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Fucking anger

When i was in thec12th grade some guy was suicidal enought to say that he loved me during a movie about terrorism in philosophy classes. I yelled at the point of scream what the mother fuck is going ... a fucking prank.but it turned out that it wasnt a fucking prank. But i did nt need this shit at the time, relationship purposal during an islamic movie WHILEMY FATHER WAS FOUND TO HAVE FUCKING PROSTATE CANCER. YES THATS RIGHT CANCER and this ass clown was asking me to be his girlfriend during movie that was still touchy subject to me. So i punched a hole in the wall thinking it was bin laden and cussed went home told my parents the fuck up and went to bed. That hole in the wall was my way at the time to say i will fucking think about it. And i accepted the relation and my fated. I didnt like how the fucking relationship started. But what the fuck can you do. Just like to this day that relationship become fast furious and pasdioniate and at times abusive. Told my mom and my friend tia mintie by mintue. That was want i had my first kiss. The kiss would have been great and special had it not began with what i thought was a nasty prank.

So the relation after a few month went to fucking hell in a fucking hand basket. I found my true sexuality and broke up matt 9/11 as i called him to friends becausr of that touchy movie. Over this hellationship my father recovered from his cancer. But i became angry.... my rents wouldn't acceot at the time that i was gay, but they did in time and i ended up finding a new guardien angel....a victim of 9/11, Barbara arestiguie. She told me let go of the anger and the tough girl act which to this day i am still working on with some success.....

I still remember the dreamanoyt being in an airport terminal and Barbara came to me in mist and told me to literally seek help with my anger.

I still i have tears when i think of that dream.

I must tell you i went through different workers, councilors, psychiatrists and religions and hobbies to achieve barbaras message to my self.

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