Sweet yakuza 16

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My sweet yakuza 16

When i turned sixteen i started to read books not for school but for the fuck of it. Its still a wee addiction that i still nurse to this day. I read books at first about mental health and chicken soup for the soul and then read books on the yakuza. Those were my favorite. My Taekwondo career when fuck off when i started reading the stories of the yakuza.

All summer i read and read yakuza books and started to dabble unsuccessfully at writing that i would soon get good at now. I wote samurai love stories and read and reread my yakuza literature. My favorite and still is the confessions of a yakuza. That book influenced my life.

It would influemce it even more when my blabber mouth father said i was part tibetan. I few years later i found out i eas Tibetan,Greek and Uighur and expaned my language repertoire this past few months. So was right that i was like oren ishii and that i was off ethnic groups that guaged their ears. I would later becaome pierced to the hilt ear wise and i started to be goth.

When i gave up Taekwondo i felt into a fucker of a depresdion and those mental health books i read helped me figure it out. K started to louse lose weight, end up jn a retarded world religion class where the teacher was worse than Hitler. It go to the point where i was called yet again terroristic and opinion, i droped out of fucking religion and i still smile at the decision.

After i dropped out of religion my depression got worse and i was starting to gain some weight but not enought shut the doctor up.

It soon goot bad enought that i had to see a shrink, i was goth and diagnosed with PTSD and OCD my third and fourth labels....i was found out to have ashd at age 11 and asperger's at age 13. At and my curent age of thirty psychotic episodes. 5th label.

As i turned as i turned sevenyeen i started having the mother of all night mares, terrorists.

I become interested because of my yakuza obligations to protect people to stop the idiot terrorists.

To this day i still want to be in CATSA.

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