuza....and retard finally kicked the fuckit. I would say bucket but i wasnt and i am still not keeping my language clean when it goes ti this fuckface.

I got into a intournament, wowed everyone though i wasnt a winter but who cared. I was a yakuza and martial artist. Skilled and deadly.

It wasnt to long that my interests in language particularly Russian, Tibetan and japanese. I started watch old samurai and yakuza movies to learn the way of life. From then on to this day i try to keep my nose clean.

I had no need for boy friends because the love of my life was Taekwondo and the yakuza code. And i was well respected by the high school but for the odd kono Yaro and they annoyed me to now end.

Throught out high school i would dress up as a yakuza or a samurai. I still to this day associate Halloween with martial arts and honour.

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