Sweet yakuza 16

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Just last year my broken mind gost a nose job. Where i meet my worker who i will call lizzie that i some what got along with but she finally got throught to me via art,photographry writing and music. Thus i was able to carry out Barbara's vision for me. I have branch out on my art to painting cermamicd,beading, glass work,and music, photography and then though lizzie i found that i can play musical instruments. I have no two drumbs the jambea and the brodhran and a mini guitar not a uikle but guitar. So i protect the instruments as offend as possible exvept for the guitar as i have tallen like nails and need to cute them. I am comfortable with my writing and have courage to write what i want or needs to be said.

I still follow the yakuza code but that is cherished to me and not so cherished......my anger still fucking shows up at time to time. My father is not doing to well as that he has dementia but because of the code i stick to him like glue unless acts like a two year old then i walk away but return.

The last time i went to my doctor she said thst since she meet me she had seen some great changes like i am comfortable in my own skin and that i walk before i talk when pissed.

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