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young men to young women transgender yakuzas fall in love.

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Hello my name is ......

Hello my name is Lei and i met Reiko when i was a yakuza. We were in the same yakuza crime family and karate class. Actually she noticed me. We still have boy parts but other than that we look completely hot and female. We have big breasts and tattoos thst go with being a fem yakuza. I was the oyabun's consort......dont ask i am not a psychiatrist be he love trannies and his whole crime family were transgender female. As if he was owning his own deadly harem. We weren't just enforcers, foot soldiers or gamblers or loan sharks we were his sex slaves and forbid us to talk to eachother about shooting the breeze or personal matters. We only had to talk to him or about our duties as consorts and yakuza.

Reiko and i used the karate class to talk to eachother about our lives and our feelings. We were the only two of the kurai crime family to actually talk to eachother.

Like a kid in school reiko asked me out in a pathetic why but saying "please kiss me right here in from of the other karate students."

Thank god it was an adults class so i went to kiss her. Soon in the middle of class we were making out.

"Take it to back room ,out side or leave," the sensei said. So we went to the back alley and made started make out and start to rub against eachother. Fuck the thought of that night makes me want to stroke my self.

"We got to get out of this life Lei, we love eachother not that pervert....start our own multi gender family, " she suggested kissing me passionately. "We better tell the sensei for his help and the police about this dirty old man."

"You ready to go back to class darling reiko," i asked.

"Sure, to rid ourselves of the dirty boss."

We walked in called the sensei and said that we need the help of him and the police.

"Our yakuza boss is treating us as sex slaves and we need him in jail...we cannot stay in the appartment because of this."

"I will called the police and you can live here until you got on you feet. But you must call the police."

We both agreed

"Now as i said the back room," the sensei growled. He said up two caughts and blants for us but we said just one caught will do.

He really gave us a look. The really look.

That night we made love there in the back room and we were able to get to know eachother. Reiko was part Chinese and i was part Korean.

"Would it be nice to start our karate school and crime family, maybe grow old together." Reiko said. "Hmmm Lei."

We kissed and feel asleep in each others arms.

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