Sweet yakuza 16

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What the fuck

When i was in the 9th grade another sub culture that i started to identify with was punk and goth. I was considering guageing (stretching ) my ears not to fit un fuck thatshit but i wanted to stretch just for the fuck of it. Or so i thought was the fuck of it. I asked about tattoos, piercing and guages to see how much these beautiful things cost and begged my mom and the time for at least the guages.

She said bo because i would be prone to bullying

Fuck that i said i am doing it. And we had to talk about it. She gave in and i started painlessly stretching my ears. I didnt know why it was easy to shove a 0 guage into my tiny ass ear wholes. But that will be discussed on a later chapter like the next.

If i know pain maybe was coming then it would deminish like Taekwondo. During the christmas and straight through to grade 10 i practiced my Taekwondo diligently so i would sharpen the saw.

And i stretched my ears bigger and bigger.

Well dad you got me to look like a female buddha.

Diring the indian summer i saw the first kill bill and fell in loveveith Quentin Tarantino's movies. I quickly identified with the character oren ishii and watched it intil i could re write it not that i want to fuck with perfection. I would tell you the story but i hate letting cats out of their bags.

So i will lerp it a secret until thd day i crock ....hopefully at age 100.

Then the dinger was when my mom would get me a ps2 and i bought every yakuza and samurai game there was until the sustem when obsolete. I played playstation all day and most of the night but didnt let it fuck up my Taekwondo.....school i could have cared less of its not life i was wanting to be a fucking doctor. So the hell with school.

But school started to dislike me as well. I met a girl night tia who was also yakuza and had not fucking friend....mirror image.

So we started a friend ship and i invited her to my house for mh birthday my sweet 16. We spent the night literally the night play samurai games and watch Quentin Tarantino movies. She was also a bit of a psychopath. After my 16 years on this fucked up ball we would fight and fight.

But we would be besties again. My mom hated her guts. Which to this fucking day i dont understand.

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